April 15, 2017



Oh My Goodness, This is My Life...LOL

Wow ive been in the field for a week now. It has been so absolutely crazy and hard. I never thought we would teach this many people. The first day we taught 8 people and i was so stressed and cried so much in the district meeting when i was supposed to introduce myself. IT was embarrassing. I have been quite stressed, but i am used to (sort of) how many people we teach. My companison is really amazing, this is her last transfer and she is pouring out all of her wisdom on me. I am learning SO MUCH!! my biggest issue is i cant understand these people. They talk so fast and even when they slow it down their voices are so slow i just nod and retend like i understood. so i dont takl much, which makes me sad because a lot of the time i feel alone. i know Chrit is with me all of the time, and that gives me comfort, but really though, i understand no one ezxcept for my companion cuz she uses more simple words with me.

my spanish is good, i can talk, i just cant understand. lol usually it is the other way around. So the good thing in lessons is i get my point across, but i just dont get the responses. Hna cruz, my comp, has made me do all othe baptismal invitations. I have committed 3 people to baptism! Omar, Oliver, and Diana. I am really pumped for them. I hope they can be ready and stick to their dates.

So there are literally like 100 dogs on every street. I think more dogs than people. I hate to admit it but i am a little afraid of some of them, and they all have so much matted nasty fur. But there is one GOLDEN PUPPY. its like a little black and brown puppy that is so sweet and shy. I call her Poofy. She is in the same area every day.

I am very huimbled, most people we teach live in shacks and dont have doors or roofs. They are very nuice but so many people we teach struggle with smoking and drinking. its is sad. We are trying our best to help them.

The food is good, every day we only eat (or i do cuz im never hungry) breakfast at out house, then at around 3 pm we eat with members who cook for the missionaries every day, different people every day. Usually it is rice tortillas and meat. I never really loved mexican fodo before and i still dont. I am just eating to survive really. I want to get some fruit, we will tomorrow.

People dont flush toilet paper here, it all goes in the trash, i keep forgetting that sometimes so i have to fish it out and it is digsusting. lol.

I ACCIDENTALLY KISSED A BOY. on the cheeck, which is a no no. Every one kisses cheecks here, everyone. we can to women but men try to here and we have to say no podemos hacerlo! perdon! but this teen boy came behind me from the couch and took my hand to shake and then kissed my cheel and i didnt een realize that i did too til he walked away and my comp and i were laughing so hard!! lol it was hilarious. I was really red. Well, i thought i would never kiss on the mish, but i broke that rule already. jhaha.

I gtg,
love yall so so so much. i dont know how ill do this for another 16 moths and i know i will be letter soon and stuff. dont worry about me im doing great!! love yall!!!!
hermana addington


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