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Fwd: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Vestido and the Tale of my Death

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Date: Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 2:25 PM
Subject: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Vestido and the Tale of my Death
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Good to see yall again, which means I have made it another week living in México City. The main part of my week is what i will call The Tale of my Week. But first, I will talk about the Traveling Vestido.

Entonces, the vestido is my dress from the exotic boutique, DownEast. You may have heard of it. It is basically in every town in Utah. It is a white dress with pockets and many flowers. I have worn it once like the 2nd day here. So all 5 of the girls in our district, have worn the dress. It fits all of us and is cute on all of us. And we range in sizes and DEFinitely in heights. So it fits everyone and its awesome and now that is the group email name i have with these girls. But we wont send it to each other cuz its expensive.

Ok now lets talk about diarrhea. So i got sick again about 6 days ago. Granted, i have been sick pretty much the whole time i have been here but i was not too dab the 3rd week i was here. So i dont eat very much anymore and then after we fasted i got super ill and had what Elder Smith and Elder Burton, some cheeky dudes here call a Double-Headed Dragon. Try and guess from what i talk about what that is. Lol. But i have vomited over 30 times or so here and just about every day. I havent today which is a blessing. I have a whole system of how i do it now, like where i put my glasses and everything. But yall, i think i may have a parasite. I know i wished for one so i could lose weight, and guys i actually have lost 20 pounds which is AWESOME but i also feel AWFUL ALL THE TIME. Like im gonna vomit and then huess what i do vomit.

A funny thing i did was this. So maybe last week Elder Humphrey in our district just started projectile vomiting out of nowhere while we were all walking and we were like WHAAAA. Then i vomited too cuz i have 2nd hand vomit syndrome. Then 2 DAYS LATER we walk by where he puked in the grass and i looked at it and then i immediately vomited in the trash can where like 20 people were outside around. It was so strange. And memorable.

But things werent getting better and i was getting worse. Like my eyes have been blurry and hard to focus and my stomach has had so much pressure in it like im on my freaking period or something. And im NOT, DAD! lol. One thing my compañera has been really proud of me on has been that I havent wanted to stay home from class. I did leave class early last night cuz the pain was so bad but i usually go and we teach even though im in pain.

I am so tired and sick of being sick. I havent eaten real food in a long time and one day i had to go 24 hours without food. It has been really hard and i actually havent been hungry but i was yesterday which is good.

On Wednesday i went to the infermary to find someone and the doctor asked to look at my toungue and it was spotty and white and my eye ducts were dry so they put me on an IV with lots of shots in them. The butt shot was so painful. I have been discouraged because the doctor has said this is normal but ive been sick since the 6th day here! So yesterday I went in to the city to go to a laboratory to take a stool sample. the funny thing was this place was in a really urban spot and looked like a creepy underground train station and we had to go on this like scaling wall where dudes were walking with ladders..and then in the lab waiting room everyone stared at me like they have never seen a white person before. But I have been here a month and i have NEVER seen a white or blonde person anywhere that wasnt a missionary from the United States. So i get stared at a lot here. Latino boys love me for some reason i think i am too charming to them. Its all this girlish charm i ooze.

I will find out on Monday if i have a parasite. I hope i do because the presidente says it will be easy to kill with La Bomba, the medicine bomb or shot apparently. At least ill know why i am so sick. I just miss the taste of real food. I dreamt about a hamburger the other day. I have only had probs like 500 calories a day i am not allowed to eat! and i dont even want to eat which is so unlike me!

There is a sassy hermana from LA here who is full Tongan and she is my favorite person ever cause we talk so ghetto together and if i just go talk to her (she lives in my casa) at night i get a full on ab workout from laughing. She ate 10 chocolate bars yesterday and i just laughed so hard. Theyre called bueno bars and apparently they are all the rage here but i dont know cuz i am too sick.

OH ALSO PResidente Bennett, the MTC pres told me he will take my compañera and i outside the wall to get churros if i get better. he never promised this to anyone. and all we ever want to do is leave the CCM and explore. i hope i get better.

I love yall so much, hope you enjoy my embarassing life and my lack of charm. just kidding like these latino elders cant get enough of me. lolz. c yall l8er.



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