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I miss yall so much. I have these photos of my family i put under the rails of the bunkbed. Im on the bottom i forgot to say. ITs nice but CADA NOCHE I hit mi cabeza and i have developed a bruise right on my forehead but luckily i have bangs so they cover it. LOL. sometimes i wake up and freak out cuz i feel like im in a cave in my little bunk and i dont know where i am and i hit my head. Then i look around the room, see 3 other misioñeras, and remember, "Oh yeah, Im on a mission!" Its funny cuz i forget where i am.

Also, our room has a ghost and most mornings I wake up when we are all still sleeping but the alarm has gone off and its still dark in our room. So its a man and he runs around my bunk like getting my clothes and shoes together for the day and says i think in spanish like "Andale Andale hermanas Hoy es un bien dia!!" he is actually a chill dude and actually gets me to get up. the other hermanas think i am a weirdo (raro in español) but they kind of believe me. Im not kidding i see him but it is dark but it is a man voice. Anyway he is very helpful cuz then i roll over and do the missionary prayer in my bed. Thanks, ghost man.

This week has been a difficult week actually because I am not sure or not if my Aunt Jenny passed away. No one really emailed me except for Hannah but she said it was an email from a week ago so she talked about Jenny being on life support. Anyway i was pretty torn up because I have gotten closer to Jenny the past few years. I have been seeing a therapist here, she is Awesome!! Ella nombre is Hermana Burton and she is on a couples senior mision. she is a profesh therapist and mucho misioñeros come to her for anything they are stressed about. I talk about how i am stressed about lessons and my testimony and how i realized i know like nothing about the Book of Mormon but ive been pracaticing cada dia and I am learning a lot. But seeing a therapist is helpful and she helps me to know how to feel and know when the Holy Ghost is talking to me. Estoy enseñando tanto sobre el Evangelio. Este es incredible.

I am already sick of the cafertiera Mexican food. We got "american" food, hamburguesas y papas fritas and we were ALL SO HAPPY like the elders in our zone are our best friends and LOL we were all like "the church is true the church is true" cuz we got burgers and fries. we were all so happy and even the meat wasnt that good and the fries were cold curly fries we were all still happy. Tacos and enchiladas and lasagna and weird meats are the only things we luckily they have PBandJ and cereal and salad bar and stuff. I eat a lot of friut and salad and veggies cuz the other food is not so good. Some of the meals are pretty tasty like the spicy ones but some remind me of Milam Elementary where i went to school. Im excited to leave this Utopia Jail and get some real mexican food. But i am grateful for what we get and that we have clean water here.

We have a water tower that is welled and it is perfectly fine for us. I dont know how i got Diareet-reets but im still recovering from my illness lol. THe struggle is real, my dudes.

My español is getting better! I wont talk in too much spanish on this cuz yall gringos gotta entender mi. But we got 2 new investigators this week and we have been spending more time getting to know them and we found out it is SO SO SO IMPORTANT to teach investigators NOT LESSONS. with our primera investigadora we taught the lessons and tried to cram it all in. But with these 2 seperate investigators we have double the work load but we are making the lessons more simple, then we explain how the gospel doctrine applies to them, or how it can help them directly. it helps that the info wont fly over their head, but rather now they care about what we say because it means something to them. Its cool. We really have to learn by experience. BTW our investigators are played by our teachers, but it feels real because they are real people from our teachers missions and the Spirit is still there.

I have been having a rough time because i get so nervous and my throat gets tight and i start to freak out when they say ONLY habla en español. Our motto here is HSI Hable Su Idioma, or Speak Your Language. THen i think, OMG im gonna only be able to speak Spanish for the next 17 months!! It is the worst feeling I have but my friend Hermana Salazar, the sparkly sandals girl from L.A., and I borrow her clothes a lot, she says "take 5 slow, deep breaths, look at 5 things that dont have worries like the sky the colorful birds or a happy person, and then close your eyes and think of 5 things you are greatful ful for. Sorry english i cant remember already. I am becoming Encarnacio.

So, in this computer room, I am looking at this cool scratch on the floor tile, a painting of a riverbed at sunset, a photo of a man in Thailand baptizing a woman in a beautiful river wearing really humble raglike clothes, my smiling companion looking at photos of her family, and my Walmart Blue nails.

-I am grateful for my Momma and my Dad, that I have comfortable but very ugly shoes, my hilarious companion Hermana Beatty, the warm sunshine we can sit in whenever we want when we study, and that i can go to the temple again 1 more time here.

So I have been craving Doritos like 3 weeks and i finally got some in the tienda here at the CCM and then i ate one and it was NOT GOOD. it tasted like a bad salsa and like the dusty cheese in those Kraft Mac n Cheeses. I checked the bag to see what was up like if the logo was different but IT WASNT and i have just concluded that Doritos here are not good. The only really good thing is the cantelope and the pineapple here.

So there is a Hermana here that is from New Zealand, which y{all might not know but I LOVE New Zealand. So i talk in a Kiwi accent all the time while speaking spanish and its hilarious. And She KNOWS Hunt for the Wilderpeople and we talk about that movie often cuz its so good. Watch it.

This one elder who looks like a real life Caillou but with hair and mucho freckles ate like NO KIDDING 40 chicken wings 2 days ago. They werent even good but he ate 40 and his tray was a carnivorous pile of bones and he reminded me of a caveman who got his feast for the winter. It was fascintating like I was watching a nature film. Nature is all around us.

LOLOLOL so Tuesday our service project was to go to the comedor kitchens and do the dishes. So we all got hairnets and these masks and hugemongous aprons and bean splatters were going everywhere and all the hermanas we were all singing Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, naturally. Then after our district decided to take a walk to The Woods at the back of the land. It felt like we were Harry Potter{s gang and we were waalking into the Forbidden Forest, so amazing right? And Hermana Salazar whom i love and we laugh til we pee our pants every time we talk, we still wore our masks cuz we wanted peeps to think we had swine flu. So we are at The Woods and we can see outside the CCM wall (the CCM is 90 acres here) and we see a dude on his roof smokin a sweet cig and he looks at us and we all wave at him cuz we are all kind people. Then he just peers at us then looks away and were like whatevs. Then we realize we all look like we are in a strange prison and OH YA 2 GIRLS are wearing like GAS MASKS so we looked like qurantine nation. It was so funny. I laugh a lot here and its good to build a 6 pack.

Thank yall for being such an awesome family and friends contact group. I love yall so much and i couldnt do this if i didnt have a PDAY to write my angst and embarassing stories. I will try to have more embarassing experiences to make yall laugh. And please write me cuz i didnt hear from anyone but like 2 of you. Also i could see your photos MOM cuz these computers are restricted but ill figure out a way to sweet talk a teacher in español.


Hermana Addington


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