August 16, 2015

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Hermana Angell August 16, 2015

Wow so it’s Sunday at 9:30 and I’m finally finding time to sit down and write. YAY So glad tomorrow is Monday!! I can’t believe its Monday again already! Time really does fly when you’re busy. I’m glad it’s here so I can hear all about your awesome week and I love to read about your spiritual experiences you are having! I sent you a card in a flat bigger envelope on Friday and it should reach you by Monday so hopefully you get it today!

I won’t write too much today since I already sent you a paper letter and I usually get to talk to via email anyways! (smile) I commented about your last letter from Monday in my paper letter I sent you.

I took Truman and Natasha out and took a few pictures today. We went to the little dock out behind the cross country field. For some reason the trees don’t have very many leaves on them this year and so there is plenty of light filtering in. We got some great pics! Can’t wait to have you as my model again in the future! I have been learning Light Room and I love it so far! It saves my files bigger and so I get better clarity. Pic Monkey might get kicked to the curb in the future if I get this Light Room learned well enough! I hope I can use ‘presets’ with LR, where I just click a button and it fixes probs, faster editing which I could definitely use! Dad told me the other day that I was such a better photographer than Craig Larson and it made me feel good. (smile) I’m getting ready to update my web site and push my photography more since I have a new camera and I’ve been figuring out this new editing program. All the time behind the camera definitely help shooting at the temple open house. The cultural celebration is this Saturday which I’m so excited for. The kids get to dance in it and I will be shooting pictures again. Fun times! Really looking forward to that too.
Natasha had a cheer camp this past weekend which kept her busy and Truman had a XC race. I took pictures at both so that was fun.

Our front door should arrive anytime and then dad is going to have a handy man install it for us yay! I’ll send you a pic when it’s all done.

I loved all the pictures you sent from last week!!! So darling! I promise I will send more pictures as soon as I am done with the photo submitting from all the temple stuff. I have until the end of this month to get the submitted to the editor for a hard bound book that will be sold to all the stakes in IN. So fun! Hopefully some of my pics are good enough to make it in the book. (smile) We’ll see.

Well I’d better get to bed sweetie so I’m not a dead zombie head at work tomorrow! Love you to the moon and back Mariah!

Love Mom


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