July 5, 2015

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The 4th of July 2015

Dear Hermana Angell,
Sorry my letter was hard to find in your in box last week but I hope you got it around mid week Wednesday. Sorry that maybe you thought I forgotten you. That thought made me a little sad so I put the letter in the mail to you. I was really happy to read your letter about how well the language has been coming along and in an even greater measure since taking lead as a trainer. You have always done a terrific job when put in any situation that requires you to lead out. I can tell you are loosing yourself in your work and focusing your time and energy on others.
Tell us all about your experiences with your new companion. Why did she decide to serve a mission? How is your companionship friendship coming along? How are the members taking to her? Are you liking having a blond comp? I bet that is a fun change!
I am up to the trailer right now and had the best sleep I think I have had in one year. We just woke up and it is 9:30! That is amazing for me because I cant sleep that long. I told mom I was looking forward to sleeping last night. Fire works were just OK, not spectacular for some reason. The camp ground was sold to another couple so they just threw the fireworks together at the last minute. Not sure if I told you that yet. Spent some time in the water playing Frisbee as usual and just relaxed. Still a little strange not having you here but I know you are doing what you need to do right now in your life. Do you remember 1 yr ago sitting on the deck filling out your papers for your mission call? I do. That was a fun time. Now you are in Denver serving the Spanish people of that great area.
Rickmans were telling us about all the laws in CO regarding not letting off Fireworks due to the fire hazard. So what did you did for the 4th of July? Did you try any new Mexican food?
I am doing a lot better, you dont have to worry about me. Usually when I have a few bad days the episode does not last too long now days. Mental challenges is still my challenge in life I think and always will be. It is a true illnesss that many people battle. I did get my physical for my high adventure scout trip and they said I lost 20lb since 2 years ago, 10lbs in the last year. However, my Cholesterol is high so I am going on some medication since it must of reach a high enough level to need treatment. Kind of confusing since I was expecting it to be down since working out so much the past 5 months.
Give me an idea of what spiritual thought to share with the Scout on my trip regarding serving a mission. What would you have done different to prepare and why should young men serve a mission? After seeing the changes in your life, are you convinced that you must marry a return missionary? I believe as of Tuesday you have been out 6 months.
Tell us in your letter all about your investigators. How are they progressing and what are there biggest hurdles? Are the parents going to let the young kids get baptized soon? What about your work with the Ward mission leader and bishop? Got better?
Stay happy, work hard, and play hard. Pray for the Lord to inspire what you say and do and he will direct your daily service. I Love you so much Mariah and pray daily for your safety and success.
Take care.


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