April 10, 2016


5th Area


Hermana Pierce

I saw how you loved me through the eyes of another mother who cared for her child who was sick

This past week was a super crazy one! It was filled with meetings all week due to our sisters conference on Tuesday, district meeting on Thursday and general conference this past weekend. During the sisters conference we talked about doing the simple things that will matter in life- fantastic topic and the training's that were given were great. It was SO great to see Hermana Welch, Hermana Brady, Sister Borup and Sister Tuitavakee! Our district meeting on Thursday was excellent and the Spanish zone leaders gave 2 great training's on how to help our people progress. The one that stuck with me was about how when teaching people about the BOM and prayer we need to teach them how important it is to stop, pause and wait for an answer and then it will come. I've re-evaluated my prayers and how they are going personally this week. On friday when we walked out to our car the clicker that opens the car wasn't working. Long-story short we spent all day getting the battery fixed at the ford dealership. On Saturday we watched general conference with all the missionaries at the Laredo church building. In between sessions we bought some ice cream and food to make banana splits and headed over to the Children's Hospital to watch the "your happily ever after talk" from President Uchtdorf from a few sessions ago. It was fantastic and we felt the spirit (: Melanie is our 11 year old inv. who's in the hospital for Leukemia right now. I had an interesting experience last week that I forgot to share with you all. After one for our appointments with her and her mom, she got a little emotional talking to us about her daughter and how much she loves her. While sitting there on her hospital bed I couldn't help but remember being the patient and how you all were there for me. I held back the tears pretty well until we drove away from the hospital. I was flooded with memories of how you guys never left my side the past 4 years throughout my surgeries. The wonderful thing about this experience was that while I was sitting there on her bed and her mom was talking to us I felt the love she has for Melanie. And I was sure it was the exact love you guys had and still have for me. It was an interesting experience that I had and I will never forget how I was overwhelmed by the spirit the rest of that day. Yesterday watching the Sunday sessions of GC were fantastic and I especially enjoyed the talk about Fathers, the one on the Holy Ghost and how to receive answers by Elder Robert D. Hales, and the one about the Resurrection. As soon as the speaker mentioned how one day we won't have metal inside us or scars, I was in tears. How wonderful it is to have this gift of being glorified and perfected beings one day. I truly stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers me. I have enjoyed teaching the Plan of Salvation on my mission and the joy that comes from knowing that we have a literal Father in Heaven who loves us. That talk sure hit home to me, along with the talk on the holy ghost and receiving answers. I had a great week and in fact earlier on in the week before I started running for exercise at the park I had a nice convo. with my Heavenly Father out loud while walking. I know that my future is so bright as long as I stay close to him. WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Hold a family council one day this week on a separate day than FHE. Let me know how that goes (: What a beautiful experience this mission is and it's taught me how to love! That's all I have time for this week, sorry it's not much. I love you all and appreciate your support, emails, and prayers.
Hermana Angell


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