March 28, 2016


5th Area


Hermana Pierce

Weekly Letter

Buenas Tardes Familia!
This past week was a crazy one! On Monday we ate with the Familia Pizarro like usual, which means heaping mounds of food from Chile. That evening we taught our investigator Javier the rest of the Restoration with Hermana Jimenez and Hermano Pina who were fantastic members present. Javier committed to pray nightly and to pray specifically to know if the Book of Mormon is true. I'm excited to follow up with him tomorrow to see how that went. On Tuesday we taught a new inv. who we met tracting a week ago and we discussed the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. In the afternoon we did some service at the Ronald Mc Donald home with our district and then we went over to the Familia Morales house in North's area and did some couponing for Anthony's mom. It was quite weird being back in their house again and seeing Anthony was the best part! He's on a baptism date for the 16th of april but now the parents are causing some issues (sounds familiar) hopefully he will be able to keep the date and follow through with it. That evening we taught another investigator Maria Vaca De Castillo (he name literally translates to Maria cow of the castle if you were wondering) about faith and prayer. We brought a youth who's preparing to go on a mission with us to the lesson and we had a breakthrough with Maria. We found out that after we read a very small verse with her and broke the meaning down she understood it. She opened up to us and told us that she wasn't keeping our commitments because it's hard for her to understand what she's reading. It's the best when they inv. literally opens up and then you are able to go from there and work with them. Wednesday morning was a SNOW DAY❄ and the whole mission had to park their cars and couldn't leave the house. Hermana and I made good use of our time by updating the potential records and re-writing them because they were pretty messy from the previous missionaries. I organized the commissary in our hall closet because it was just all thrown in there and after we did all of that we watched Finding Faith in Christ and the Lamb of God while eating some home-made mexican soup that a brave member brought over to us. In the middle of the day hermana and I called up Alma and taught her the WOW over the phone and at the end of the lesson she accepted the invite to live the WOW and to stop drinking coffee. On thursday morning hermana and I were 40 min late to zone meeting because our car got stuck in the snow. Two kind people tried to help us dig our car out and it worked about 30 min later. We got barred! I enjoyed our zone leader's training about not looking back but keeping the faith in the future. His training went right along with the talk I had been reading about "Remember Lot's wife" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holand. The talk was great and it helped me align my focus with making sure I have a firm foundation here and now before moving on to new things. Friday we did some great weekly planning in the morning and the afternoon went by super slow. On Saturday hermana and I taught Alma about the 10 commandments and keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, it was a great lesson and she gave us some agua natural (mellon water) yummm. That evening was CRAZY. We had a youth come out tracting with us, we attended about 15 min of the Elder's baptism and Alma's family all attended as well (: then we ate dinner with some members and watched the general women's broadcast at the stake building with the other hermana's. Saturday was a great day over all and Alma was able to see her first baptism and she loved it (: On sunday morning hermana and I both opened our Easter packages and then went to church. Alma and her family were all there🤗 For dinner we were invited to eat with the Bishop's family and that was pretty fun. They are a fantastic family! Last night we taught our inv. Ismael about the reason for Easter and then we taught a LA family about how to keep the Sabbath day Holy. We had a great week overall and our investigator's are progressing nicely.
Love you all,
Hermana Angell


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