March 21, 2016


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Hermana Pierce

Testify of the Restoration

Hello Angell Family!
So this past week was alright and our main investigator Alma is progressing quite nicely. I'm so proud of her and her example to her family (: This past Saturday we taught her with a youth; Omar Villesquez as our member present. It turned out to be exactly what we needed because that morning her 16 year old Son was taken by the Police to the hospital for some personal issues he's been dealing with. We brought Omar with us who's a youth in our ward who's 18 and during the lesson he was able to share his testimony on how the process of repentance and trusting in the Lord has strengthened him in his trials. His testimony was exactly what Alma needed to hear in order to comfort her! For that lesson we shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her and during the lesson we were able to promise Alma that by her example her son will follow in her footsteps. Saturday evening Alma and her whole family showed up to our church tour so our DL and their inv. were able to help us with the tour and we all took turns explaining the different classes that go on in church. Sunday morning Alma and her WHOLE family showed up to church, a half hour early so we were able to get the obispo to meet them and being the social butterfly that Alma is she now has more friends in the ward than probably Hermana and I combined. I skipped talking about our first lesson with her earlier in the week. So on Wednesday we taught her the plan of salvation and at the lesson we extended the baptismal invite and she accepted! Now our goal is to get to know the dad more because we found out that he's actually a less active because he was baptized when he was little about 8yrs old in Mexico. We aren't sure if we will be able to get his baptismal records so if we can't then he's going to have to be re-baptized. We also want to start teaching the son Luis because with everything that he's going through right now we know that the gospel will really bless his life. So that's about all the info and update with Alma Franco (:
On wednesday hermana and I taught a new investigator and his name is Carlos. He's trying to learn some english so we had a spanglish lesson. Can I start by saying how much WE LOVE HIM ALREADY. For the lesson we did some how to begin teaching with him, got to know him and how we would like us to help him moving forward. He told us that he's into energy and believes that there's a God but would like to strengthen his relationship with him and knowledge about the gospel. We taught him how to pray and related his love for energy to the light of Christ. We talked about how we think there's similarity there between believing that everything has a spirit and that as missionaries we go around sharing the gospel with people and when they are ready to receive it that light of Christ light's up in them. Picture this: it's like us going around and reaching our hands out in place of Christ's hand and when he's spirit touches the person' s spirit that light begins to light up from their spirit! I love the gospel and the privilege I have to share what I know with others.
Thursday we attended zone conference and the theme for this conference was, "what lack I yet" from my favorite GC talk by Larry R. Lawrence. I enjoyed the training that were given and sister Borup surprised me by sharing a little something in her training (because she's now an STL she was asked to speak at ZC) she shared the story of how her bro's 2 toes got cut off when he was mowing the lawn a few years ago and her whole family was worried that he wasn't going to be able to walk again with out the balance. She told the story about how he had to re-learn how to do so and that it was so painful for their family to watch him go through. I couldn't help but just sit there with my head hung a little lower thinking about what I went through and how you all were right there with me the whole time. Then to my surprise sister Borup say's, "My favorite companion is here with me today and she's sitting in this room right now. She was born with hip Dysplasia and she's had to learn how to walk again 9 times. She's taught me to much and she's a spiritual giant in my life." After she shared that my heart melted and I was so happy for the 6 weeks we were able to spend together. I know we will be friends for life! (:
Friday we had a SNOW STORM❄ so our cars had to be parked until 1. That's wasn't an issue anyway because we just did our weekly planning! That morning I couldn't walk because the previous day at zone conference after 8 hrs of sitting and having my legs crossed my left hip was out. Tracting this weekend was a joy walking up apartment stairs with my hip out.. I think it finally went back in around saturday evening. It's doing a lot better now thank goodness! This past week tracting we were talking to a nice lady at her door and she was very happy but she was busy at the moment. Hermana did something out of the blue and asked her if we could eat dinner with her and her family this week so on friday we returned and she cooked flautas for us. During dinner we got to know her and her son and his wife. They are 7th Day Adventist and regularly attend their church. After dinner we talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ and asked them how they have seen this love. We had a great discussion and they said we could come back next Friday for tamales and another lesson! Sweetest people I've ever met before.
That about does it for this past week. I love you all and I hope you enjoy this beautiful Easter Weekend. CHALLENGE: 1. Each day write down how you have seen Christ's love in your life and how the Atonement has impacted you. 2. Watch the church's new mormon message it's called Hallelujah and share it with a friend or on facebook with your testimony. Ready..set.. GO!🐣
Hermana Angell


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