March 13, 2016

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Well 4 months left exactly today!! Yay!! 🙆 I’m still amazed at how time is such a strange concept!
How are you doing today sis? I hope you had a wonderful Sabbath day yesterday. I didn’t end up going to church because I have completely lost my voice. No sound just a little whisper. I needed to rest so I can get better. Truman and Natasha think it’s funny so they whisper back to me. Haha I had a fever last week of 102 so a couple days later I went and got an antibiotic.🤒 I started taking it on Friday but it hasn’t fixed my voice yet. Hopefully I’ll be better by Thursday when I fly out! I have a 9:00 flight so should be in Denver around 10ish your time. Look to the sky and wave at me haha! I will be waving at you for sure!🙋
This week was kinda slow since I didn’t feel good. I took Wednesday off since I was sick with a fever. I just rested and went back to work the next day but I was just worn out from the fever. I think I got it from the lady I took dinner to. I am considering staying home again tomorrow since I have literally no voice.
Sorry to hear you were sick too before the transfer. I hope you’re feeling better now. The McGary’s sent the picture of you all eating P.F. changes dinner with the chop stick in your mouths. It was cute! They seem like wonderful people! I’m so thankful for wonderful people along your mission path that have loved you so much like you are their own daughter. It has made it that much easier for me to know you are being well love and taken care of! How is that working out having Hermana Tchan as your STL? Is it awkward between you two? I’m glad you enjoy Mexican food so much now because Mexican is my favorite too. I could eat it all day every day and it is usually my first choice when we go out. Finally someone else wants Mexican food too! I loved your experience with finding Alma! How fun is that. Too bad you had to turn her over to the English missionaries! I was laughing about the people thinking you had finished your mission and had come back so they gave you hugs lol! Side hugs! Glad to hear you have gained a deeper appreciation for the restoration. I always enjoyed teaching that as a missionary too.
Dad and I looked for new sofas this week on Saturday and we finally made a purchase!! I’m so excited about them. We have had the blue leather ones for 14 years! Lol Those are the only couches Natasha has ever know! Haha She probably will be in shock for a little while and morning the blue ones! Jk
I’ll send you a pic once we get them delivered next Saturday. I think you’ll love them. One is mocha colored, dark grey almost blackish brown. It is really long with 4 cushions and nail heads, very classy. The other one is a very light grey fabric with a chaise lounge at the end. The two will look good together in the same room. Can’t wait!! I’ll send you the pics I took of them in the store but it is hard to tell what they really look like.
I just found out that you gave dad your new address but I didn’t know that until today. I will put something in the mail this week before I fly out on Thursday. Some is for Easter so you have to wait to open the Easter stuff but can open the main box because there is a skirt and dress from goodwill. I hope your polka-dot dress got to you by now. Let me know if you have it yet. If not I will email mikarose.
I slept in you bed once this week and so did dad because I was keeping him awake. Other than that your bed has been untouched since you left. Except when Cameron came to stay last summer and even then he didn’t get in the sheets haha. Don’t worry I’ll wash it all before you sleep in it!
I got on google earth and saw the apartments you live in. Do you work out in the workout room? It even showed us inside the main office area where the workout equipment was and a poker table. Is your apartment nice? It looked nice from google earth. Can’t wait for more pics of you and your new companion!
Sorry not a whole lot happened this past week since I was sick. Looking forward to a more productive week for sure!
Oh, one more funny thing. So I had a free spray tan coupon so I thought I would go use it before the wedding. I got all ready to tan in the little booth and I pushed a wrong button so I had to have the lady try to fix it and it still didn’t work about three times. Ugh since I had to dress, undress, dress ect. I even shoved a little paper towel in my nostrils and ears since I didn’t want to inhale the spray since I’d been sick. What a silly deal! Finally I got it to work and the spray was clear so it didn’t show up on my skin until this morning. I am tan over night! Haha A little brown/orange tint but not too bad for free. 😅 Hopefully it will fade a bit before next Saturday’s wedding pictures.
One more thing, my sister Julie had a baby girl this past week! I get to hold her this week and I can’t wait!
Love you to the moon and back sis! Don’t forget to wave at me on Thursday around 10ish!
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