March 14, 2016


5th Area


Hermana Pierce

Blessings for Hard Work

So I must say that this past week was one of the highlights of my whole mission talking about a whole week combined (: Hermana and I worked super hard staying mentally focused on the work and we saw the Lord's hand in our lives several times each day! I just love my Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ! It's such a blessing to have a year and a half dedicated to serving the Lord. I can't imagine not going on my mission and missing out on all of the opportunities the Lord has given me to meet so many wonderful people that have changed my life and heart. There's so much I would love to tell you all about but I'm going to summarize the week because there's never enough time to email!
Highlight's from the week:
Monday evening we had a lesson with a guy named Javier Brito and he's had a drinking issue but overcame that a few years ago. Now he's looking for a way to get closer to God. We had two great members there in the lesson and the spirit in the room was incredible. We asked one of the fellowshippers to follow up with Javier on if he read the pamphlet we left with him and hermano told us that he did! So now he's a progressing inv (: On Tuesday we had a zone gathering to get to know everyone and it was weird for Hermana Tchan, elder Vaoufi and I because none of us knew any of the younger missionaries in our zone. It's really weird being the older missionary in the mission.. never though this day would come lol I was asked to give the recitation at the beginning of the meeting and I decided to share my favorite scripture Helaman 5:12 and related it to a story that we had with one of our investigators. On Wednesday Hermana and I had a killer day! we taught our NI that morning with the RS pres. as our member present and Luz completely opened up to us! We had district meeting that afternoon and it went great. Since we have Spanish zone leaders now over us, some of the rules have changed in the mission for Spanish missionaries. All district meetings will now be in Spanish and the Spanish zone meeting that is coming up will be entirely in Spanish as well. I'm excited about that! This week Hermana and I have been putting into practice our (English zone saying) which is #Ohana and that means nobody gets left behind. So that entails that after we go to an appointment or try a potential and they aren't home we knock 5 doors around that person's home. Well, thanks to #Ohana Hermana and I now have 9 new FANTASTIC investigators. My comp has really taught me how to just start testifying about the restoration there at the door step and after 2 weeks of practice I'm improving a ton! I really love all of the people that we've met so far and I believe that God has truly led us to the elect here in our area. So many miracles have taken place this past week it's wonderful. I love this work and that the Lord trusts me to be apart of it. Hermana Pierce and I were talking and saying how we want her to "kill me" for my last 2 transfers and that we both want to stay here in west D3 together. That would be my "dying" wish I guess lol All during the week Hermana and I have been trying so hard to put into practice another new rule that the Spanish missionaries now have, and that is to speak our assigned mission language all day at every opportunity! It has helped me a ton with learning new words and with conjugation as well. It's clicking and coming a lot faster now than it used to! On Thursday evening I had a really special experience happen to me. I decided to take dad's advice in his xmas letter to me and wrote my testimony down of the things I've learned on my mission. I will send the letter home today and you guys can read it as a family when it gets there. Make sure to keep it safe for me because when I get home I'm going to place it back in my journal (: I can't wait for you guys to hear about the amazing experience I had driving home Thursday evening. The mission has truly changed me and my testimony has grown so much. On Friday Hermana and I made some solid goals for our area during weekly planning which we are super excited about (: That evening we taught our other new inv. Ismael about the first part of the plan of salvation with the familia munoz as our members present. In the middle of the lesson hermano shared his testimony about his conversion story and how being baptized really changed him. The spirit there was so sweet (: We hope to have a church tour with Ismael this week so that way he can come sunday! On Saturday morning we had a fantastic lesson with Alma who's our other new inv. and we taught the first couple points of the Plan of Salvation. Guess what? She read the BOM and the Folleto we left for her! She's progressing already and I can see the difference in her countenance just in a one weeks span. Isn't it amazing how God can truly lead you to the people who are ready to hear about the gospel just by knocking doors? Hermana and my testimony's have surely grown these past two weeks from finding (: Saturday evening we attended the adult session of stake conference and all of the missionaries in our zone were asked to sing so we all sung the hymn I know that my Redeemer Lives. I love that song (: On Sunday we attended the stake conference and we listened to the session in Spanish with the people from our ward which I enjoyed a lot. Over all this past week was a killer week and I really enjoyed working with Hermana Pierce. This coming week we are excited to attend zone conference and to learn from our leaders (:
Have a great week family I love you all so much!
Hermana Angell


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