March 8, 2016


5th Area


Hermana Pierce

New Spanish Area and Companion

Dear Family,
So I'm officially back in the swing of things in spanish now🤗 This past sunday the AP's showed up at our church building to meet with the spanish ZL's and AP Elder Hulka asked me why I wasn't in the Arvada 5th ward lol I joked and asked him which spanish ward they were attending now. Anyway's all is well here in the D3 ward West area. Training is going well and my companion is Hermana Pierce. She's a boss at spanish because she's lived in Spain for a while when she was little. I appreciate her greeny-fire and drive to work hard and be obedient.
During the day on tuesday I was still super sick so we packed all of our things up, got the area ready to be swept and said some goodbye's to the auxiliaries in our ward. This past tuesday evening the McGary's got PFChang's take out and brought some home for us. I assume it tasted great but given my sickness I had no sense of taste lol🤒 The next morning we were all packed up and ready to start a new adventure! It was hard saying goodbye to the McGary's and Sister Borup. I know that I'll see her again at the end of our missions because we'll be in the mission home together. I have loved getting to know all of the members in the Arvada 5th ward- the bishop is fantastic as well. At our mission meeting president Mendenhall told sister Borup and I that our stake president had sent him an email saying that him and the bishop did not want us to leave. When I come back to CO to visit I will definitely be stopping by Arvada to see all of the great friends I've made there. We parted ways on wednesday and hermana Tchan and I drove back down to the Yale Monacco building together and meet all of the spanish missionaries. There I met Hermana Pierce and after we got back to the apartment I unpacked all of my things. That evening we had cena with Obispo Richardson and he's a fantastic Bishop involved in the ward and missioanry work. He's the new bishop that changed into D3 when I left last time, so it was great to meet him. On thursday we had district meeting and it went well. Our district leader is Elder Vauifi, and he's been my DL before. Hermana Tchan and Hermana Boelter our my SLT's and they are in my district this transfer. Before our dm we contacted a lady we met the day before tracting and went back for our appointment with her. She invited us in and we taught her and her husband about the restoration and the lesson went great! They both seem genuinely interested which is great. That evening we ate with hermana Robles who is a returning LA and it was a nice big "food" welcome back into spanish. That's one thing that I enjoyed about being in english was the small portion sizes lol But I have to admit I missed eating mexican food every day! #mexicanfoodsmylyfe #chipoltletambien That evening we had a meeting with the obispo at his house and our whole district was there because he wanted to welcome the new missionaries into the ward as well as get to know our teaching pools. On friday we did some solid weekly planning for 4 hours straight not to mention 2 hours of personal and comp study before. I love study's and weekly planning! We set some personal, comp, and area goals. We prayed about a baptismal goal for this transfer and the number we got was 3 baptisms. We also have a goal of 10 reactivation's and 14 new investigators for the transfer. At the rate we are going we are going to have to change the number of new investigators for this transfer to a higher number because this past week we got 4 new (: That afternoon we went out finding and hermana asked me where I wanted to go while we were walking around. I decided to walk around these small apartment houses and up a few flights. We knocked a door and the lady refereed us to her neighbor who lived upstairs. We contacted this Lady and her name was Alma Franco. We had a nice discussion about Profetas and how we have a current living one today. After a while she let us in and we talked some more and invited her to church. We set a new return appointment with her for this week and we will be sharing lesson 1 with her. After we walked away Hermana and I were on cloud 9! I didn't know the spirit was directing me to Alma until after our encounter with her. Never deny a prompting from the spirit because so many great things can come out of it! #Ilovethespirit That evening after some delish. dinner we tracted some more with a member named Monica who's preparing for her mission. I've learned a lot from my comp about directly testifying and teaching the restoration at the doorstep the first time you meet someone. She's fantastic at teaching lesson 1 at the door so I've followed her lead and it's brought many miracles and new investigators this past week! On saturday morning we ate at the church because the Aurora stake put on it's breakfast for the missionaries. I think that's my 3rd or 4th one since I've been on my mission. That's what I get from serving so much in Aurora I guess (: lol After that we went home for studies and I did training with hna. That afternoon we went to some potentials who weren't home so again we knocked 5 doors which is our goal when someone isn't home. Hermana asked me again where I wanted to go and pointed to a house and there we met a young girl who's name is agness. She's looking for a church and invited us in. We sent the english elders over to her house. She is really golden (: That evening we attended a baptism because hna was asked to speak on the holy ghost and I was asked to give the closing prayer. A little boy in the primary got baptized (: Cute baptism! That evening we taught a older man named Ismael outside on his doorstep. While we taught the restoration I felt the spirit SO strongly in my heart. I have really focused this past week on studying the 1st lesson so I can be better at teaching it simply and doing a better job at teaching it in door approaches. After this week my testimony of the restoration has grown. Yesterday was Sunday and how great it was to attend church again in the Denver 3rd ward😀 Several people actually thought I had finished my mission and returned for a visit so I may have gotten a few hugs from the guys in our ward! hahaha #awkwardsidehugs We have a new bishoprick now that I'm back in the ward so things are different from when I was here previously. We fasted Saturday evening until sunday's lunch and I fasted for help in taking the next step to improve my spanish grammar capabilities and to keep my drive up. That evening we went out finding some people but none of them were home. I suggested a potential named Wadey so when we go there a lady named Luz came to the door and we taught lesson 1 there on the door step. The spirit was so strong and her family who's living in mexico is Mormon (: We set up a return appointment to visit her again this week. I have just been so happy this past week because of all the progress that's been made. My love has definitely increased for hard work and obedience because I know that it brings blessings! I really love the work and I know that my past transfer in english has helped me realize how to be intune with the spirit and how to follow it. I don't know where I'd be today with out it's guidance in my life. I love the Lord and my Redeemer Jesus Christ!
Just a shout-out to the Yates family! I love you all and hope everything is going well in your family (: Is Ashley going to serve a mission? Hope to hear from you guys again soon!
Love you,
Hermana Angell


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