February 29, 2016


4th Area


Hermana Borup

Family Letter

Hello Familia!
So this past week has been super crazy! Several things have happened that were out of the ordinary so are ya ready to hear how it's been? This past Monday sister Borup and I ran around and did our usual pday activities. We both filmed our b-day video's for our siblings at the Wright's house which was way fun. That evening we ate at the masons home and they cooked the BEST food I've eaten since I've been in English. Lastly we stopped at the Brown families house to follow up with them on our their missionary work is going, and they are doing well. On Tuesday we did service at the rest home which went by a little bit slower and when we were calling out bingo the elderly people were super feisty because we weren't speaking clearly enough. #roughday That evening we ate dinner with Leo and Carmen which was fun. We haven't seen him for about 2 weeks because his work schedule has been picking up a lot. We shared a great message with him and Carmen after dinner with our RM Kelsey and we talked about the power of prayer and committed them to pray as a family morning and evening. Lastly at 8 we had a lesson with Elli our new inv who's the babysitter for the McGary's little kids. We did a get to know you game and played 20 questions with her, us and sister McGary. To end the evening we did some how to begin teaching with her and explained our purpose as missionaries which is to help others to come unto Christ. Overall the day started out slower but ended of a fantastic note! On Wednesday we packed half of our things early that morning and moved out of sister Barkley's house because her boyfriend Dawn had shoulder surgery so we couldn't live there. We planned on moving out temporarily and then moving back at the end of the week. We were able to recrute some help from our Zone Leaders to move our mattress and large suit cases over to the McGary's. That evening we ate at kneeders with sister Long and then set up some chars and tables at the church for the boyscouts meeting. Lastly we were able to attend our investigator Elli's National Honor Society Ceremony at Arvada High School. 1 it was super weird to be inside a high school and 2 it brought back some memories of my NHS ceremony. My how time really does fly by! Sister Borup and I were so happy we could support her because she has several family struggles right now at home. That evening sister McGary was kind enough to wax our eyebrows before our big mission tour the next morning. Sister Borup and I look like babes now😎 The next morning Sister McGary was kind enough to do our markup because she went to beauty school, so she' s a pro. We attended the mission tour with Elder and Sister Soares from the 1st presidency of the 70 at the westminister building with president and sister mendenhall. Something that I took away from his message was that, "If you don't plan, you plan to fail" Always having a plan is so essential in this life time! And especially in the work of the Lord (: During the meeting I started feeling pretty sick and we both came away from the meeting with massive headaches. That evening we came home and took a nice long nap and the ate dinner with a less active family. For our last lesson of the night we taught Elli in the McGary's home and we discussed lesson 1 the restoration. After Elli and her sister Rylin went home that evening their older brother held them at gun point so elli, rylin, and her mom came over to the McGary's home to spend the night.. very hectic and no one got a lot of sleep that night. Thankfully their family is doing a little bit better now. If you would keep them in your prayers I would really appreciate that (: On friday when we woke up we were super sick still so we slept most of the day and lounged around. We didn't get much of our weekly planning done due to our sickness. That morning we found out that Brother McGary's mom is the Dental Receptionist at Uncle Dan's Dental Office! Small world huh? lol That evening at about 10ish I got a call from AP Elder Brinkerhoff and he asked me if I'd accept a call to train a new missionary. I accepted and went to sleep that night with a lot of things on my mind. The next morning sister Borup and I attended the Stake Women's Conference at 8am but it was pretty hard for us to focus/retain much due to our sickness. Around 10 our STL's came and we went on exchanges so sister Dennis could take me to the trainers meeting with her. We went to the mission home with all of the other trainers and received some great council from the AP's, president and sister Mendenhall. Afterwards I asked president if he'd be willing to give me a blessing because my hip has been injured all week so I've been a lot of pain. I felt a little relieved after the blessing (:The rest of the day we spent at home again sleeping. Sunday morning was probably the worst of the sickness so we called president and he told me to go to the Urgent care near our house. I was tested for strep and that came back negative thank goodness. I just have an upper respiratory infection, so I was able to get some nasel spray to help that. We lounged around yesterday watching church movies and packing our suit cases because we got everything else from sister Barkley's house this weekend. Last night sister Borup got a call from sister Mendenhall to be an STL so she's got a lot ahead of her coming up as well. I'm excited for this new spanish zone and to go back with the people I love in the D3 ward. Hope you all are doing well, much love!
Hermana Angell


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