February 22, 2016


4th Area


Hermana Borup

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Hello Family!
So this past tuesday my comp and I biked around during the day since we had some beautiful weather. We rode up some KILLER hills in our area to get to where we needed to be for tracting and I thought I was going to die. I'm so out of shape so I had to stop riding for a sec or I could've thrown up right there on the side of the road lol It was 1 mile of riding straight up the hill. Right before dinner we headed to the Mason's who are my absolute favorite older people in our ward. They are the sweetest people ever and they give us a dozen fresh eggs weekly from their chickens. The same evening they gave us some eggs for us and the members we were eating dinner with so it was fun putting them into sister Borup's white basket and biking around with them. Thankfully none of them got broken for how fast we were riding to make it to dinner on time! That evening we ate with some members in the ward and they were kind enough to put our bikes on their bike rack and drove us home so we could use the car for the rest of the evening. On Wednesday sister Borup and I stayed in for the morning because I randomly got super nauseous so we had to miss our district meeting. That afternoon around 1 we went out and decided to bike around some more. This time we took wadsworth all the way to the other side of our area. As I was biking I turned around to talk to sister Borup because I couldn't hear what she was saying and after I turned my head back my face hit a massive tree branch. Luckily I didn't fall off my bike it just took me too a quick stop with my face...😑 Sister Borup came riding up laughing because she was in shock. I felt a lot of pain in my face and after I took off my sun glasses she wiped the dirt and blood off my face. My neck hurt from whiplash, but determined to get to where we intended to go we kept riding on and laughing all the way through the stinging wind in my face. About 2 more miles down the road my companion in behind me screaming and then I realize that a bee had just stung her on the ear! Nature was clearly against us that day! lol Once we got the Wright's house they gave us some cold water and we rested for a while. That evening I bought some hydrogen peroxide at Walmart and cleaned the dirt out of my face. Hopefully it won't leave too bad of a scar! That night I was in a lot of pain so I slept pretty great. The next morning we taught sister Barkley (our member we live with) about the plan of salvation because she knew her brother would pass away soon from cancer. It was comforting to share the knowledge we had with her that morning. For lunch we ate with the sweetest member, sister sheeder and the two RM's in our ward. It was a blast and then after that a kind member hooked us up with a chiropractor in our stake so I was able to get my neck looked at for free. He said that I was super tense in my shoulders and neck so he adjusted my neck along with some needle treatment. My lower back/hip had some pain so he re-aligned my hips and now I feel a ton better. I already wrote him a thank you note for being so kind! That evening we attended the stake cultural Mexican night and our progressing investigator Effie came with her LA husband and kids! member from the D4 ward was there helping put it together so I was able to talk to her in spanish for a while which was fun. On Saturday we had a lesson with Effie in her home with our Bishop as the member Present and we discussed the holy ghost and the book of mormon. The lesson was fantastic and she understands the spirit and agreed to come to church. On sunday she attended our ward conference with her husband and two boys! Wahoo!! (: The ward conference was phi-nominal and the stake president made some great comments. This past wednesday evening we ate with the Mcgary's and watched the meet the mormons movie with their babysitter friend Elli who's 17 years old. At the end of the movie we all shared our testimonies and the spirit was the strongest I've felt in a while! We invited her to start taking the lessons and she accepted our invitation! Sister Mcgary's husband Crust has been less active because of his job but now he has sunday's off and attended church yesterday! There's been a lot of progress this past week and I love the people and members here in the Arvada 5th area. I'm going to be sad when I leave for sure but I've enjoyed this transfer a lot! Transfers are next Wednesday and we will find out where we are going this up coming Monday! Love you all have a great week (:
Hermana Angell


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