February 16, 2016


4th Area


Hermana Borup

Family Letter Feb 16

What a crazy, fun, exciting week we had! There's so much to say so I'm going to get on with the email. Oh and I hope you all enjoyed the million pictures I sent home today. We had to send a bunch off from both of our cameras. Love you all so much and wanted to share all of the fun moments we've had this transfer so far. Last pday on the 8th we had zone pday and we played dodgeball and football with the elders which was a blast! The next day we could barely walk it was such a great workout. On tuesday we did a lot of finding, we specifically have been working through the part member family list for the ward and this past week we finished going through it all. That evening we taught Effie Behunin lesson 1 up until the part about prophets and it was good because we were able to answer all of her questions. We felt great after the lesson and were thankful that Hannah our member present was able to come with us because she literally just got home from her mission this transfer. For dinner that evening we ate with the Vowles family and I love them so much. Sister Vowles is from Brisbane Australia and I love her accent! Brother Vowles met her on his mission. Dad, did you know a guy on your mission with that last name? I think he said he 1st name is craig or something along those lines. On wednesday sister Borup and I did finding pretty much all day long! 7 hours to be exact. There's a lot of work to do in this area and we are still on the hunt for some new investigators. It's a lot harder in english to find the elect from tracting.. that's why it's best to work through PMF's or members to find those who are ready. This past week Leo and Carmen cancelled our lesson and the one that was set for tonight because carmen is sick. We invited her and Leo to the mexican culture night this friday at the church so hopefully they will both be able to attend that. On Thursday we attended our zone meeting and it was on point. We learned a lot of new skills and how to roll play several different subjects, which we are now putting into practice during personal study. On Friday we did weekly planning in the morning like usual and then we contacted more people that evening. That night at 8pm we went on exchanges with our STL's until saturday night at 8pm when we exchanged back. To be honest I wasn't impressed with the leadership skills/attitude of the STL I went with in my area. That will be noted today in my email to president. On a good note. that saturday we met with Effie our inv. and completed teaching her lesson 1. She understands the apostasy, how we have prophets today as well as how to receive answers to her prayers so we made some major progress with her! On sunday morning after ward council we drove over to sister McGary's house to help her gather her kids and their things for church. She's a member but her husband is going to school/in a difficult work position right now so we felt inspired to help her that morning. During church we announced in YW's and RS our hike monday at the Table Top Mountain. During the rest of the day we made several visits to members, inv, and LA's to deliver some cupcakes that were valentines decorated. So much fun! On monday (yesterday) we all met at the church and then carpooled with the 3 leaders that came with us. The hike was beautiful and we started it off with a prayer and explained how we were going to share a spiritual message once we got to the top of the mountain and eat some snacks that we bought for the hike. The train went winded up the side and around the mountain and there were really only 3 major parts that were really steep. It was a moderate to difficult hike but Addy Vowles and I led the whole way to the top. The view was breathtaking and we had fun using sister McGary's new selfie stick to take fun pictures all the way up! Once we got to the top the wind was really strong. Golden and Arvada were on a wind warning yesterday from 40-60mile an hour wind. At the top of the mtn sister borup and I shared our little spiritual message with everyone. Earlier in our studies we read the talk Spiritual Mountains and took a quote from that talk and referenced it. We had printed out the quote and stuck it on some cute paper to hand out to the girls. It was about how everyone in their life is going to reach a spiritual Plato but with a firm foundation in Christ we can all reach our spiritual mountain tops. I will make sure to enclose a quote we made in a letter home next pday so you guys can see it. The # we made for the girls hike was called #higherground. At the top we ate some granola bars and juice boxes that we bought from the dollar tree earlier. It was so nice to sit at the top and see Denver down below. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and we are literally his son's and daughters! I love you all family and can't wait to talk to you next monday. Take care and have a fantastic week!💙
Hermana Angell


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