February 8, 2016


4th Area


Hermana Borup

Lots of Snow, Service and Working Hard

It was great to hear that you all had a fantastic week and enjoyed watching the Bronco's win🙆 Sister Borup and I decided to be obedient and not watch it yesterday but to support the team by wearing our bronco's gear! After we get home we are going to have a Superbowl party of our won and watch it, is what we decided yesterday. Can you believe that it's almost Valentines day as well? Last year around Valentines day I was still in Mexico! It's crazy how fast the mission goes.
So this past pday we got our Teeth cleaned by brother Mangrum and it was super nice. On tuesday we got a crazy amount of snow so the whole mission had to park their cars for the day. During the morning I prepared my training for district meeting a little bit and then after that we shoveled our neighbors driveway. We were able to get a member to drive us to our service place that we go to every Tuesday. It's called the Arvada Estates and it's where we play balloon volleyball with the seniors and then sister Borup and I take turns calling out rounds of bingo. After that we shoveled another driveway and then Sister Wright made us some hot chocolate and we did service for her by helping her make some cookies for people. After that we visited with our investigator, her name is Effie Behunin and she's Greek Orthodox. Her husband is a LA member in our church so we are trying to teach them both. For our last appointment of the day we ate dinner with a PMF. Carmen is a member and her husband's name is Leo and he's not a member. We ate some traditional Argentinean food and then afterwards we did a little bit of how to begin teaching with them and invited them to take the lessons as a family. It went really well and they accepted! It was so much fun to talk in spanglish again! Leo is an expanded dental assistant and he's had several surgeries him self. He finished treatment for colon cancer and now he's doing really great! I love them both and I'm excited to teach them this coming week.Wednesday morning we woke up bright and early and then sister Wright drove us to the temple. She took us through the mountains which was SO beautiful! Our session went great and it was good to see Hermana Brady, Hermana Welch and a few more Spanish missionaries in our session. That was the 1st time I've ever been in a session with President, his wife, and the AP's so it was pretty fun. After the temple we went to desert book and then sister Wright took us to cafe rio for lunch. I ordered my food in Spanish of course (; That evening we did a TON of finding PMF's on the ward list. The rest of the week we made a lot of progress through the list which was great. Thursday morning we had interview's with president and sister Mendenhall. I enjoyed talking with president, in my interview with him we discussed the progress on the area book because it's something the missionaries aren't the best at updating. I was happy to have a testimony of the area book while talking to president! Later on during the day we did some more service and ended the night attending a RS activity which was a fitness workshop so we all learned some new moves from a lady in the ward who's a fitness instructor. The next morning I tried to wake sister Borup up from about 6:30 to 10:30 and she wasn't getting up.. the member we live with was trying to help me and nothing was working. Finally we tried sitting her up after I got some help from our mission nurse over the phone. It was a pretty traumatic experience because once she woke up she couldn't breathe well. She has asthma so we think it was related to that. President Mendenhall suggested that we take her to the Urgent care to get things checked out, so sister Wright drove us there and spent 3 hrs waiting and then finally got it. They ended up giving sister Borup and Nebulizer treatment for her asthma because they thought she was getting a little sick. The Mendenhalls told sister Borup to take the rest of the day easy so afterwards sister wright took us to sam's club and we all picked out some of our favorite things to eat for dinner. I told her that the last time I went to sam's club was about a year ago when we my family and I bought some pulled pork and other food for my mission going away party! So for dinner we bought some pulled pork, pineapple and sister borup wanted bacon because that's her favorite. I helped her make some dinner than evening and then before we left their house Brother Wright and Scott gave her a blessing so she could heal. It was a super crazy day to say the least! On Saturday we went out to lunch with an older lady in our ward and since we ate at the country buffet there were mostly Hispanics there. I was in heaven so before I left I decided to walk up to this nice looking Hispanic lady and give her a pass along card. I used the "I would like to practice my Spanish approach" and then she was nice from there on! haha That evening we taught Effie about baptism and how the program goes because her and Mark want their son to be baptized in our religion as well as Greek orthodox. On Sunday I woke up feeling sick because I think I ate something with gluten the day before. So we stayed home and did our weekly planning because we missed it Friday since sister Borup was at the urgent care all day long. Today I'm still feeling a little bit sick so hopefully that goes away as the day goes on. Today we are going to attend zone pday and play some sports which will be fun. I hope you guys have a great Monday and have a successful week!
So how did the commitment go that I left you guys last pday? This week I want to commit you guys to do a cell phone cleanse on this coming Sunday. That means no
using phones on Sunday all day if at all possible to focus on the importance of the Sabbath. Love ya!
Hermana Angell


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