February 1, 2016


4th Area


Hermana Borup

Family Letter

I hope you all had a wonderful week and yall are excited for this up-coming month of February! So last Pday we went grocery shopping and then we went to sports authority and I got a Bronco's Championship Superbowl long sleeve T-shirt. Thanks dad! (: After that we went home and I wrote a letter to Hermana Brady so she could put it in her transfer journal and then we went to the post office so sister Borup could mail her package home to Denmark. We ate our dinner with the Villatoro's that evening and they had a daughter come home from her mission in El Salvador this last thursday so it was fun to talk to her and hear about her mission experiences. That evening we went tracting and encountered a very un-happy lady.. she wasn't interested and so after we walked away sister Borup tried to draw a heart on the back of her car trunk in the snow but the lady saw and banged on her window, came outside and yelled at sister borup. Totally freaked out we walked down the street to a member's home and talked with them for a while. On the way back to the car I slipped on the ice and it was a pretty bad fall. My left leg slipped out infront of me and I literally heard my hip pop and felt the snap. My hip was throbbing pretty bad that night and I was in a lot of pain so once we went home I put some deep blue on it and took some mobic. Sister Borup was pretty scared and was freaked out that I'd have to go home because her past 3 com's ended up leaving home early as well. Once I woke up the next morning I wasn't able to work out and my mind was pre-occupied with terrible thought's that maybe I tore something else or that I'd have to go home to have another surgery or something. Not able to focus on my scripture reading completely, I read my patriarchal blessing for some comfort. Something interesting that happened is that currently I'm reading in Mark in the bible and I've been reading the parts about how Jesus heals the sick and people with all manner of afflictions. Those scriptures were able to bring peace to my mind and then it dawned on me to get on my knees and pray to have enough faith to be healed. After that experience my mind was exhausted and I was still pretty overwhelmed so I took a nice 3 hr nap. The rest of the week I took things pretty easy (walking wise) so I could heal and after about 3 day's there was really no immense pain. I feel that at some point in everyone's life they are going to have no one to go to so they will turn to God, and that's where the miracles are going to come! When you put your faith into accion then Heavenly Father will see your desire to change and become better. On my mission if something goes wrong or I'm in pain my first reaction now is to turn to my Heavenly Father for relief. Through these experience I've literally been able to see my faith grow in God and it's been a beautiful learning experience for me. I would highly encourage all of the youth to go on a mission because it's someting that one goes through personally and comes away from it changed if they give their heart and will to God. I love the mission so much because it's allowed me to feel pure Joy and strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Sister Borup and I have found something in common through our missions and that is, how after we both reached our 1 year mark our love for the mission and wanting to stay increased immensely. Before I hit my year mark I enjoyed the mission and the work but something changed in my heart! It'll be so nice to go home and see my wonderful family but I love this work and serving the Lord. Something I'm scared about is the difference in the spirit once I go home and I'm set apart. It's something that I have gained a testimony about and now I cherish every day on the mission. After spending some time with the 2 return missionaries this week and asking them a bunch of questions it's like Sister Borup and I know that these next 5ish months are going to fly by so fast. I'm just so thankful for the opportunity I have to be out here and to experience all of the things I have good and not so good. This past tuesday we met with Carmen Sanchez and he husband Leo who's not a member of the Church but she is. We got to know them and set up a return appointment for this coming tuesday for dinner and a lesson. Sister Borup and I know that there's no coincidence for us meeting them because they both are from Argentina and their 1st language is spanish... how cool is that!? (: I already love them so much! So this week we have been inviting all of the RS ladies and LA ladies to the fitness activity this thursday at the church. I'm excited for it because a member who's a personal trainer is putting it on and we will learn about eating healthy and exercising. An idea crossed my mind this week that I wouldn't mind studying more about health and personal fitness after the mission. So while eating dinner yesterday with a member he told me how he has some nerve damage in his legs from breaking his ankle. He told me that his doctor said that eating gluten is bad when you have nerve damage.. and I think that what he told me was totally inspired because this past week I ate a few things that wern't GF and my nerves have totally been spazing out. This week I'm going to be completely GF and see if I can get the pain to go away in my legs. All week while I've meet new people and members in this area they have told me that I have a Hispanic accent! My companion says that it's even stronger when I read out loud in english like in the scriptures or Jesus the Christ. How funny is that?! I thought you guys were making it up when we skyped over christmas haha I guess I believe you all now (; Last transfer my comp and I listened to the new youth devotional and it's outstanding so I wanted to recommend Natasha and Truman to read it. Make sure to take some notes to read them later! Yesterday at church Sister Borup and I along with Aubrey WSo I had a thought come to me yesterday that I'd like to share with you guys. In missionary work we have to be really good at inviting people to do things and follow up with them at the next appointment. I was thinking about you guys and how it could be a fun idea to extend commitments to you all to do as a family and then the next time we email you could tell me how it went for you guys personally and the blessings you saw as a family. What do you think about that? I'll start today with the 1st invitation.. and for this week I want to invite you as a family to start reading one chapter in the bible every night and I'd like you guys to start in the book of Matthew. Personally analyze what Christ does for the people he loves and how you've seen his hand in your life. I know that by doing this nightly you guys will be able to feel the spirit in your home and grow a testimony about how the Lord can perform many miracles when we have faith. I hope you guys find joy in this invitation and have a wonderful week! (:
Hermana Angell
Yesterday at church Sister Borup and I along with Aubrey Wright sung Come Thou Fount in church because the Bishop wanted us to sing with the 2 sister missionaries giving their home coming talks in sacrament. Our song went really well and I kind of sung a solo in the middle of the song. Sister Borup sung the 1st line in Danish and we sung the rest in english. Afterwards everyone said they enjoyed it and we should go pro! haha I really loved the 2 home coming talks the spirit was definitely there and it gave sister Borup and I some ideas for our talks when we go home. I wish you guys could've been there to hear the talks and song it was so great! Also, out new inv. Leo attended church and really enjoyed it. He said that he's going to come every week now (:


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