January 25, 2016


4th Area


Hermana Borup

New English Area and Companion

Hello Family!
So I don't have a bunch of time left for emailing since I was using a tablet earlier, so this email will be short and sweet. Over all this past week was a bit different than others. I said goodbye to all of the people in the D4 area which was pretty hard but I ended it on a great note with them. It's amazing how much you grow to just love the people with all of your heart no matter what the circumstances. I will be coming back to Denver when Criss and Juan get married in the temple and to visit a few other people as well. Transfers were wednesday after the missionary broadcast. The world wide missionary training broadcast was fantastic! I learned how to ask for referrals in a better way.. for example: Whom do you know who just moved into the neighborhood? Or whom do you know who just had a baby in their family? This week we have used the new approaches quite a bit and they have worked out pretty great. The transfer went pretty smoothly but it was hard for me driving away from all of the spanish missionaries when I went with the other two sisters. My heart will always be in spanish.. (: So I went with another companionship for a few hrs because my comp was at a doctors appointment with her comp during the day on wednesday. So it turns out that after they picked me up we headed to the mission office and President Mendenhall and his wife took Sister Borup's comp to the airport. Her comp sister Nelson was having terrible stomach pains for the past two weeks and after many appointments with doctors they had to send her home to get the problem taken care of. Wednesday evening a lot of tears were shed from sister Borup because of the sad situation. She told me on the way to our new house that after President Mendenhall had called her the day before to tell her that I had accepted the call to come to english for 6 weeks she said that she felt the spirit strongly and knew that I needed to be here. From that moment on we have bonded really well. Thursday went great and that morning we attended our district meeting. The AP's are in our district so that's a plus. I like our new DL and the trainings and roll play's we did were great and helped me get out of my comfort zone pretty quickly. That day I felt the impression that I would need to be BOLD this transfer and speak up as much as possible. Later on in the day we went to the rest home and played balloon volley ball with all of the older people. Around 4pm that day we got a txt from president telling us to meet him at the church bldg. Once we got there he told sister Borup that her Grandma had passed away.. they were very close. It was some very hard news to hear. Ever since that day I've felt the need to just listen and be a positive example because in this past week she's lost two people very close to her. Overall the transition to english has been a little weird not going to lie, but it's slowly growing on me. I LOVE the members and they have been super supportive in these tough times with my companion. Friday mng we went to the wright families house so my comp could call her grandpa and skype home. Several times during a conversation or lesson with people I've had to stop and correct my self because a spanish word comes out here and there jaja President said that I still am allowed 1hr to study my spanish daily because I was called spanish so I'm pretty happy about that. Sister Borup is so great and she's from Denmark so she can speak Danish. We have laughed our heads off these past couple of day's! Something funny that happened is that is a lesson with an older lady, my comp asked her how "Dee Lawn was doing (who is a person) but with my comp's accent sister Vantussenberg thought that she asked how her lawn was doing so she replied with "well since there's still snow on the lawn I'll have to mowe it in the spring" haha Another funny thing that happened was that at dinner my comp was talking about baptism and the HG but accidentally said that, "when we receive the holy goat..." So we have been laughing about that ever since! (; I'm still finding joy in the journey and loving the work. My desire to work harded and be exactly obedient has increased a lot. I love the Lord and enjoy serving him with the time I have here in the DCN mission. Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hermana Angell


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