January 19, 2016


3rd Area


Hermana Brady

Best week of Mission - Being Transferred into English area

New Transfer and new beginning! So as you guys know I'm going to the dark side... haha Just kidding but I'll be transferring into english tomorrow after the Missionary World Wide Meeting. So as far as this past week went, it was pretty great. I don't have my planner with me right now so I'll try my best to remember everything that went down. Last pday hmn and I shopped till we dropped! The Cherry Creek mall here is absolutely fantastic and when I come back to visit with you guys we should definitely make a stop (: This past week hermana and I spent some time preparing the baptismal program and it turned out really neat. We made sure to print a nice one at Office Depot for them that's in color. I will be sending the one in black and white home today in a package. On a side note- These past two weeks I started reading the bible and I'm in Matthew chapter 5 right now. My companion loves the old testament and reading just about anything so now I've caught on and I'm excited to read it! This past Saturday HMN and I ate dinner at Benihanna's right before the baptism. It was super great and the server across from us was hispanic! He was hilarious and talked in a high-pitched voice and was cracking jokes to everyone at the table. I was thinking to myself how dad would've got a kick out of him because when dad try's to speak spanish he sounds exactly like that server haha After dinner we headed home to pick up our cupcakes and then set up for the baptismal service at the church. When Criss and Juan got there they were so happy and a bit nervous. The program went so wonderfully! There was a really great turnout and the talks were fantastic. My favorite was when hno Aierto gave his talk, because he said "so I don't speak english or spanish.. I'm from Brazil so I speak Portuguese" haha He's my favorite member and I can understand why mom loved the people SO much! He's been coming out with us to our lessons with our WML and he's absolutely fantastic. His testimony is so strong and it's great because I can understand his Portuguese. Hermana and I always say that we could just sit and listen to him speak all day because it's so cool! I told him that mom served in san palo Brazil and he was so happy because that's where he's from. I told him this weekend that I will have to have mom connect with him through FB. After the baptismal service we had a great amount of refreshments that our fellowshippers brought. We invited president to come and he was able to make it with Sister Mendenhall, which was fun to see them. The next day at church they were both confirmed by the bishop and all of their male fellowshippers were able to participate in the process. Once they received the Holy Ghost I felt the spirit so strongly and when they both stood to be welcomed into the ward Hermana and I both had just the biggest smiles on our faces. Criss and Juan are so special to me and I can't wait to return for when they get married in the temple! (: The last lesson we had on friday with then was about eternal marriage and families which was outstanding and the members were the relief society president and her husband because he's the 1st counselor in the Obispado. So last night when I got the call from President he told me that someone was going home in english last minute and that they needed to take someone from spanish. He said that he prayed about it and felt strongly that I needed to go. He promised me only 1 transfer in english so I accepted the call. After he hung up the phone I cried driving to our next lesson and it was hard to see the road.. haha Hermana and I were so shocked and couldn't believe it! I told her that I was very sad to leave spanish but that I was willing to go where the Lord wants me to go. After praying a lot last night about this new adventure I feel that this experience will help me grow. I don't know what's going to happen but I trust in the Lord 100%. I'm sure mom and dad had similar feelings each time we moved and dad took a new job. It takes faith, courage and humility to accept what the Lord wants you to do. I love the quote by president Thomas S. Monson that says enjoy the journey! I love you family and wish you the best this week (: I'll be praying for you all.
Hermana Angell


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