January 12, 2016


3rd Area


Hermana Brady

Baptisms Planned for this Week

As you can see this past week was a really great one! On tuesday I think I worked harder than I ever have in my whole mission and we made some MAJOR headway with all of our people. We had a tour of the church with Juan Romero and his nietas (I think that's grandchildren en engles) Then we went to the library with HNO Mauricio and made him a Family Search account. We were able to enter in his information that we have been gathering with him in his "my family booklet" these past couple weeks. Then we did service and later that night we taught a inv. with a member present and ended the day by teaching a less active about baptismal covenants. Over all it was a super packed day and we made a lot of progress. This week was interesting because almost all of the lessons we taught were very important because of the subjects in relation to our people making huge life changes. On wednesday we had a zone meeting and I learned some really great things! Later that evening we taught a less active who lives out by the Temple (the border of our mission) and the member we had coming with us we had never met before because he's in the english ward. Well during the end of the lesson I asked him where he was from and he mentioned living in MI for 2 years... I asked where and then he said Kalamazoo. We connected the dot's and he realized that he knew our family and we lived there at the same time! Their names are Craig and Karry Lyman (I think that's their 1st names) Crazy connection and small world (: On thursday I hit my 1year mark in the mission!🙆 It was a good day and we had some great lessons with our people. That evening we drove way out to Green Wood Village (english ward on the border of our area) and we got some baptismal suits for Criss and Juan. There was a wedding reception for a return missionary and his fiance. Their decorations were super cute and they were so nice! On the way home I saw this sign by the entrance of a neighborhood and I really liked the names on it. When I have little kids I want to name a girl Caley and a little boy Camden. How cute is that? Can't forget the name Cohen as well (: On Saturday morning at 7am we attended the baptismal session at the Temple. They spirit in the room was so strong and being able to be there with Mauricio for his first time was such a beautiful experience. Through helping him with his family history I've gained a testimony of it for my own. Being able to be baptized for 2 of my family names, Mauricio's abuela, and one of HMN Brady's names was so neat. As we walked out of the Temple Mauricio was just beaming and so happy! Hermana and I talked about it the rest of the day how it was the coolest experience we've had in our missions yet. That Sunday Mauricio came walking into sacrament just gleaming. The Temple spanish session was one of my favorite mission experiences yet! (: Yesterday Hmn and I enjoyed a relaxing pday window shopping at the Cherry Creek mall, we took a walk and I ran a bit down this nice trail near our house, we wrote some letters, did some laundry and then ate dinner with the bordonave's. This coming saturday HMN and I are eating at Benihanna's and then going to Criss and Juan Carlo's baptism! (: I'm excited for this last week in the transfer and happy with how everything is going right now. Stay safe and have a fantastic week!
Hermana Angell


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