January 4, 2016


3rd Area


Hermana Brady

Reaching my Year Mark - Work is going well

Buenas Tardes family(: I hope you all enjoyed the last week of Christmas vacation and the New Year. I'm glad you guys were able to celebrate with the traditional fancy crab dinner. I wanted to let you all know just how much I love you and appreciate your support being out here on a mission. Can you believe I'll reach my year mark this Thursday? I sure can't believe it myself! Time fly's when your in the service of the Lord (:
On Monday we taught Rosa a LA with a member present and the lesson went so well! We taught the POS because she spends her time taking care of her dying mother and it's really hard for her. At the end of the lesson she asked us if we could close with a prayer in her mom's room so we did. I asked the member if he could say it because I got a little teary seeing her mom laying in her bed so sick.
On Tuesday we taught Juan Romero about the wow and he agreed to keep it! We fasted Monday evening through dinner that day so he would be able to find a new job that would allow him to attend church on Sunday's. During the day we did service at Metro Caring. I worked in the store and was able to walk the homeless through so they could pick out some fruits and vegetables. After my mission I'm excited to do service somewhere because it really does enable me to feel pure joy. That evening we had another really intense lesson with our two new investigators Jessica and Gilberto about the POS. They are great people but just fire out the doctrinal questions left and right that leave hmn and I on the edge of our seats the whole time. This coming tuesday we will be sure to bring a member when we talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ and baptism.
On Wednesday we had some great lessons all day and then ended with teaching Criss and Juan at the Church by doing a church tour with them! They also told us that they prayed to know if the BOM is true and if Joseph Smith is a prophet and they both know it's true. On another note they are both getting ready for their baptism and prayed about their bap date! I'm so happy for them (: They asked us to write juan a letter of recommendation to be a U.S. Citizen so we happily did that.
On Thursday we had the mission meeting and I enjoyed hearing about the new mission's goal for bap's in the year of 2016... the number is 501. It has a nice ring to it doesn't it? (: It was so great to see sister Tui and HMN Welch again we laughed and had fun catching up. Later after the meeting hmn and I went to the library and did some family history. That evening we celebrated the New Year by eating at Red Robin's. That night I made some personal goals for my self and wrote you guys a letter home (president said we could). Expect a letter in the mail this week.
On Friday was possibly the weirdest day in my whole mission for several reasons.. haha We ended up going finding and this lady named Elsa let us in so we got to know her. Before we left she invited us to this project the next day but wouldn't tell us exactly what it was for.. turns out we didn't feel good about it so we sent her a txt saying we wouldn't be going. Freaky! So glad I have the spirit with me always (: That evening we taught Criss and Juan about the WOW and they accepted to live it! WAHOOO!
Yesterday we were able to do all of our studies in the morning including language study which was great! Church now starts at 1 so we attended at that time. During church we helped hno Mauricio obtain his temple recommend so now we can do a Spanish baptismal session with him. We are planning on going to the temple on Jan 16th which is also the day of Criss and Juan's baptism! It's going to be the day of baptisms and quite possibly the coolest day in my whole mission yet! (: Last night we ended the day by teaching Mirium and Saul about la fe, la gracia, y eternas familias!
So this morning in personal study I read Helaman chapter 5 and it is definitly my favorite chapter in the whole BOM! verse 12 is my favorite scripture too. I encourage you guys to read that chapter tonight as your family home evening along with this talk from Gordon B. Hinkly. I read it this morning and got A LOT out of it. It's called The Quest For Excellence (: I wanted to say thank you to dad for sending me all of those conference talks on CD because I listened to them all week and finally got through them all. We are so blessed with a Prophet and Apostles who guide this beautiful church. I loved the talk from the women's conference about Divine Nature... I've been pondering that topic this week.
I love you all and hope you have a week full of success (:
Hermana Angell


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