December 28, 2015


3rd Area


Hermana Brady

Christmas Recap.

So Christmas week on the mission has officially come and gone. It truly was exciting and something different than I've ever experienced before in my life. I enjoyed focusing on the sole reason for the season and sharing messages for joy with others during the month of December. I think that's something I'd like to start doing from now on after my mission.. visiting people in the ward, sharing a short xmas message, and giving a small treat of some sort. This past monday was super crazy because we had a bazillion things to do to prepare for the week of christmas on top of attending our zone pday. We did a white elephant gift exchange and I got some T.P. and luckly no one stole it from me haha On Tuesday we did service at Metro Caring and our district was put in charge of composting outside so we did that messy job for about 1hr and and 1/2. The best part was when I couldn't get this out of date hummus open and when I did it splattered all over Elder Jarnagin's apron and face! oops haha That day we had a great lesson with Juan Romero who's an inv. He wants to be baptized but can't attend church because of his job on Sunday's. Starting this evening hmn and I along with Juan and his fellow shipper, Mauricio are going to fast in order for him to find a new job. We are going to end at tomorrow's dinner. I really love Juan and his sincere spirit. Later in the evening on Tuesday we brought a new member (one we've never tried before) out with us to visit Juan and Criss and we taught L3 the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At the end of the lesson we ended up putting them on a bap date for Jan 16th. We are super stoked for them!! (:That evening we went on exchanges with the STL's until Wednesday evening. Thursday was La Noche Buena (xmas eve) and during the day we visited with members and shared Luke 2. Every one enjoyed the little candy cains and message attached even though not all of them could read english. I enjoyed translating it for them (: During the day we attended our district meeting and we acted out the Nativity and I got the recording on my camera. For dinner we ate with HMN Saenz-Rico and her "novio" fiance. The cena was good and we enjoyed talking about the air force, wars, and El Libro De Mormon. Going to sleep that night was a little weird knowing that it was xmas eve but not doing the regular traditions like watching the polar express as a family. En La Navidad we opened presents first and took turns taking pictures/recordings of the little things we got. Hermana and I got a kick out of the new work out video I got and I enjoyed working out to it on Saturday morning. Our mission leader put on a nice lunch for everyone at 11 and then after that we visited Mauricio and sung a xmas hymn for him. Before we went over to Elah's house we visited with the Bordonave's for a little while. My favorite part of xmas was definitely skyping you guys! (: At the end of the skpying session when dad asked if we could close with a prayer is when I got a little teary because I don't like saying goodbye. That won't ever get easy for me. Once we hung up I just sat there at the computer for a minute thinking about how great it was talking and laughing with all of you! We watched inside out with Elah and then drove to the familia Burunda's for our xmas dinner. Once we came home we watched the new Disney movie Cinderella and I fell asleep at the end so I probably missed about 45min of it. Oh well I'll just finish it in 5 months(; Yesterday at church we pulled Saul aside and we talked with him about his mission. We learned about his life and why things are the way they are right now. We made a ton of progress with him and their family and last night we taught them about la Expiacion. I'm so happy with the progress we made because now we know what some of thier struggles were. If you guys wouldn't mind praying for la Familia Martinez I would really appreciate it! They are going through a lot and Saul is going to do something really difficult this week. Over all this past week was a little different given it was the Holiday's but we made a lot of progress with our people. I'm looking forward to this week and our church tour we have lined up with Criss and Juan on Wednesday. I love the mission and all of the people I've meet along the way. This morning during my personal study in my journal I made a list of things I know I need to accomplish/want to do before I go home. I still have my personal vision of the best self I know I can be and reach. I've made a lot of progress throughout my mission and now I have 5 months to achieve everything else on the list! After skyping with you guys it really hit me that I'm almost at my year mark and that I'll be home in no time. What kinda freaked me out is that when I go home I won't have high school to go back to or the same things. It's going to be SO weird for me. I'm very excited for the future but I have to admit it's a little scary to think about. Right now I'm going to stay focused on the mission and the time I have left to achieve my personal goals. I loved reading all of your letters on Christmas morning and they were definitly my favorite gifts! (:
Love you all,
Hermana Angell


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