December 21, 2015


3rd Area


Hermana Brady

Family Letter

Feliz Navidad mi Familia!
First off IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This friday the 25th I will be skyping at Elah's house. The time set to skype is 3 (may or may not change to a little later around 3:30) so be ready (: Here is her skype name: Elhatrix
This past monday went by super fast! We both drove out to the Hampden Hills area so we could get our hair cut by a nice lady in an english ward. She even cut our hair for free! On tuesday we got 8in of snow and the mission sent out a message saying we had to park our cars for the day. That didn't stop the work from progressing though! Hermana and I made a detailed plan for the day of how we could still make it to some of our appointments. We asked a member to help us out by giving us a bus rout to our citas. After studies that morning we made the member a desert for helping us out. Then we walked to the closest apartment complex by our house and tracted for an hour. After that we walked to the bus stop and we took it to our 1st appointment. Well Gloria ended up not being at home so then we decided to knock all of the doors in her neighborhood to ask people if they needed their driveway shoveled but no one did. We kept up a positive attitude the whole time despite our circumstances. By the time we tromped through the whole neighborhood we walked about 5 miles to our next buss stop. Along the way I turned on my GPS to make sure we were on the right track. Once we got to the buss stop both of our toes were literally frozen and I thought I'd loose all my toes. I was kind of freaking out and we had to wait at the buss stop for a half hour until our buss came. Stranded there we paced back and forth and sung Christmas Hymns to make the time pass faster. Once the buss came we literally shouted for JOY and happily got on. It was so nice to let our toes defrost for a 5 min ride to our next stop. Once we got off we walked to our last transfer and then rode that buss to Mirium y Saul's area. We walked to their apartment and once we got there we were starving and our toes were frozen. Mirium got her and her husbands slippers for us so our toes could warm up. BEST THING THAT HAD HAPPENED ALL DAY. I love our people because of how thoughtful they are (: We hate two mountains of taco salad and finished it off with a scoop of ice cream. #pancincita #somuchfood #sogood #gordita After our cena Gabby Burunda was nice and picked us up and drove us to our last appointment of the day. We taught our new inv Criss y Juan Carlos the 1st lesson and it went so well. That morning in personal study hmn and I had a prompting to study specifically how to begin teaching section in predicad mi evangelio and during the lesson it flowed smoothly and we felt like we left them with a firm foundation to build off of. Tuesday was such a crazy day and that night we both slept great! On Thursday we had district meeting and I was asked to give a training on how to do an effective how to begin teaching in the 1st lesson with our investigators. I think it went great! Later on in the day we had a lesson with our new investigator Daisy and we ate dinner with the Familia Munoz (a.k.a my fav. hermana in D4) That evening we went over to Mirium and Saul's house with the North Elders and they gave Amy (their daughter) a blessing because she has had an infection. That evening I ended up sliding while we were tracting and I felt a pop in my right hip, it really hurt. When I woke up on Friday I was in a lot of pain and my hip was aching so I decided to rest it for the day, I knew that if I did it would be better in the long run and I'd be able to work harder on Saturday. I ended up taking a nap after my studies and slept for 4 hours. We did some weekly planning, picked up our dinner from the Hernandez Familia, and taught Criss and Juan Carlos. Our lesson with them went great and Elah Rojo was our Member Present. We taught the Plan of Salvation and we felt the spirit during the lesson. This week we are going to extend the baptismal invite to them! Saturday we taught 4 lessons and mostly taught LA'a/RC. I enjoyed teaching Hno Mauricio who is a RC and he wants to do baptisms for the dead in the Temple so HMN and I are trying to plan a bap trip with him so we can use our names we already have. It would be a great experience to do a bap session in Spanish! (:That evening we did some x-mas caroling with the youth and ward leaders which was fun. We sung Joy to the World in Spanish. On Sunday we attended church and our RC's went as well as Mirium and Saul. After church all of the missionaries in our district were invited to a members home and they gave us all gifts and cooked a lunch for us. So sweet of them! After that we headed to Juan Casteneda's house and he fed us our 2nd lunch (; Later on we went our with our WML to try some people and then ended the evening teaching Mirium and Saul, then our LA Rosi Ramirez (: This past week was a good one and we are hoping to have a fun week full of sharing the true meaning for the season with the people we come in contact with. We are excited to watch two movies on xmas day, spend some time with members and skype our wonderful families on Friday! (: I love you all and can't wait to see your beautiful faces in a few days! Feliz Navidad
Hermana Angell


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