December 14, 2015


3rd Area


Hermana Brady

Busy Busy Busy - I Love This Work!

Fmilia! Tengo gozo en mi alma hoy(: So this week was a #miracle week for our companionship and for the area. After ever day we went home exausted but one thing that was always said, was "wow this was a really great day today." My companion and I are both very pleased about how the work in the area went, we saw a lot of growth in our inv. and we also had great success of finding 7 new investigators. I feel that the area is on it's high point right now and that this transfer we are going to see blessing from hard work. One great thing about my comp is that she is a hard worker and we are both on the same wave length mentally in teaching so I'm very happy about that. This past Tuesday we enjoyed teaching our inv. Gloria and showing the new christmas video that's called "Ha Nacido Un Salvador" to a potential inv. Throughout this whole past week we showed the video to nearly all of the people in our teaching pool! The video is a great way to spark conversations and "get in the door". One of my favorite parts in the video is when the ninos describe Christ with all of his different names. I love the names Principe De Paz, Dios Fuerte, and Emanuel. What a great example Christ is to all of us to show kindness to everyone and to lead by example! On wednesday we went to our zone meeting and I was reminded in a training that we received to constantly ask inspired questions throughout the lessons because that's how our inv. are going to progress. After that we had this AMAZING miracle happen. We went tracting in the Villas Parker apartment complex to find new inv. and at the 2nd door this teenage girl told us to come in and that her grandma had been waiting for us. Confused a bit we went in and saw an older grandma sitting on the floor with two smaller girls playing. This family was from Guam and had just moved from Hawaii back in the spring. The Toseph family were members but came to the states with very little and the grandma apologized for not having a couch to sit on. We taught them the restoration and told them that we would contact the English elders in their area so they could get them a ride to church. The grandma told us that when she goes out side she looks up and down the street for missionaries but never saw any! After she told us that my heart just broke and I knew the Lord had directed us to her home! Once we walked out of there we were both on could 9 just beaming. I'm so thankful we were able to find this family so they can come to church! That evening we taught Angel about the BOM, Saul y Mirium about Eternal families and Temples, and Valentin about tithing. We had a busy crazy day but it was one of the highlights of my week. On Jueves we had the Mission Xmas devotional which was super fun! During the devotional we watched skits put on by every zone, santa came and we sung some xmas songs, ate a christmas feast put on by one of the english wards, and then the director of the Piano Guy's came and spoke to us and we watched his video's. The piano Guys videos are truly amazing and you can feel the spirit in them (: I recommend you guys watch their new one called the fight song (I think that's what it's called) it's put on in Scotland I believe. Overall the devotional was fantastic and I think my favorite part was when we all got a letter from our families and we were allowed to break off around the building and read them and write a letter back. Thank you so much for the letters you each wrote to me, they meant a lot and I could feel your love as I read them. I may or may not have teared up a bit... (; I will be writing you each a letter/card this and next week so be on the look out for one in the mail! On Friday we did a very efective weekly planning and planned in a member to acompanarnos (I really can't remember the word for this in english awk.) for every lesson this coming week! I forgot to mention that we had to do our personal and comp study at the chevy dealership because we had an appointment to get our car fixed. During the day we tracted a bunch and found a new inv. named Daisy. That evening we ate tacos at hmn Munoz house and they were the bomb! It was really funny when in the middle of dinner Elder Goodman and Elder Jarnagin showed up to teach their inv. in the Munoz's home. We had an unplanned district dinner so that was a fun surprise! On Saturday we literally tracted all day and taught two LARC's. We tracted into a wife and husband and taught them lesson one and showed them the xmas video from the church. Rarely do I run into people who fire out 100 questions at you so that lesson was a little different and we were on our toes every second in that lesson. I was sure glad my comp new the bible well because the catolico's we were teaching new it and had a lot of questions about la virgen marry and about Joseph Smith seeing God. Once we walked out of the house both of us took a huge deep breath and just sat in the car for about 5 min to talk about the crazy lesson we had! We set up a return appointment with them for this week so we will have another round pretty soon. That evening we attended the ward xmas party and it was a blast! Hispanics sure do love a fiesta with loud musica for la navidad! The best part was that these two inv showed up wanted to learn about our church! Their names are Criss y Juan Carlos (you pronounce her name like grease). On Sunday they showed up to church and we explained everything we could to them about what we believe. Sunday morning we attended correlation and were very satisfied with the progress that was made. It was the first time in my whole mission I filled up a front side, back side, and another sheet for our progress record! That was fun to fill out. Church was fantastic and hmn and I were busy asking all of the members to come out with us in our lessons this week and the majority said yes! During Mujeres Jovenes (YW) we were asked to teach the lesson so we taught about how we can prepare to have a Christ Centered home now while were young. We planned for the lesson Thursday in our comp study and the lesson ended up going really smoothly. It was so fun to teach las Mujeres Jovenes esp. because the topic is something I've taken seriously my whole life! We shared the things they can do to have a Christ centered home now such as read the BOM, have family prayer, take charge of FHE, attend the temple, and read the familia proclamation por el mundo. All of these steps will help them now while they are young. Something we did to get their participation was that we made cookies (: haha After church the Elders followed us to one of our LA's house because she was really sick and wanted a blessing. It was really neat to hear Elder Goodman give a blessing to her in Spanish. It's been fun to watch each other make a lot of progress in the language since we've been out. I think his Spanish is better than mine, it's actually interesting because something the HMN's have noticed is that almost all of the elders in our mission have picked up the language really fast! They are almost all better than the HMN's in the mission. Later on in the evening we showed the video to hmn candia, taught Mirium y Saul with our AWESOME member present about Obediencia, Oracion, y Leer sus escrituras. Those 3 things that can help us all have a Christ centered home. Our last appointment we had yesterday was at 8 and we taught Arturo who's a returning LA. We taught him in a hallway in his apartment complex and after we showed him the video one of our inv. walked over to us who's name is Gilberto. The best part of this whole story is that after the lesson hmn Brady asked Arturo if he could come out with us to a lesson this week and then he agreed. I then asked Gilberto if there was a good time we could see him this week, and his response was that he's free with accompany Arturo as a member in our lesson! haha Hermana and I walked away and then busted up because we will have a member with us and an investigator this week teaching another investigator. One of the funniest moments on my mission! Overall this week was really great and I enjoyed everyday seeing the Lord's hand in his work. Yesterday I was pondering a lot and decided that I've felt the most happy I've ever been in my whole life. I know that one of the reasons I've been feeling like this is because I have control of my life and the decisions I'm making. When you truly live the Gospel of Jesus Christ daily, love the Lord, and serve him with all your heart you in turn will feel PURE JOY. It's hard to explain how I feel because it's an internal feeling in my heart and mind but I do know that I never want to loose this feeling. I started out my mission not knowing a lot of things as the impatient person I was and I never liked that version of myself. I knew I had a lot of things to change in my life personally and I knew I had a long ways to go. Over the course of my mission the Lord has blessed me with people in my path to help me change and open my heart to new ideas. I've learned that this gospel is true and the Lord can help you become the person you want to be IF YOU LET HIM. Recently I've been feeling immense joy and it's something that I know my Heavenly Father wants me to feel. I can now say that I know the opposites in life. I remember talking about opposites with mom and dad before my mission and how they told me I would finally feel that joy. I'm so happy to say I can feel it and I know my Heavenly Father loves me and my life has been the way it has to I could learn to appreciate the wonderful things in life. As of right now I can say that I've changed and I'm honestly very content with the person I am now compared to who I was when I left for my mission. The gospel can do wonderful things and once you feel it this pure joy in your life it's something that you want to continue on forever into the eternities. I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord and to meet all of the wonderful people I have on my mission. It's been quite the process but coming to my year mark on my mission I can say that I'm truly happy with the person I am today because I know they Lord loves me. I'm thankful for my family and for their support because they are my best friends and I'd be very lonely with out them! I can't wait to see you all on Christmas and it's going to be here before we know it. Have a wonderful week and strive to do the little things that make a big impact in your life.
Much Love,
Hermana Angell


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