November 13, 2015


3rd Area


Hermana King

Weekly Letter

From: Mariah Angell <>
Date: Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 2:59 PM
Subject: Weekly Letter
To: Jarell Angell <>, Dewey G Angell <>

Hello family!
So this week went a little bit slower since my comp was sick but we are back on track and ready to work hard this week. We are going to extend the bap invite to two investigators this week! We have a part member family that we are teaching and the mom- Mirium is who is preparing to be baptized. The other person who's progressing well is Janet and she's feeling the spirit and enjoying meeting with us twice weekly. This week we did a lot of finding and now we have two new investigators, which we are excited about. Tuesday's are our most busy day's during the week and this past week we taught 5 lessons that day.I love the busy day's on the mission because that's when I feel the most accomplished! Tuesday evening we ate dinner with hmn Munoz and she fed us "real" mexican tacos which are to die for. I think between us we probably ate about 20. Between the real tacos and flautas those have to be my favorite food! On miercoles we did some service at the Food bank for the Rockies with our district. It was a blast and they may or may not have had country music blasting the whole time.. lol That evening we taught a lesson with a less active who isn't able to come to church because she works two jobs. My heart goes out to the people we teach who can't attend church because of work situations and are single parents. Rosi has a testimonio muy fuerte and we talked about the past conference talk that discusses staying by the tree ( the Lord and the gospel). On Jueves we had a district meeting which was pretty great! Elder Goodman who's our DL wrote everyone "letters" from their families and we had to go around the gym talking to other people and try not to be distracted from the things that were in the letter and still share the gospel with others. The topics we discussed in our meeting were diligence and obedience. In my letter it said that Natasha went to a keith urban concert and also that I got that dental job out in ID for when I go back home. The role plays we did were pretty clever. Later on that day we taught our progressing INV. Janet about the POS. I felt the spirit really strong and enjoyed sharing my testimony about how thankful I am for the Resurrection when our cuerpos will be completely perfected and the scars and infirmities we have will be no more. I love the plan of salvation and I know that Heavenly Father was thinking about each one of us when he planned it out. Viernes was pretty hectic.. that morning hermana and I got into a discussion that in the end helped us see each others point of view.The STL's came over and talked to hmn because she's struggling with being in the same area for such a long time and also that she's winding down in her mission. She hit a rough patch but talking it through with the STL's helped her instead of taking it out on me. That day I was struggling with feeling like my personality and the way I am was more of a burden than a blessing, so I read dad's letter of encouragment that he wrote me when I was with HMN Tchan and struggling with the same issue. Around 2 that day hmn and I got blessings from Elder Goodman and his greeny Elder Jarnagan. In my blessing he said that I'm in the area for a reason and my personality is exactly why the Lord wants me here. That was a blessing and an answered prayer all in itself. I know that when you council with the Lord and do your part everything works out and the Lord hears you! Later on that day we had a lesson with a RC and we discussed el sacerdocio (la priesthood) and the lesson was very powerful. I know that the priesthood is on the earth to help the organization of the church and to bless lives. I ended up sharing the experience I had when on the mission I was in a lot of pain and was struggling walking then I asked for a blessing and immediately afterwards I felt relief. I love the Lord and his marvelous plan for all of us! Sabado was pretty slow and we did a lot of finding with little success. That evening we ate at red robin for dinner with some members in the ward. They are white and served their missions in California spanish speaking. We all ate hamburgers and got super sick that night because our stomachs aren't accustomed to eating american food anymore. Sunday morning we didn't go to corelation b/c hmn was still sick and was up all night. We stayed for church and it was great! I love the members in D4 SO much! (: That's about it for the week I had. I hope you all have a wonderful week. I hope the scripture reading is going well as a family and individually!
Love ya,
Hermana Angell


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