October 19, 2015


2nd Area


Hermana Welch

Weekly Letter

So first off here is a cute little HUG from me ( ) I hope you guys were able to feel it. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday- it meant a lot and it brightened my day! I'm thankful for all of the support and prayers I've received since I've been out. This gospel is wonderful and brings people together like one big happy family- it's true.
So this week was like none other! As I think I mentioned in my last letter- HMN and I have been doing A TON of service this transfer for a sister who is in English. We cover the exact same area but obv. ours is just in Spanish. We have gotten to know sister Tuitavake super well over the past few weeks. It's been so fun because we figured out that we have the same release date for our missions and we have gone through VERY similar struggles and trials on our missions. It was a blessing for her to be able to go one exchanges so frequently with us because she had been stuck inside with her sick comp. This week everything fell through with her companionship because her companion decided that the mission wasn't for her, so on Friday morning she went home. This transfer has been extremely hard for her so hermana and I took it upon ourselves as the reason why we are in this area. Not because of the work but simply to help her because she didn't have anywhere to turn. We love her and right now she's enjoying learning spanish and not turning down the 4th helping of food at our dinners. Gotta love being spanish speaking! haha This past week since now we are switching back and forth between our areas it's been a little different and we are slowly learning how life is as an english missionary. I have to say, it was super awk at her dinner appointment when we had to use actual utensils like a fork and knife when for the past 9 months it's been corn tortillas. It was too formal for hermana and I and we were super awk and out of our element haha This coming week will bring many more exciting stories I'm sure. Helping sister Tui learn spnaish has brought me back to when it was a big deal to just pray infront of people or say, "yo soy de Indiana" (I'm from Indiana) Slow but steady progress is how you win the race. I'm sure when I finally feel 100% fluent in the language it'll be time to go home already. I love the gospel and my love for Christ and his atonement is what keeps me going at the end of the day. I'm so thankful for the opportunity I have to teach the gospel in the spanish language because the people have just been so warm and welcoming to me. I know that not all missionaries can handle the Hispanic culture because it is like night and day but I just fit in better- minus the white skin of course. Hermana and I were talking about getting a super dark spray tan so we could fit in with our people a little better. haha 👌 So pretty much this week we are going to just bounce back and forth between areas and work hard to finish the transfer strong and leave the area better than we found it. Sister Tui and us know that we are all going to be swept out of our areas this transfer. This week at zone conf. President came up to HMN and I and apologized because there was a mix up at the beginning of this transfer. It turns out that they ended up deciding as a mission to not put sisters/HMN's in the area we are in now and they named the area something new but then they got the area mixed up and as a result we were swept in the area. He felt really bad but HMN and I know that we are here to help sister Tui- can't complain with divine intervention! This past week we had zone conf and it was good. The topic was CHARACTER. To prepare for the conf. we read a talk called the Character of Christ. I loved it! My favorite quote from the talk states," Without the Character of Christ there would have been no Atonement." I will try to get another copy of this talk and send it home so you guys can read it together. Apparently it's not easy to find. Well that's about it on the news for the semana pasada! I will let you guys know what happens as an outcome of transfers this next Monday! President said that he's changing all of the leadership positions in the mission this transfer so we'll see what happens. I love you guys so much and I'm thankful you are my family.
Take care,
Hermana Angell


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