October 5, 2015


2nd Area


Hermana Welch

Count Your Many Blessings

Hello Family!
So the theme for my letter this week is"cuantas bendeciones" or "count your many blessings" because this week I've felt SO blessed by you guys! Between mom's package, dad's letter, general conference, my companion, and all of the prayers (: Thank you for all you guys do for me, this week I've truly felt your love and support.
So this week was a lot better than the past ones in this area regarding the numbers and lessons. We finally got our lesson count up for the area! This past week we worked a lot with our older inv. who's name in Gonzolo. We only really have 1 progressing inv and he's the one! We teach him about every other day and I just enjoy it so much. He's a bit slower in responses because of his age but he's got a sense of humor and a desire to learn. We have been working on helping him understand and feel the spirit and he finally can recognize it. We had a neat experience when we taught Gonzolo with our WML and member present because after we taught the lesson I mentioned how I enjoyed a song in our church called "soy un hijo de Dios" (I'm a child of God) and then the WML suggested we sing it. So hermana and I sung it for Gonzolo, his lady friend, and our members. After we were done singing I looked up and saw Hermano in tears he was crying. The spirit was really strong and Gonzolo and his gf said we sounded like Angells. Then I cracked one of my Angell jokes... hehe Gotta love the last name! We are really enjoying teaching him and answering his sincere questions like,"how do I open my heart and allow Jesus in?" and "how do I start to follow the 10 commandments?" I love people with a sincere desire to learn about the gospel!
This week has been an interesting one and an eye opener for my hermana and I, in the sense of figuring out our area. I had the impression after a lot of pondering that maybe we are in this difficult area and maybe we were put in the area to 1. clean up the area books/get some organization in the 2 areas and 2. because the first two weeks with out really teaching a ton and 1 lesson a day really made us miss teaching and talking in spanish. I believe that the "little break" away from teaching so much helped us appreciate and learn to love teaching especially in the spanish language. I say that because everyday this week my joy has been more full in talking and sharing the gospel. It's like I have this extra added measure of energy and overall pure love for the gospel and the church. I'm so thankful for the opportunity I have to share that pure happiness with people because after all- this is the exact reason why I'm out here. So others can feel this unique blessing that we have as members of this great church. I'm loving this "new love" and fire I have for the gospel it's so wonderful and makes me truly happy inside.
On friday our ward mission leader asked us if we would be able to meet him at the super K mart where he works and we wern't exactly sure why but after we got there he told us that we could each pick out two pairs of boots for the winter time. They had a great sail going on and him and the EQP wanted to make sure us as missionaries were taken care of. Hermana and I were literally speachless... the people that I've meet on my mission have truly been Christ like examples to me on giving to others. I feel so blessed to be spnaish speaking because I love my people SO much! That evening HMN and I had a close encounter at dinner... the hostess left the house to pick up another guest and left us at her house. Well we soon realized that her 28 year old son was still inside the house and after we felt the spirit leave we got out of the house as fast as we could. It was a testimony to me on how following the rules and guidelines keeps you safe. Long story short very interesting dinner!
On saturday we watched the sessions of general conference at the Alameda building which was wonderful. On Sunday we watched conference at the flanders bldg with our people and it was fantastic! I absolutely loved the morning session and felt the spirit so strong. My favorite talks from conference was the one about praying specifically to know "what lack I yet" it really hit home. I also enjoyed the one about ponderizing in the second session on Sunday evening. I took a few things away from conference that I'm going to work on personally. I love general conference because it's a time of self reflection and spiritual growth.
Yesterday I kept thinking about one of our LA's who's struggling with knowing God's love for him. During conference I heard a phrase that stuck out to me and then I knew we needed to visit him in between sessions. The line that I liked talked about how God teaches us to love one another, and no matter what we've done nothing will change his love for us. He's always there with his hands extended towards us. After we visited jesus and drove home we both knew that it was totally inspired to visit him. Having the Holy Ghost as your constant companion rocks!
I have so much love for each of you. I really enjoyed reading the letter dad sent to me this Saturday, and it re-confirmed what I need to do to move forward and progress. Mom's package made me feel happy and I couldn't sleep that night when I got it because HMN and I had too much fun putting all of the many pictures in the albums. (The pictures of Natasha and Truman are absolutely stunning. We both agreed that Truman needs to be a model for Ambercrombie and little sis is just a babe like always) I have some good lookin family members. Guess what's going on the back of my next planner? That one's not hard to guess. (; I'm thankful for Natasha and all of her support by always being my mini me... even when an inv. looks on mom's FB and shows me a picture of her wearing my plad shirt with the hoodie on it next to brooke. I still love her even though she steals my clothes from afar. bahaha Bet she's glad I'm not there to chase her around the house about it anymore (; Good times! haha I'm continually impressed with what I keep hearing about Truman and his great success in XC. I'm going to put dad's quote on my wall about aiming high to accomplish new goals you set for yourself. Right now Truman is my inspiration to keep going and to grasp the challenge I have in the language. This week I'm going to take my example, dad's ideas to pray about help remembering, and mom's encouragement to make the next 9 months better than the last and go with it. Along with Natasha as my cheerleader on the sidelines! Love you guys and thank you for your support and love. I hope you have a great week and are enjoying reading the scriptures as a family. I wish I was there to do so with you.
Find Joy in The Journey
Lot's of love,
Hermanita Angell


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