September 21, 2015


2nd Area


Hermana Welch

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Buenas Tardes Familia,
So this morning was a little hectic because we tried 3 different libraries to email at since were new in the area we don't know where anything is still and my un-updated GPS is kinda a struggle sometimes haha Tomorrow I'm going to up date it at the library during our lunch hour.
What a week it's been, quite different than any other one I've had so far on the mission. There was a lot of getting lost, a lot of feelings of stress, and little miracles in between it all. My HMN and I are just glad to have our 1st week behind us already so we can keep moving forward with the work. So transfer day last monday was difficult being super sick from staying up till 1 am two nights in a row. Hermana and I up-dated the area book and got everything all ready for us to be swept out. It was A TON of work but my moto is "leave things better than you found them" so that includes everyone's info in the area book. It's pretty much just their salvation records- no big deal. Right before HMN and I pulled away from the Guevara's home we said a prayer to make sure that Heavenly Father would watch over our people that we love so much! We know he will with HMN Aguayo there and HMN Brady.
It took us about 5 trips up and down the elevator to get all of our things into our apartment but when we finally did we had to tun around and leave because our 2 area books were at the elders apartment on Colefax. After we raided the elders apartment and took their old dvd player, area books, candies, and huge area map we left and went home to unpack. By the time we were done we were so tired and we took off to dinner. The dinners in this area are usually about 45 min away because we cover such a big area and the members are so spread apart. Dinner was super difficult because that's when my cold got really bad so since I couldn't breathe out of my nose it was hard to chew my food with my mouth closed and politely. It was a struggle let me tell ya haha I'm feeling a lot better now thank goodnes (:
On tuesday we emailed you guys at the library and then we updated the area book/went through the teaching records to see what was going on with the people in the area. We had dinner with a family in the ward and boy was it interesting, the elders that were in our area previously told us that they were going to chew us out but we didn't know what for until we got there. They lady went off on a rampage about how the elders didn't call her to notify her about dinner until a few hours before each time apparently so we heard all about it! Then when we read Either 12:4 about faith with the fam she took it all wrong and told us about how strongly she dislikes the leaders in the ward. The funny part was after the dinner and we were walking away speechless then hermana goes, "so what did hermana Munoz Perez say when she said pardon mi palabra ********" and I said I have no idea I don't know any bad words in spanish. So I don't think she's a fan of the leaders, what do you guys think? haha Craziest dinner yet! The mission is the best. That evening we had our 1st lesson with an older gentleman named Gonzolo who is single and is looking to improve his life poco a poquio.
On wednesday we visited a recent convert named Juanna Pantoja who was very sweet. We are going to get her husband baptized this transfer hopefully! Coolest story ever, so after dinner that evening HMN and I prayed to know where we needed to go in order to find those 4 who are ready to be baptized. We got an answer to visit this family who's investigating the church. So we drove there are turned out that they weren't home... a bit confused we decided to visit another lady who was on the same street down the road. We get there and this 60 yr old lady lets us in and after talking to her for about 10 min we find out that she has cancer, isn't doing to well, want's to get baptized and be on God's side before she passes away, has some friends who are Mormon in Utah and loved the missionaries that taught her in the past. Hermana and I walked out of there with our jaw to the floor and with the biggest smiles on our faces. Heavenly Father knew that we needed to see Debora that night and we knew as soon as she said that she wanted to get baptized that she was number 1 of the 4 who are ready to be baptized this transfer.(: (I'm getting the chills just emailing about it) She's so great and we are going to teach her Tuesday and from then on the plan is 2 times per week!
On Thursday we had a zone meeting and it was the most different one yet. We have a smaller zone with the majority of elders in it so it's super weird for us. I wouldn't be able to make it with out Elder Goodman in the zone.. he's probably the only one with my and HMN Welch's sence of humor. At the meeting I told him about the area that we are in and he was clearly up set that they put sisters back in it after the issues that occurred in the past. I told him that we ended up stopping at a gas station the other evening and didn't realize where we were until after we were driving away and saw the sign that said "colefax" HMN and I were pretty shooken up. Colefax isn't safe because it's in the sketchy part pf down town with homeless people everywhere, drugs, gangs, and guys that aren't exactly the nicest people.... I told him that I have mace and he gave me his knife to keep until he was going to buy us some today. Hermana and I felt a little bit safer now that we are armed. We are learning the places that aren't safe to go to at night. Hermana's pretty freaked out since she's not used to the city but I know that we'll be okay because we are being obedient and using the HG as our guide.
On friday we did weekly planning and it was like a marathon! We don't feel so stressed now that we understand the area, maps, and teaching records now. It hasn't been the easiest sweeping an area with teaching records that haven't been updated by the previous missionaries. Hermana and I appriciate the hard work we put into the area books in our last area. That evening we went to Elder Goodman and Elder Vouifi's baptism at the church and were able to talk to a few of the ward members and they were very nice. Can't wait to meet them this sunday at church!
On Saturday we found a new investigator who's apostolic and super sweet. He's missing one leg and is blind in one eye and has the most faith in God that I've ever seen in a man! He's wonderful and I'm excited to see if he's one of the 4 that are going to get baptized. We drove 1hr to dinner and picked up some money for noodles and company then after dinner we went to the adult session of stake conference and gave the english sisters a ride.
On Sunday we had stake conference and it was weird because we didn't know anyone. We listened to president mendenhall and his wife address the wards about missionary work which was the best part. It was difficult for me going from all of the success we had in D3 and sitting with Anthony, Pepe, and Juan's whole family with Rosa in a row at stake conf to knowing no one and not having any inv at church. On the bright side we know know our way around a little better and this next sunday we will have some people at church (: Yesterday HMN and I punched in a potential's address and my GPS took us all the way through the heart of Denver and the High end of Down town so we did some accidental sight seeing for about an hour- oops! There's a super nice mall called the 16th street mall and it has P.F. Changs and the cheese cake factory where HMN and I want to go to celebrate our bday's together since her's is on the 23rd of sept and mine on the 23rd of oct. I love her so much and yesterday we were talking about how after the mission we are going to be com-madre's and in Spanish that means more than best friends! (: I'm enjoying her friendship and all of the things in common we have.
Well that's about it for this past week- a lot of driving time, getting to know our inv, seeing the Lord's direction and learning to have patience with each other in tough situations. I love the CO Denver North mission and the opportunity I have to speak the Spanish language. It's a beautiful time of year to be a missionary (: The gospel is such a blessing!
Con amor,
Hermana Angell


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