September 20, 2015


2nd Area


Hermana Welch

Family Carta- SWEPT into D4 North

Bueno mi Famillia,
So Hermana Angell and Hermana Welch are at it again sweeping the D4 North area- the very heart of Denver. We both felt that we'd be swept this whole past week but the catcher was that we were going together! I love her so much and I definitely couldn't be swept with out here... mi hija may be green as an auacuate still but she's got great work ethic and with our similarities we work well together. 
This past week was full of highs and lows. From Tuesday to Friday HMN and I had to wake up earlier than normal at 6 am to drive to the STL's appartment to take showers because the Guevara's water heater was still broken.. oh the adventures we have had together. For sister's pday we ty-died tshirts and then after we go them back HMN and I wrote ALL of our little #'s on them from our past 2 transfers together. You'll get to see the shirt when I send it home! It's pretty bueno. For dinner we ate at chick-fil-a one evening when we didn't have any dinner with the coupon that hermana's old manager sent her. We've been contacting a TON these past 3 weeks because we've been receiving a crazy amount of referrals every day like 8. Que rado, huh? We had a great lesson this week with our new inv named Edwin who's 16 and he wants to know the truth. He was going back and forth with his Christain pastor about the BOM. We just asked him to read Moroni 10:3-5 and 3 nephi to find out the truth for himself. I'm super sad to leave him, he has so much potential. Wednesday evening we visited the familia morales and Anthony was so cute.. he made me and HMN bracelets out of these little colorful rubber bands. I told him that I'd wear it every day till the end of my mission. He asked us every time we said we had to leave, not to go. We all knew that I was leaving the area.. On Thursady evening we ate dinner with Karen Perez (my 2nd mission mom) and she made us Torta's which are sandwiches on toasted bread with hispanic carne and balogna with tomatoes and lettus inside. They tasted great... only thing is that I think she forgot that I was gluten free.... I felt bad telling her that I couldn't eat it after she had already made it so I just ate it anyways not expecting it to be an issue. Well WRONG idea because about 30 min later I was SO sick. My stomach literally was having pains. Terrible feeling.. we went to walmart and I bought a sprite to help it go away. Kinda worked not really. I had the same re-occuring issue the next day around dinnner time as well. Lesson learned, no more bread for real. Bummer! That evening we had a lesson with the Garcia Chavez fam and we discussed the imp. of the BOM. We knew that if they read the BOM it would help them get closer to baptism. The lesson went great and it was the most powerful one yet with them... also was my last one with there whole family😢 On friday after we did our last weekly planning we headed out of the house for a long day of set appointments. As I was driving on Tower road a gentleman in a big black yukon made a left turn out in front of me and we got into an car accident. The weird thing was that I was going the speed limit at 40 mph and when he pulled in front of me making the turn I could see where we were going and that our car was literally headed for the dead center of his vehicle. I yelled at HMN to hang on and then I punched my foot into the peddle. Oddly enough the black yukon was moved out of the way and our car slightly scraped the back end of his bumper. The Lord was in the details of the accident because our car should've been totaled. We both know that he helped move the other guys car further away from us- no doubt about it. Being obedient pays off! Afterwards we pulled to the side of the road and the gentleman got out and examined our cars not saying much (he was from affrica we think didn't speak clear english) He told us that he didn't have any fault and that he had to go, we said that he couldn't because we had to fill out our missions accident papers. I was praying the whole time that he wouldn't get in his car and drive away. As soon as he was about to the cop pulled up. Once the cop got there he asked the gentleman what happened and he ended up making it sound like it wasn't his fault. I told him that he did a left hand turn infront of me and then we scraped bumpers. The cop took my word for it and then filed the guy a ticket and after we filled out the paper work we went on our separate ways. I was pretty shaken up after the incident and felt sick again because the gluten hadn't gotten out of my body yet. It was a really hard day for my comp and I both... but we made it out alive. On saturday our whole district did service at the familia morales house and we painted the outside and some walls inside upstairs. It was super fun with the elders and other set of hermanas. That evening Juan Garcia and his cute kids took us out to dinner at Chili's to celebrate our bday's early. It was so nice of him to do that for us (: Juan is our favorite!! The whole day was hard to focus because Trainer and STL calls were that evening and I kept feeling like I was ready to take on more... So I assumed that meant I'd be called to be an STL. Well the evening came and went and I didn't get a phone call... I ended up reading my scriptures for clarity of mind. On Sunday we had la conferencia de la estaka (stake conf.) and there were some major changes! The stake presidency all changed and our obispo in D3 went as 2nd counselor. Anthony attended church with Pepe and Rosa and her commadre (best friend) attended to support Juan Garcia in receiving the melchezedic priesthood. During church we gave Anthony his brand new set of scriptures that we had bought for him when we went to the temple and desert book recently. He has done SO great at reading every day and he wanted some just like ours. He was on could 9 (: After church we said goodbye to everyone in our area which wasn't easy for me. We went to Anthony's house 1st and took some pictures with him and his step-sister Ruby. After I asked him if there was anything we could do for them he literally broke down crying on my shoulder.. I couldn't help but give him a hug. He asked, "if we really had to leave." I promised him that I'd be back for his baptism. He is my new best friend and I'm thankful I had the opportunity to meet him. We also said goodbye to the familia Pineda's and Cezar. Pepe Garcia bought HMN and I some very nice jewlry and a scarf and cloves. Such a sweet guy (: I've had so many wonderful experience here in D3 and I'm sad to leave but excited to see what the Lord has in store for me and the people in this area. We have a lot of work to do starting from the ground and building the 2 areas up but I'm excited to take on more work. This morning hermana and I prayed to know how many baptisms were possible and we recieved personal rev. of 4 people. Bring on the baptisms and miracles this transfer- it's going to be a great one!
Hermana Angell


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