September 8, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Welch

Carta por la ultima semana en este transferencia

Buenas Tardes Familia!
I hope you are all doing well and had an enjoyable fin de semana (weekend) with your family and cousins. It was so fun to hear about each of your experiences! I'm so glad you guys were able to take part in some baptismos and sellados en el Templo (:
This past week was an interesting one- full of ups and downs like usual. This past week we did 12 hours and 45 minutes of finding so now we have 5 new investigators. It's always nice to have a constant stream of new people in your teaching pool, because it changes things up and makes the mission fun! We got our lessons back up to where we had it before in the 20's range so that was great as well.
This past Tuesday we met with la familia Garcia Chavez and when we got there Manuel (the dad) wasn't there at 8 pm because he was still out with his caballo (horse). We talked with Rosa (the madre) and she ended up telling us how she's struggling right now with a few things. Her health isn't 100% after she had her kidney transplant this past Feb. so she's suffering with an infection in her blood along with depression. It's nice to be able to relate to her on the surgery side of things being that I've had a bone infection as well. I enjoy listening to her and how she's doing. I really love her and her family and have gotten close to them in this past 5 weeks. Rosa has been though SO much in her life coming from growing up in Mexico and being so poor where she would get to eat a chicken foot for dinner some days and not wanting to wear her only good pair of shoes any where else but to school so she wouldn't wear them out- to where she is now. They Lord has blessed their family sufficient for their individual needs. I'm glad I got the chance to know here out here on my mission because she has incredible faith and knows who God is. This past Saturday evening when we went over to Rosa's house to see if they were coming to church they were having another massive party with family and friends but we pulled her aside to ask and she said they weren't going to be able to because of their family Labor day Picnic Sunday morning. We asked about how she was still feeling about baptism and she said that she want' to but Manuel doesn't know enough and doesn't feel ready either. After we left her house and got into the car I got confirmation that they weren't going to be baptized this transfer. I could just feel it. But as we've been pondering about WHY we both received the #5, we've come to the conclusion that I was a motivator in helping us 1. find the 5 WHO WILL eventually be baptized and 2. ACT on our faith by pushing these people to be to where they are today. Now we are teaching the WHOLE Morales familia and tambien the WHOLE Garcia Chavez Familia. It's been quite the learning experience for Hermana and I but we have gotten so much out of it. From now on when I start every transfer I'm going to do the same thing by praying to God and asking him how many people can be baptized that transfer. It's SUCH a motivator for me to work harder and also a confirmation that God does give personal inspiration to those seeking truth. The mission is just cool like that (:
Exciting news! So this past week I heard about a cool training that some sisters gave in our zone, so I told district leader about it and asked if I could give a training in the next district meeting. He agreed so I spend a lot of my personal studies putting the whole thing together. The topic I got for the meeting was using time wisely, so I changed my training according to the topic. In our district meeting Wednesday I gave my training and it went very well- better than expected. I ended up starting with my invitation to everyone to "burn down the fence of mediocrity they are sitting on" and to take the spirit that they felt that day and change. That's my favorite quote that I've gotten in the mission so far! After that I had everyone write down their reason WHY they chose to come out on a mission and WHY they are choosing to stay out here. Then we had sharing time and we all shared our reasons. Next I put in a segment of the Bible Video's that I bought last time at Deseret Book and we watched the segment of Jesus in Gethsemane. It was so powerful and the spirit was present. I asked them some questions to ponder, such as What's your Gethsemane? and Are your fighting for your people for the way Christ fought for us in the Garden? We then read some motivational scriptures to help them ponder how they are using the Saviors time. For the last part of my training I did the picture activity that I heard of from the English sisters training. So before district meeting earlier in the week I printed out a beautiful picture of Jesus Christ for everyone in my district and put it on a piece of paper. At the bottom of the page it said Do you love me? and Do you know my voice? So during that part of the training I had everyone find the room in the church with their name on the door and inside were two chairs facing each other. One was for the missionary and the other was the picture of Christ taped to it. Along with the picture I had some questions on a sticky note for them to ponder. Some of the questions were, " How are you using MY time wisely?" "How do you show your love for me?" and so forth. I asked everyone to take 10 for this part of the activity. As I went into the room with my name on it and opened the door I immediately felt this powerful overwhelming feeling of love and gratitude for my Savior. I literally felt his loving presence in the room as I sat and had a one on one conversational prayer with my Father in Heaven. I know that Jesus Christ loves me and has blessed me with this opportunity to serve his mission here in Denver CO. I'm thankful for the opportunity I had to give the training and feel the spirit so strongly this past Wednesday. I know that my older brother Jesus Christ suffered for me personally in the garden of Gethsemane and he knows every pain that I've ever felt in my life. I love this gospel and the joy that it brings me. My heart is changing and it's because of my love for Jesus Christ. And it's that same love that motivates me to not waste HIS time while I 'm out here on His mission. I know that it's very possible for God to change your nature IF your give him everything and hold nothing back. The Atonement is a very real thing and it's possible to be forgiven and change all through the power of repentance. As I've learned in a quote recently that "Repentance isn't the back up plan, it IS the plan." I feel like I didn't know or fully understand the depth of a lot of gospel related things before my mission and I still don't know everything there is to know but I'm learning so much just from being out on my mission. I love being an instrument in the Lord's hands and I love the wonderful people I've meet along the way. Cheers to new beginnings and a new transfer this coming Monday. I can't wait to tell you where I'm going to be next. I love you all so much. Thank you for the prayers and support! Keep on saying your family prayers and reading scriptures together nightly. It will enhance the spirit in our home (:
Muchos besos! (kisses)
Hermana Angell


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