August 31, 2015


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Hermana Welch

Lessons from Elder Zwick - 70

What a week it's been oh cielos salchichas! (I'll let you guys figure that one out) (: So this previous Monday after we got home from grocery shopping we heard something that sounded like rain.. so we opened up our bedroom door and sure enough the basement was pouring down from their celling. We ran upstairs and told Hermana and she came down to see... So we've had ICE cold showers for 2 whole transfers since their water heater broke they hadn't fixed it so it exploded and now they have water damage down stairs in the other part of their basement. After the incident we called the STL and they hauled HMN's mattress out of the house up the stairs and in their little car. We were out of there with our suitcases packed in about 15min. We ended up staying at their apartment until Wednesday morning until the Guevara's got the water heater fixed. I felt bad because they didn't have any water but hey.... warm showers now feel great.
The whole week went by very slow considering we weren't at our house and not a lot of people were home this week. The work was very slow for some reason. On the plus side, Wednesday evening Karen Perez (who was our LA but as of yesterday she's now reactivated!!!) drove us down to the beautiful Historical Hudson Church Building for the devotional with Elder Craig Zwick from the 70. He talked about members and missionaries working together and how to create a plan to do it. It was real neat how all of the bishops and stake president's and aux. leaders from all over Denver and other parts of CO were there in the midst of our whole mission. Very disappointing that no one from our ward was there to represent except for my comp. and I and Karen. I really realized the difference from being English speaking and in a Spanish ward. Complete difference with the organization and other various things. Since I was sad I didn't have anyone to share all of the great ideas I learned I'm going to share it with dad so he can relay this message from Elder Zwick to Bishop Gibbons and his councilors.
Colorado Denver North Mission Tour with Elder Zwick:
Faith = Fuel that motivates us
Everyone has their own waters of Mormon
You can count on me: We sustained Heavenly Fathers plan before we CHOSE to come to earth.
What do I have to contribute?

3 Principals to Eliminate Fear in sharing the Gospel:
1. Strengthen your understanding of the doc. of Christ and of the restoration
2. Pray for strength and courage/ opportunities to share the gospel
3. Trust the spirit that it'll give you in your mind what to say
Uniting the Key's of the Ward & Mission
-Do it with passion and do it regularly
-Savior was a minister not an administer

1. Do you know the flock to which you are over?
*people @ work
*people at school
*closest friends
2. Do we know their name?
3. Do we seek to find ways for our flock to feel the spirit and recognize the saviors love?
Church handbook, PMG, Scriptures = our key's
*Set BOLD and ambitious goals for yourself

Ward Councils should ASK and ANSWER:
1. What are the names of pro. inv. that are coming to church?
2. What are the names of pro. inv. w/ bap. date?
3. What are the names of the members working closely with inv?
*The Lord knows the flock and will put people in our path.
Connect your passion to helping others be engaged in the gospel and allowing others to feel the JOY you feel!
COMMITMENT: Write the names of 3 sheep you are going to spiritually feed, teach, and strengthen.
I hope these tips were helpful! I thought of dad and how orderly he is so I thought I should relay this message to you! (:
The week we Had our mission tour of Friday and I learned SO much from the spirit it was wonderful. Each missionary got to shake Elder and sister Zwick's had before the devotional started. He's a wonderful man who is very knowledgeable. and I'm thankful we had the opportunity to hear from him and his sweet wife.
A few things that hit me hard:
What am I willing to change?
What am I willing to do to align my desire with God's?
What you go home with is your pure witness of the Savior Jesus Christ.
He taught us how to teach by SIMPLIFYING and INTESSIFYING
Coming unto Christ means giving our WILL to him
Have you felt the song of redeeming love in your life, if so..." CAN YOU FELL SO NOW?
Repentance is NOT the backup plan, it IS the plan.
Christ's power in inoperable until we acknowledge him and le him in.
The spiritual fuel in your engine is who you are and what's in your heart.

So these are the things that I took away from the Devotion and what I'm going to put into action of the rest of my mission/life:
I AM AN EPISTLE OF JESUS CHRIST- we picked that statement apart and I'm going to live my life accordingly now... beautiful statement huh?
At the end of the day in my prayers I'm going to ask this question and wait for a response: "Wilt thou accept the very best that I could do today?".... Elder Zwick promised us that by doing so it would change our lives.
He focused on the Atonement for a portion of his talk and as he was doing so I could feel God's love so strong knowing that Jesus Christ had felt my pain as I went through my surgeries. He knows... and that's why I have no need to fear because "perfect love cast's out ALL fear."
My comp and I have been focusing on putting into practice simplifying and intensifying our lessons. by 1. explaining a principal 2. sharing a scripture 3. sharing an example and 4. testifying in the name of Jesus Christ amen. THIS HAS CHANGED OUR LESSONS COMPLETELY. Such wonderful advice/council!
Lastly... Elder Zwick towards the end said something that sparked a change in me and will help propel me to get to who I want to be, not only in life but as a missionary and how I want to finish out my mission. He said, "the time to be exactly obedient is now." So I made a promise to myself in my journal with some questions to ponder each night before I go to bed to help me stay accountable to my goal. I haven't been perfect and I know I'm going to fall every once in a while but this new drive I have to be exactly obedient has helped me envision who I want to become... even after my mission. I can see myself happy and I'll do whatever it takes for me to get there. The hardest part for me is the mental focus that it takes to do that. But after praying for Heavenly Father to help me change a few of my desires my thoughts and mentality have actually been changed! It really is easier when you give up ALL to God because he's the one that can change you. So as of right now I'm working on doing at least 1 thing each day to give of myself and give to God. Weather that mean staying up till 10:25 updating the area book or staying out tracting when it's 90 degrees and I just want to take a nap. It's been working and I can feel God's love more abundantly.
I LOVE the Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ because they allow miracles to happen in our lives IF we CHOOSE to allow them in.
Update on inv. progress:
Familia Garcia Chavez- they are doing well and just accepted to keep the word of wisdom, I'm so proud of Manuel b/c I know it won't be easy but he can do it!!
Anthony Morales- we taught the whole family lesson 1 the Rest. and it went great! Anthony and Angell were at church yesterday and they enjoyed it. He's been 3 times now:D
Anthony told me that his dad picked up the BOM randomly the other day and read the intro... truly a milagro! (:
Our inv. are moving right along and this week we are going to invite Anthony to be baptized along with his step-dad. Pray for us!!
We have to move the familia Garcia's bap. date out to sept. 12th and Anthony's to sept 11th the last 2 days in the transfer. Wish us luck!
That's about it for my semana pasado. I'm glad to hear you guys are all doing well. I love ya and keep working hard in school and work! The Lord provides (:
Hermanita Angell

p.s. yesterday when we taught tithing lesson I shared how all throughout my surgeries Heavenly father blessed us as a family because dad paid his tithing... cool experience!


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