August 17, 2015


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Hermana Welch

Family Letter

Buenas Tardes Familia!
Pues.. este semana mi y mi cmpenera's meta esta para hablar solamente espanol cada dia hasta este proxima Domingo. Mi lider de districto da me una idea para imprve mi espanol por que su espanol es como un jefe.

On Tuesday HMN and I went to the Green Valley building to practice our song that we were going to sing for Zone Meeting Thursday. So we did that with the STL playing the piano for us. We decided to sing Divina Luz (Lead Kindly Light) in spanish of course! That morning in studies was pretty rough for me because of all of the hip pain I had been having for the past week. I pondered what could have caused it but nothing added up it was so random. After being stressed and worried about it I took my father's blessing, patriarchal blessing, letter of encouragement from dad, mission setting apart from President Burdett and my a copy of my mission call into the bathroom sat on the floor and read all of it. I may or may not have balled my eyes out as well... I just couldn't understand why Heavenly Father would have me go through the pain. I knew from my blessings that it would only be momentarily but still it's a lot for me to try and handle/have a positive attitude about it. At the time I just wished dad was there to give me a blessing. After pondering it LONG and hard I think that after all of my hip surgeries and the re-accruing pain that I'm still having occasionally it may be one of Heavenly Father's ways of telling me that I need to rely on him more and that he's still there... not sure but something that's possible. I called Elder Clayton and asked him if he would be willing to give me a Priesthood blessing and he said he would. So that day at 1:30 we met at the church building and he gave me a blessing for health. He had no idea what I had been though but just that I had a few surgeries and I was experiencing some pain for a while. During the blessing he said that it was only momentarily and that through my faith I'd be able to get through it. After the blessing he asked me about my surgeries and I told him everything I'd been through. I thanked Elder Clayton and then we left the church. I knew that by asking for a blessing the Lord would help me get through it. Immediately after the blessing and for the rest of the week I've been feeling 100% better and pain free. The priesthood power is something that I have a solid testimony on and my life wouldn't be the same without it. From the first time that dad gave me a blessing when I was laying in that hospital bed after my 1st surgery up until now I know that the Priesthood power is real. It's something that's helped me feel closer to my Padre Celestial durrante mi vida, y estoy muy agadicedo por este cosa.. just like in my prayers sometimes it's just easier to talk in Spanish! I literally can't say an English prayer any more they come out so awkward.
This week my comp and I volunteered at the Bishop's store house for service and after that we went to the Ronald McDonald house for service and when we were walking out to leave it started storming really bad. We went back inside and then the pager came on the intercom for everyone to go down to the basement because a tornado was in the air around the corner. It was an interesting experience because in the midst of the commotion and frantic people running down the stairs I felt calm in my heart and I knew that Heavenly Father loves his missionaries so that we would be protected. After waiting in the massive basement for 1hr and a 1/2 the storm cleared and we drove home. That night I thanked Heavenly Father for protecting us.
This past Jueves my HMN and I sung Divina Luz at our Zone Meeting and it went really well- I also recorded it so you guys can see that I actually sung! lol So as a mission we have this goal/vision of getting 1001 baptisms by the end of the year and on jueves the ZL's revealed the number that our whole mission is at for baptisms. After Elder Larson wrote the number 133 on the chalk board silence filled the room and everyone had a look of disappointment on their faces. The mission knows that 1001 is achievable because they prayed about it and got confirmation. Pres. Mendenhall wanted every companionship to go into separate rooms in the church bldg. to pray for how many baptisms they can receive this transfer so that we would know as a zone how many we could all get. Hermana and I did just that, we went into the primary room and knelt down and prayed. In the silence hermana offered us a prayer in Spanish of course (: And she asked Heavenly Father how many baptisms were possible in our area this transfer. Immediately as she prayed and asked the #5 poped into my head. I tried to block it out thinking that was a super high number but it wouldn't go away! After the prayer hmn and I sat there on our knees and pondered for a few seconds. Then I asked her what she thought and as soon and I did she replied with 5... we both broke out into tears of joy and I couldn't believe it!! I said "hermana I was thinking 5 too!" We really believe it's Juan Garcia's family with 4 and I think the 5th could be Anthony Morales. After we walked back into the room with the companionship's still coming in hermana wrote our #5 on the board.. all of the companionship's had number's like 2 or 3.. and there was our number. There was NO denying it. Hermana and I both know that there are 5 people that need to be baptized this transfer and we have been waking up every morning with a new motivation to find these 5 people weather it's Rosa's family or not. This experience changed my life. It was the 1st time I've felt and knew with out a doubt that I had received personal revelation directly from Heavenly Father. This is something that I've never understood until this past Jueves. I know have a testimony of Personal revelation and an even stronger testimony of the power of specific prayers. After all of the comp's put their # on the board we all knelt down as a zone and Elder Larson offered a prayer to know if # 32 baptisms was the ammount that we could all contribute this transfer. Peace filled the room and the spirit was undeniable. I'm so thankful for prayer and for a loving Heavenly Father who always listens. I was on could 9 for the rest of the week!
Yesterday during a lesson with a LA from Guatemala I told him about how I remembered tracting with Hmn Aguayo my 1st transfer and felt the impression to knock on his door and he answered. Now several weeks later we have been teaching him every Domingo at 4 and helping him strengthen his testimony in the Gospel. During the lesson I felt like our spirits were connected and that I was led to him for a reason he knew it too.. way cool experience yesterday.
Today is zone pday and I'm pretty excited to be with my awesome zone! The work is going great, love
Hermanita Angell


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