August 11, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Welch

Familia Carta Semana 1 Completa

Buenas Tardes!
What a wonderful week it was and it sounds like you guys had a great one as well (: It's been so fun to hear about the temple experiences you each are having and how it's helped you feel the spirit in different ways. We are blessed as a family to have a temple to close now!
On the topic of the Temple.. I've had this impression to help Juan Garcia get his temple recommend to do bautismos por los muertes. So we are working on that currently and it's my goal to go with him this transfer before I leave the area. My companion and I have also put a lot of thought into having a lesson out side the temple on the grounds with a less active family- the Garcia Garcia family. Tonight we are going to meet with them for a lesson and schedule a day to go with all of them. President ok'd it last week they just have to give us a ride down there because it's out of the mission so we can't use our own car. My comp and I are super stoked for that lesson! I'm going to try and get Anthony Morales to tag along with us for the temple lesson because I think it would boost his spirits.
This week was truly full of miracles! On Wed we had our 1st district meeting and it went really well. Our new DL is Elder Goodman's trainer! It's his 1st time being a DL and he's doing well. His name is Elder Clayton and his a straight forward guy, he makes a lot of plans and its very obedient. He made the District Meeting in Spanish so when I got called on to give the recitation I did it in Spanish! After District Meeting my comp and I had a lot of drive and energy to go out find, and teach! We are doing this new thing- at the end of every day you have to count up time wasted and by the end of the week report it with our key indicators to the DL. That new small thing alone helped me be more focused this week and have a motivation to get up and go every day.
I completed my vision for the transfer and my ultimate goal is to learn the meaning of hard work. I'm not so proud of some of the days I've had in the past on my mission because my mind and focus wasn't on the right things. Now with a new transfer, vision, and DL who is leading us I know what and how to accomplish my goal. After 1 week my strategies to accomplish my goal has already worked really well and I'm finding the joy in hard work and obedience.
With my focus and vision in mind this week I had more of a determination to find new people to teach for the right reason. So on Jueves when an in. wasn't home I followed the promptings and we walked down the street and found a potential that we had met last transfer. I asked him if we could teach him and so we did along with his son outside on their porch. I wish I could express my true feelings about this experience family... earlier that day HMN and I only spoke Spanish after we left the house hoping that it would help us in our speaking throughout the day. Well when we taught Jesus and Edgar HMN and I taught with poder and autoridad. It was the 1st time I've actually felt the power and authority of our calling as a missionary. I knew Heavenly Father blessed us with el don del lenguas because we were able to explain the restoration the best I've ever been able to my whole mission and my comp being new did a wonderful job with picking up where I left off so it flowed smoothly! After that lesson we could tell Edgar (about 20ish) was into the lesson and we got 2 new investigators. As I walked back to the car I had the biggest smile on my face because I new that experience changed my outlook on speaking spanish the whole day. Heavenly Father truly blessed me with the desire I've been fasting for, and now I've got it! That whole day was interesting because my right hip was off and hurting pretty bad, so I was puzzled because I knew Heavenly Father knew my new desire and work ethic so I didn't understand why or how he couldn't just make the pain go away. Before we got out of the car every time I said a prayer and relied on him to give me strength to keep going. After pondering on that experience and why my hip started hurting just out of the blue... maybe it was His way of saying "I'm here just rely on me." As I did that whole day my mind and work ethic changed and I had a different desire to work in order to help his children. This interesting experience lasted for about 3 days this week with the pain in my hip and each day it hurt I would remember the experience I had on Jueves and how when I relied on the Lord he helped me with 1 my desire 2 el don del lenguas and 3 teaching capabilities.
The other cool experience I wanted to share with you was that Saturday when HNO Mejia went finding with us during the day. We found an older man about 50's and he told us to come back later that night at 7 so Hermana and I did just that. I usually don't get nervous to teach people but when we parked in front of his house I was super nervous because earlier that day when he was talking to HNO Mejia he was speaking really fast Spanish and I couldn't understand every word. My Hermana and I prayed harder than we ever have for the gift of tongues before we got out of the car. After we started teaching him we found out that his wife was tistigos de jovah (JW's) and he didn't have a religion he was searching for the truth. During that lesson I was able to understand every word in the conversation and my Hermana was able to keep up with us. She was able to explain different parts of the restoration different and in more detail than she ever has before. After that lesson we set up a time to come back and Roberto was excited to start reading the BOM we left for him. I walked away from there on cloud 9 and gained an even stronger testimony for the gift of tongues. What a great experience for myself and my comp!
This week we put Rosa Garcia on a bap date for sept 5th. After we told Juan our RC we think he choked up on the phone because he knows how the gospel will bless his family(:I love them so much!
Yesterday we had a Noche De Hogar (FHE) with the familia Pima and we had Dianna as our member present. It went really well and 'm thankful we were able to be there for them because Hermana Pima's daughter is getting treated for cancer in Peru. Her testimony is SO strong and she's an example to me I told her last night. I'm going to try everything to help her go to the temple this transfer because she doesn't have a license to go.
I love this work and I'm thankful for the opportunity to start over every day. I'm thankful for the power of the Atonement because without it I'd be lost. I know my Heavenly Father loves me and that Jesus Christ is my older brother. I'm thankful for the Joy that this Gospel brings me and I know the BOM testifies of truth, because I've felt it. I'm thankful for the gift of the Holy Ghost in my life because it comforts me in times of need. I love being a missionary and I'm thankful for the opportunity and struggle to learn a new language so I can learn how to rely on my Padre Celestial. Tengo goso en me alma hoy! (I have sunshine in my soul today) (:
I love you all and thank you for the prayers,
Hermanita Angell

"Oh esta todo bien" "All is well, All is well" (:


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