August 3, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Welch


Buenas Dias Mi Familia!
Estoy toda via aqui en mi misma area por seis semanas mas! Pero esta bien porque mi obra en Denver tresero es no cumplio!
So as it says above, I'm still is my same area for at least 6 weeks more. But I'm alright with that because I love the people and my work in D3 isn't completed yet! I didn't feel a change quite yet so I wasn't surprised. I bet I'll leave after I'm done training though because it's not normal for missionaries to stay in one area this long. We'll see!
Last pday my Hermana and I had a baking fest and made BASTANTE (a ton) of GF food. Wahooo! I used grandpa's recipe and made GF pancakes for my breakfasts, corn muffins, boiled some eggs for our lunches and cooked the last of my steel cut oats for breakfast's as well. You could say I ate well this week for breakfast thanks to Grandpa Angell Before we went shopping at walmart last pday we stopped at chick-fil-a and got some lunch and while we were in line a lady ran up to us and swiped her car then after she turned around she had a black name tag on. She was from our mission in the service part! How sweet of her to buy us some lunch (:
On Martes (Tuesday) we taught Juan Garcia's Hermana. Juan is a RC in our ward and he's so amazing! She's struggling with depression right now so it's pretty hard on her. We are planning on extending the bap invite to her this week on Tuesday.. so pray that her heart will be open (: For dinner we ate with Hermana Pima and she's from Peru. She's an older lady and she's in CO because her daughter had to go back to Peru to get cancer treatment. She was talking about the temple and Eternal Familias and I go the impression to ask her if we could give her a ride to the temple this coming month in Agusto. She accepted so we are super stoked to take her hopefully it all works out! She'll have to use the headphones in the session though because she doesn't speak a lick of English lol That night we met with HNO Mejia our returning less active war mission leader. He took us out to ice cream and we shared a message with him. It was fun!
On Miercoles (Wednesday) we were on fire We got 3 lessons into 1hr all before our district meeting so I was pretty stoked since our mission is really pushing half hour visits. Almost impossible with the people we teach! Our DL asked me to give a talk in our DM so I talked for 5 min on how to receive personal revelation. I studied really hard for it before hand and it ended up going well. I'm not so nervous to give testimonies, or talks any more it's interesting how the mission forces those kind of things to ya.. lol After our DM I asked Elder Goodman if he could give me a blessing and HMN Welch asked our DL Elder Lianarus to give her a blessing. I'm so thankful to have the Priesthood in my life- I don't know where I'd be with out it. During the blessing he said something that really hit me hard.. that the Lord know's how hard I'm trying and that I need to keep reading and keep praying. That line stuck out to me the most. I got a little teary after that driving away and reflecting about the work I'm doing and how I can always improve. I'm so glad Elder Goodman was in my district this transfer, he's like a brother and I trust him more than any of the other elders. He got transferred today to D4 :( But at least HMN and I can see him Sunday's still at church!
This week during personal study I read in the bible John chapter 14 and it really touched me.. it's a beautiful chapter and I recommend that you guys sit down as a family and read it together. (:
Jueves (Thursday) we had a lesson with the brand new family we just found. The Puente's! David is 11 years old and we found his name on our potentials list so when we went to give him the bible he requested his mom let us in and we talked. Their dad is in jail for a while for drunk driving and david doesn't understand why God would do that to his dad who is a good person. I know we aren't there to teach that family on accident- this one is inspired. The family is 7th Day Adventist and they are really sweet. During our lesson on Jueves we taught L1 the rest, invited them to church, gave them a BOM and committed them to read it, and I extended the bap invite in the 1st lesson with them! It's super scary and takes a lot of guts to do that in the 1st lesson. It's something I'm really working on, but anyway it went really well and we are super excited about teaching them!
We went to Kmart after that to help HMN Morales with couponing but after the whole "ordeal" was over we found out that she went around the system to get the items and we felt like we had just cheated and not been honest. Feeling like that wasn't great especially being a missionary. Long story short we will not be "helping her coupon" again...
So from here on out the whole weekend just went down hill.
Viernes (Friday) after weekly planning I felt like we should take the car into the shop because we've been having break issues for about 2 weeks. We drove the car all the way to a firestone (30min from our area). Every time I'd press on the break I'd have to jam it hard because the car would keep rolling... even worse when I backed out. I accidentally hit my HMN backing because of the break issue. She's fine though lol After we took the car there we had to wait 3 hours so we took our books and walked over to the mall across the street. Feeling abandoned without a car felt super weird.. I looked at Hermana and said "well this is what a real missionary feels like" considering that they walk all day all the time. We're just special with a car (: hehe We waited at Menchies and studied for 2 hours and then after the seats started hurting us we took a break and went into Maurices clothing store and Hermana bought 2 pencil skirts. I got one two that's tan with lace because I'm sick of black and white already lol After the firestone called us we picked up our car but it wasn't fixed... they said the vacuum with the breaks wasn't working- so we took it to the Chevy Dealership down the road and they said they would have to keep it until they could figure it issue out. So we were stranded way out of our area and by now it was 6pm. The STL's told us to call 10 members first before they would give us a ride... as I searched though my GPS we named off a bunch of people... this is how it went. "No license, can't drive, doesn't have a car, drives illegally, no license and still drives anyways,
can't drive." So we did the only logical thing. Call Dianna Puckett the only while person in our ward who has a license and can drive other people. Luckily she was able to come save us! After that we got some bdubs to take home with us. We went to Dianna's visiting teaching appointment with her on the way home and then when we got to the church to get the cold creek sisters car they didn't get there until 9:10 at night. So my Hermana nightly planned outside the church on the curb, then layed down and watched the stars to relax after the hectic day we had.
Sabado (Saturday) we woke up at 5 am to go to Colorado Cares Day service project but 1st we had to drive clear out to cold creek sister's house to give them a ride since we have their car. Then once we stopped at the gas station and I tried to turn out car on it wouldn't' start and our TWI screamed at us saying that the battery was low. I called Elder Goodman and after about 15 min it started up again... Once we got to the service project HMN and I, Elder Goodman and Elder Bryan went' with HNO Pina and helped in the service project. We built a fence with massive posts. It was fun because a few members from our ward were there. It was blazin hot too! I felt bad for Hermana because she got a giant splinter in her thumb and Elder Goodman cut it out with his knife.. she almost passed out haha
The rest of the day we spent at the dealership because the Cold Creek sister's car they gave us as a replacement car for the one in the shop with the breaks issue, was super crappy as well. The battery needed to be replaced in the one we have now so Friday and Saturday we literally taught no one! It was super weird and we felt none productive sitting in the car waiting room surrounded by TV's... ugh :/ Worldly things make you super distracted!
Domingo (sunday) my Hermana and I finally met with Obispo and we brought some of our ideas for missionary work and members to the table. We came up with getting a list of peole who will be giving talks each Sunday for the month and letting our people know the topics to get them more pumped about church.
That's about all for the week it was crazy and Hermana and I are now the designated mission car fixers since they keep giving us all of the crummy cars
Pray for our car that we'll be able to get it back this Tuesday!
Hope you are all doing well and had a great 1st day back at school- can't believe it's already hear.
Con amor,
Hermana Angell


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