July 27, 2015


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Hermana Welch

Family Weekly Email

Hello Family!
Week 6 starts today and the time has flown by faster than ever. I'm not sure what's going to happen this Saturday but my HMN and I are really hoping that we are able to stay together next transfer. In president's email today he sent a separate one saying how transfers are going to be more different than ever before. Since we are loosing just about all of the spanish elders, are zone leader's go home as well as 1 of our sister training leaders. That means some areas in the Aurora Zone are going to be closed. Next transfer will be a crazy one and I can't wait to see what it brings!
This past Monday for pday my HMN and I went shopping at the mall! (: It's so weird going to the mall as a missionary because everyone stares at you lol I just flaunt it and walk with purpose so it's fun to have a name tag(: We also went to Jamba Juice and bought HMN some pencil skirts. While we were grocery shopping at walmart we saw the familia Pineda standing in line to return two clothing items and as soon as we saw them they told me they needed an interpreter. So I had to interpret for the lady at the cash register. They ended up not being able to return 1 item because Hermana Pineda didn't have a valid U.S. ID. I felt bad for her but she could go back and return it with her passport. After that experience HMN and I felt that it wasn't a coincidence we walked passed them in the store. Heavenly Father truly is in every small detail of our lives!
On Tuesday we cleaned the Cold Creek Sister's car that we are driving in the mean time while our car is getting fixed in the shop.
1st let me back up.. so this week I have REALLY been trying to figure out how to receive personal revelation for our people. All along I have been just going by the area book in the next lesson that our people need and this transfer I feel as if I personally have hit a brick wall and I haven't known what our people really need to hear. Only God does- so I put my faith into action and I prayed and re-searched how to receive personal rev. I'm so great full for the scriptures and all of the guidance that's in them. It's not that I haven't been trying to figure out how to receive personal rev. all of this time I just haven't felt like I've truly figured it out quite yet. As you guys know it's been a struggle all of my life to receive answers to my prayers so as you can imagine it's difficult to feel like your receiving answers in order to help others.
Back to Tuesday night- so hermana came up with our dinner message and as soon as she gave the scripture to hermana Pineda to read she stopped half way and tears streamed down her face. She told us how much that scripture had answered her prayers and it was what she needed to hear. I congratulated my comp after that lesson.
On wednesday we had my 2nd zone conf! It was so wonderful... I really wish you guys could have all attended because the spirit was stronger than I've ever felt it in my entire life. Honestly it was a beautiful feeling. The theme was "Art Thou Consecrated?" I will be writing you guys a letter with more detail about it and some things that I enjoyed learning about. Towards the end of the conference when president was giving a training he pulled out a few missionaries pictures out of an envelop and who's ever picture he got he called on them to stand up and share what the desire of their heart was. I felt like I'd get called on but thankfully I didn't! As a few people went the spirit in the room was undeniable and at that moment I felt like my whole heart was literally changing within itself. It was a beautiful experience to sit there and know that my desire is to strengthen my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ and that by the end of my mission I want to be able to say that I personally know him. The whole time president was speaking I felt like bursting into tears and I had that terrible feeling in the back of your throat from holding back. I can't even describe to you how amazing it feels to sit in a room with about 100 missionaries and the spirit that's there is remarkable. Life changing day this past Wednesday and my thought's changed about being truly consecrated. My question to you guys is, "what are you doing now that's getting you to where you want to be?"
This week we ate dinner with the same woman who signed up for us 3 nights in a row this week.. it was a marathon of heavy Mexican food let me tell ya! but after Friday my hermana and I made it out alive. Have you ever heard of missionaries stuffing food into their bags during dinner when the hostess leaves the room? Well now you have because I did it Thursday night. I couldn't eat the massive portion I was served. The things you do as a missionary... haha
Thursday my hermana and I taught our new inv. for the 1st time and it went wonderful! We had a FULL day of miracles and appointments. We got a member to come out with us all day. That evening we taught our RC Juan Garcia who's getting ready to do baptisms for the dead at the Temple. That lesson was so spiritual and I remembered in my father's blessing how it says that I'll be able to bare strong testimony to people about the temples, families, trials, and happiness. That night teaching Juan confirmed it to me very clearly. I can't wait to go through the temple with Juan for his 1st time! Hopefully I'll be in the area next transfer to make it possible!
On Friday we taught an english class to HMN Osborn which was fun and brought me joy(: That evening we taught Pepe and Julio about being truly converted and during that lesson the spirit was undeniable- strongest lesson we've had with them yet. I had the thought come into my mind earlier that morning to talk about it. At the end of the lesson I thought about going around and having each of us say the desire of our hearts.. I told them my desire and got teary. It was definitely an inspired lesson because they sent us a txt that night saying thank you for the lesson because it made them think (:
So as you can see the Lord has blessed us with so many miracles this week(: I'm learning how to receive personal revelation for our people and it's beautiful!
Hermana Angell


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