July 20, 2015


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Hermana Welch

Family letter Week 5 transfer #5

Good morning family!
This week was super crazy, almost every day we had something that took up a good chunk of our pros. time so it made it hard to focus. Last Monday for sisters pday we carpooled with the sisters to Strassburg (out in the country) and we ate snowcones. Hermana and I were so excited when we found out that they had horchata flavored so of course we got that one (: You can take the Spanish speaking missionary out of her area, but you can't take the Spanish out of the missionary! We took some pictures at the rail road tracts and HMN Welch and I got a few cute pictures together on the broken down red train. Then all of the sisters walked to this little cute gift shop and browsed for a while. We decided to walk to a museum that was down the road probably a mile and when we got there it was closed! So we all hiked back to our cars and drove home. Let me tell ya- it's fun walking miles in a black pencil skirt in the heat That night we got chipoltle with Grizelda for dinner. After that all of our lessons cancelled so we called up our ward mission leader to tell him (b/c he was supposed to come to a lesson with us). Instead we drove to cold stone and met him to discuss a few things. He told us how he is going through a divorce with his wife and can't see his little girl. He also said how when he tried to go to the English ward the people told him to go back to the Spanish ward where he belongs. It broke my heart hearing his story... He said that he misses feeling the spirit so strongly and being more receptive to it every day on the mission. After our cita with him it made me reflect about my time here on the mission and how sometimes I don't realize what a blessing it is... because the work can be routine.
Tuesday we had a lesson with a Recent Convert's sister Rosa. SHE IS AMAZING. As of now she's been to church 2 times and has enjoyed it. She's struggling with depression ever since her mom died from a car accident. Her daughter who's 18 told her that she wants to get married here soon and live with her boyfriend. Her decision is breaking Rosa's heart and is making her sad. Before we went into the lesson we had planned on talking about the next lesson which was L3 The Gospel of Jesus Christ. After we got there and sat down Rosa just opened up and told us everything that I listed above. It broke my heart to hear her struggles and my eyes filled up with tears while I was listening to her stories. Well I clearly knew that L3 wasn't the right message to share with her so instead my comp and I shared a scripture on grace and another on how Heavenly Father knows our hearts. Then I felt inspired to share the Mormon message "mountains to climb" by Henry B. Eyring so we did just that. I was hesitant to share it because I knew just what was going to be the outcome... I knew that the spirit would be so strong and that I'd end up sharing my testimony on trials and I'd end up in tears. After the video had finished I was sitting there sniffling and the room was silent. The spirit was SO beautiful in the room and as I looked at Rosa's tear filled eyes I bore my testimony on trials, God's love, happiness and Christ's Atonement. I told her that one of the coolest experiences as missionaries is that we're able to feel God's love for other's and that I told her "In the Name of Jesus Christ" that everything was going to be alright and that He know's her heart. After that lesson I walked out and we just sat in the car for a moment. That was probably my first testimony that surprised my self... I know that the holy ghost was with my comp and I in that lesson- it was one I won't ever forget. (:
After the lesson on Tuesday we got a call from Elder Martin (the car guy in the mission) He told us that we had to take our car into the shop clear down in Commerce City about 35min away from our area, because the insurance company had approved for our car to get the dent and the windshield fixed. I called and cancelled dinner then we got a hold of the zone leaders and STL's. The STL's followed us down to commerce city and after we dropped off our car we drove back with them to the Cold Creek English sister's house. The ZL's told us that we would be pulling their car until we got ours back. With how spread apart our people live there's no way we could be on foot until our car get's fixed. Plus- no way after nueve cadera ceruhia(9 hip surgeries) haha We felt bad but the sisters had a good attitude about it.
That same night we went on exchanges with the STL's and I stayed in my area and HMN went English for the day. Wednesday we had a mission wide 1001 meeting at the Green Valley building right by our house. All of the missionaries were there and we listened to a few convert's testimonies and from the AP's, Sister Mendenhall and from President. Sitting there feeling the spirit so strongly was beautiful- indescribable really. The topic was 1001 baptisms because that is our whole mission goal by the end of the year.
During the day Sister Wen and I found Jessica who I haven't been able to see for about 3 weeks- she told us that she filed a divorce from her husband. That was a massive miracle considering that she's ready to change her life around, come to church and keep taking our lessons. I was so happy to her he excitement of change(: That night HMN told me that she was so grateful to be back in Spanish. The English sister's work is a lot different from the way we do ours. It made me smile because I remember telling HMN Aguayo the same thing after my 1st exchange.
On Jueves (just realized I should probably type English words instead of Spanish oops never say the days of the week in English anymore) haha Anyways on Thursday we had a zone meeting so we missed personal study and comp because we drove out to pick up the cold creek sister's car and took them to zone meeting. The spirit at the meeting was strong and the topics were inspired as usual. I enjoyed sister Wen's on integrity- it reminded me of dad teaching us how to always be honest in everything we do.
On Friday we woke up to a txt from Karen Perez our LA and she had sent us a txt at 3am asking for a blessing from the Elders so we got in contact with them and headed over early that morning. Hermana and I were proud of her for reaching out to the Elders for a blessing for her mom and sobrino (nephew). Hermana and I got started on weekly planning an hour late so we were behind but got all 4hrs done eventually.
Saturday we had a member come out with us and we found a RC as of a year who's going into 8th grade and we taught her a lesson/got to know her better. Literally right after I had extended the commitment for her to read the scriptures everyday, he little siblings that had been standing out on the balcony ran in and frantically said that their mom's boyfriend was coming home. So Beti told us that he got mad when they invited people in so my HMN and I, and Diana ran out of the house and down the apartment stairs as fast as we could. Once we got to the bottom the mom's boyfriend was going up into the stairwell. As we walked away
we gave a thumbs up to the little kids standing outside on the balcony. I prayed that the boyfrinend wouldn't find out that we had been there. Hispanic boyfriends/esposo's are extremely controlling to their wives it's very sad to hear some of our people's stories. Saturday during the day literally no one was home and out appointments fell through so it was very slow. That night we ate at chili's with pepe and Julio Garcia LA's and it was fun. After that we met Juan Garcia at starbucks for our usual weekly meeting with him. He's a Recent Convert as of Feb and while in the lesson I thought about asking him if he had learned much about the temple before and he hadn't so we decided to talk to him about the temple in our next cita with him. I asked our DL yesterday at church if we could go to the Temple when he does baptisms for the 1st time and we are allowed to we just need to get permission from president about it 1st. I'm so happy for Juan and how he's changing his life around.
Yesterday at church Elder Bryan in our ward spoke on La Obra Missional- missionary work and his talk was awesome! Then the intermediate hymn was called to serve and the spirit in the room was wonderful. I had another great experience taking the sacrament again yesterday... I'm thankful for the chance I have to start over each week. We ate dinner with the Wright's, Obispo wasn't there because he had meetings. So we ate with his wife- we ate chicken salad with grapes and apples mixed in. Just like the one mom makes (:
We also had 2 other miracles this week that blew my mind. I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to come in contact with so many different people and to be speaking Spanish every day. I love this work!
Lot's of love,
Hermanita Angell


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