July 13, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Welch

Family Letter

Hello Family!
This was an interesting week full of interesting surprises every day! The familia Pineda gave my HMN and I some chia seeds and said they were good for digestion. All of the Hispanics drink them in water so we thought we would try. On Tuesday we put them in a tall glass of water and gaged them down. It was the nastyist thing we have ever drank before! We sat there laughing at each other taking turns choking them down. The rest of the day our stomachs felt a lil off- so much for digestion lol
On Thursday for dinner at Karen Perez's house we ate real authentic tacos from mexico. Karen made us beef tongue tacos with chopped onion, limes, jalepino salsa, and corn tortillas. Not going to lie- I was freaked out before I tried it but they were the best tacos ever (reminded me of the ones in the CCM). Although those were prolly sketch ratchet dog meat or something
On friday since it was 7/11 the gas station had free small slurpies so my comp and I stopped for a quick break in between tracting in the scorching sun. The watermelon sour patch slurpies were the best! You guys will have to try them (: That's all of the crazy food stories we had for the week!
Now onto the more spiritual things... Wednesday during my personal study I felt the spirit very strongly and I got a little emotional. I finished up 1st Nephi and read the poem that I got while in the CCM and shared it with Hermana Welch.
Yesterday during church while I was taking the sacrament I felt the spirit very strong as well... that was probably the 1st time I really have while taking the sacrament. It was a wonderful experience.
This week after we were having dinner with the Familia Pineda's she talked about how hard it was for her to live in the states because she doesn't understand any English and a thought came to my mind about giving her and her daughter an English class once a week. So Hermana Welch and I did just that on Wednesday! We taught them the alphabet and numbers up to 30. Hermana and he daughter Karen caught on really well! Hermana Welch and I can count that into our service hours from now on so that's a bonus. I'm really enjoying finally understanding full conversations with people in Spanish. It's a nice change!
This week we completed my baby's 3rd week of training and it is coming along nicely. I'm giving her a lot of opportunities to speak in lessons and she's taking her time to fully think of great answers. It was difficult this week in a sense of motivation/desire for her... she's going through the same thing that I did just a few months ago. Speaking a language can be very frustrating because you can't fully communicate with people and share thoughts like you'd like to if you don't know how to say it. It's interesting because you know why your out here on a missio but because of the language barrier until you can fully understand the language your desire to work and keep going isn't there and your tired all of the time. I keep reminding myself to be patient with her and to be a positive example for her. Al I'm trying to do is complement her on the good things she's doing because she really is doing an amazing job! I'm super proud of her. I'm already having her talk on the phone for the English calls that we get. I helped her write down what we say when calling dinner appointments so she calls and then I have to respond to the people in Spanish.
Our numbers for the week were really outstanding.. I think it was because we did a lot of tracting because I feel it's time to increase our teaching pool again. We taught 23 lessons this week (a personal record for me) and we did 12 hrs of finding this week. We have 4 new inv as well!
Saturday when we ate lunch at the Morales house I extended the bap invite to the family again. I really feel like it's time for Anthony to get baptized. He said he would pray about it so we gave him Moroni 10:4-5 to read and ponder as well.
That's about all for the week we had! I love this work and the opportunity I have to share mensajes de feliz con muchas personas cada dia en mi area!
I love you all so much and send prayers your way daily!
Lot's of love,
Hermana Angell


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