June 23, 2015


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Hermana Welch

Called to Be a Trainer

Hello family! I hope you are enjoying your week and had a great time with cousin camron angell in town. I hope you are having an enjoyable summer so far and soaking up some of that humid IN heat for me at the campground
So much has happened since yesterday and my life as a missionary has changed completely. BUT FIRST I will tell you about a few things that happened during my last week in the transfer!
I saw online that there is a brand new missionary exhibit in temple square with return missionary tags on the wall and so much more. I want to "invite" (see how I'm using my missionary lingo with you guys now) you to check it out online and for grandma and grandpa angell to visit the new exhibit in salt lake! I can't believe they just made it now that I'm on the mish. I'll have to go after I get home (: Maybe I could fly into Slat Lake and see grandma and grandpa after my mission and see the exhibit with them. Anyways I thought it was a awesome new thing to check out.
This past Wednesday we attended the temple, and HMN tchan and I were late to our 6:30 session so we got to attend the 7 one. oops... It was wonderful to go like always but this time I noticed something special. Every time I enter into the Celestial room I can feel God's love for me so strongly, it's a beautiful thing. And every time I go it gets stronger... this means so much to me because I've been praying since I got in the field to be able to feel that love. Heavenly Father truly loves his children and you can feel it stronger than ever in his house. That's one reason I love to attend the temple monthly. In the temple I read a scripture in mosiah that talked about a love from God. I don't think that was a coincidence.
(: After the trip we went to desert book like usual and I bought a small picture of Christ to give to Anthony along with his sourpatch kids present. He really enjoyed that. Funny story- when I was at desert book with all of the other missionaries from the mission I noticed an elder with the last name Neely. I realized after a while that he was from WI in the Appleton ward. His family is all blonde! I walked up to him and asked him if he was from WI and sure enough it was him! How crazy is that? We are in the same mission- he's just English speaking.
On a random/scary note last week after I punched in a address into my gps I took a wrong turn and it took me out by the airport (which is right by our house btw) and HMN Tchan and I were freaking out because we went out of the mission! That's a scary thing.
Question for you guys to check into: How do you teach a language at the MTC in Provo? Just wondering...
Thank you everyone who sent me a card/letter in the mail this week. Each and every single one of your cards (including grandpa's) came on the day that I needed the words you each said. I know that it was by divine inspiration that I received those letters when they came. So thank you- they helped me get through my last week in the transfer.
Saturday night HMN Tchan and I attended our ward's father’s day party and it was a blast! We were able to attend because we had a less-active family come with us. The theme for the party was super hero's (dad's of course). All of the Spanish missionaries got together and took a cute picture with the props and photo wall. I will attach pictures next week. (Sorry forgot my camera cord today) They served watermelon water and it was delish because that day was 115 outside!
Something that HMN Tchan does after a lesson with a person is pick a flower from their yard and put it in her hair because she's so used to having fresh flowers in her hair/a flower crown so after our lessons she would always pick one. So our last week of the transfer I decided to do the same so every day we had many different flowers in our hair and we would just get a new one if it died. Even if that meant halting the car and running to pick one when driving in the middle of a neighborhood... haha In the next group of pictures I'll send you'll see all of the pretty flowers we picked. #It'stheislandlife #Tahiti #browngirls.
So Friday night in the last week of the transfers is always exciting because if you get a phone call that means someone is training! This Friday after we got home from a long day I was taking my jewlry and name tag off in my closet and asked HMN Tchan "so is there a new Hermana coming into the mission?" "or is that just gossip that's been going around?" She responded: I have no idea. So then after I got my pj's on and was washing my face the phone rings. I didn't want to answer it because it was AP Elder Farr. And that only meant 2 things.. Either Hermana Tchan was training or I was training. I didn't really feel anything so I just picked it up and started talking to Elder Farr. After some small talk he said, "well Hermana Angell on behalf of President Mendenhall we want to extend the call to you to be a trainer next transfer." I accepted and then he asked for Hermana Tchan. She was asked to follow-up train a missionary who has already been in the mission for only 1 trainer but that missionaries "mom" was called to be an STL this transfer. After I hung up the phone I washed my face and then it hit me. I was called to be a trainer. I talked to HMN Tchan and then teared up. I was freaking out because I was so worried about my Spanish and how I'm not fluent yet.
After she got into the shower and we finished talking I opened up dad's letter that came that night. I read it and then started to bawl my eyes out. How could dad have known I was going to be called as a trainer that exact night? Only the Lord knew. His letter of encouragement was exactly what I needed to give me peace and calm down.
That night I went to bed and prayed harder than I ever have before in my life. I laid in my bed stared at the ceiling and couldn’t shut my mind off with all of the questions that kept popping into my mind. That night I prayed to be able to wake up the next morning and feel peace with no doubts or worries in my heart. After several hours of not being able to sleep I woke up the next morning and headed to the trainers meeting at 8am at the mission office 40min from green valley where we live. We heard from the mission pres. and his wife, and our two BRAND NEW AP's. After the meeting I felt more confident and ready to train. My biggest worry was that I wouldn't be able to understand the people and that my grammar is really bad (conjugation wise).
Saturday night at transfer doc. it wasn't any surprise for HMN Tchan and I except for the fact that I'm following in my "mom's" footsteps and training in the same area that she did. So now I've been in D3 for 4 Transfers- that's a long time and I'll probably stay for another one too. I know that I'm staying because the Morales kids are going to get baptized before I leave the area... Anthony's scar from his surgery coming up better heal soon so he can get into the water. He has 2 transfers to get ready. (: Hermana Tchan was called back to D4 area where she just came from and where she was "born" so she was SUPER excited.
Sunday at church HMN Tchan said goodbye and took pictures with everyone and then later after lunch we drove 30 min to the YaleMonnico Building to get Hermana Boleter because her mission mom "died" (she went home) so we were in a trio and when we got to our house that night and while HMN Tchan was packing we all talked and it was like a big sleepover on the mission! I couldn't get any sleep still because I'm really sick again so we probably stayed up till 12 that night.
The next morning I got ready and curled my hair then sister Wen (my stl) dropped off a massive box of clothes from her comp that just "died" too, so I got A BUNCH of new pencil skirts, maxi skirts, sweaters, shirts, and a few other things. I was in heaven (:
Around 9 me HMN Tchan, and HMN Boelter drove up to the YaleMonaco building again for transfers!!!!! I dropped off the two sisters and then I picked up two English sisters in my zone that were training as well. On the hour drive to the mission office we stopped at noodles and company for some lunch because we were starving. The WHOLE way up to the office we all vented about how nervous we were about training! By the time we go to the mission office at 1:30 and pulled into the parking lot I said, "ok sisters it's not too late to turn back now" haha we all screamed before we got out of the car then walked into the building. We waited in the trainers room with all of the elders that were training as well. Then when the AP's came and got us we walked into half of the relief society room on one side of the divider while Pres was talking to the new missionaries on the other side. Then one by one the new missionaries were called up the front of the room and president would say, "meet your new trainer (so and so)" Then we would pop out from the other side of the room, give them and big hug and take a picture with them (:
I was called to be with Hermana Welch! She was the only Hermana that came from the CCM. She's a little bit taller than me, she has strawberry blonde/red hair and she's from Oklahoma. I love her already! She was JUST like me when I came in. Her Spanish is just like mine when I came in as well lol After I met her we went into a room and I oriented her through the mission binder with all of the rules and expectations. In the middle of it I had a really bad coughing attack and she had to finish reading - I'm sure she was thinking "great she's so sick" lol After that we went to our two appointments of the night and my baby was pretty quiet during the lessons but was so cute giving the prayer. I'm so proud of her. We both love country music (finally a comp that does), eating healthy foods, and so many more things in common.
Heavenly father has truly blessed me with this opportunity to grow. I know that he won't give me anything too hard that I can't handle. And I also know that my Spanish is going to improve RAPIDLY these two transfers. It's finally time to step it up in the language study.
Something that pres. told us in the meeting was that we set the course for the new missionaries for the rest of their mission. And that if he had any bad habits it was time to get rid of them now. This opportunity I have is going to help me be the exact obedient missionary I want to be. What I started as of yesterday was putting my full trust in the Lord and relying on him by looking to him when I need help. Now it's just me, my new greeny and the Lord. I don't have a fluent comp to rely on or ask for help any more. Heavenly Father really does answer prayers. I had been praying for a way to 1) improve my Spanish, 2) be exactly obedient, and 3) learn to rely on the Lord more than I have done since I have been out. I'm just going to take it day by day because that's all I can handle right now in order not to overwhelm myself.
So this morning I helped my HMN to set some specific goals for the transfer and for our language study plan. We had an appointment and then we went to my doctors appointment. I have had a really bad sinus infection since last Friday and it's getting worse so I got some medication for it now so hopefully it helps. Of course I'd be called to train and battle a sickness at the same time. Please pray that I heal fast! I asked one of the elders this past sunday for a blessing of health and my "mom" was there so she wrote down the blessing for me.
Well please pray that I will be able to understand what my people are saying and that I'll be able to move forward with confidence to train these next two transfers! Before Hermana Freeman went home she told me that I don't need to worry because the Lord doesn't need fluent missionaries to train... he needs obedient missionaries to train. Maybe by making a stance about it last transfer that's why I was called to train before HMN Tchan. It's kind of ironic because everyone said that she was going to train before me... I guess the Lord had something instore already.(:
That sums up my crazy, fun, exciting, nervous, sick, week I've had!
Lots of love,
Hermana Angell


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