June 8, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Tchan

1st Baptism

What an absolutely crazy week I had! The weather here has been hailing randomly and pouring rain with a bunch of tornado warnings in our area. But the work presses on... It's been challenging for me this past week as well as for my comp and I think one of the reasons it was hard to stay mentally focused on the work was because the advisory knew that we had a baptism Saturday so he was trying to make us not as focused. All is well now and Xitlaly is finally a member of the church(: It was probably the funniest baptism people have ever been to because when she got into the font (she's only 14 btw) she screamed and was hoping up and down because the water was boiling hot! Obispo had to put cold water in it and before Elder Greene dunked her under she was like "EEEP" and after she came up here little 7 yr old brother who was standing at the glass was like, "he he hehehe" because she was al wet. So everyone standing around watching was laughing because little Issac's laugh. After the baptism she told us that her nose was burning from the water because it got into her nose. So she screamed as she got into the font, before she went under and when she came up. Oh what a wonderful first Baptism it was! I will never forget it that's for sure (: And poor elder Green was sweating from head to toe because of the boiling water! After the baptismal service was over I asked Xitlaly how she felt and she goes, "can I tell you a secret?" I said of course, and she says, " After they put their hands on my head to give me the Holy Ghost I felt my heart open up." I smiled SO big and have her a huge hug. That made the whole baptism for me. I'm so proud of her and now she's working on helping us get her older sister and dad baptized as well (;
So crazy thing that happened this week.. After I had just prayed and sat down at my desk to read my scriptures I look up and see a good size frog jump onto the window seal in front of my desk. I screamed SO LOUD and HMN Tchan was like, "what the heck?" We worked together to open up the window more and I scooped it into a bucket and got it out into the window well. Guess who's never going to open that window ever again?? This Hermana. haha
This week the STL's did a competition with us to see who could get the most referrals contacted and who ever won would have to buy the other companionship lunch. So we worked SO hard every day to contact people because we are too poor to buy them lunch. Well we won and received 28 new referrals and contacted 32 of those referrals we got. By the end of the night last night after calling in our numbers we bother went to bed EXAUSTED this week was so mentally and physically draining it was crazy! Every night we dropped off a present at Xitlaly's house for her baptism. At the beginning of the week we had exchanges with the other set of Spanish Hermana's and it went really well. There is one missionary who is just finishing up her 2nd transfer so she's new as well. I went in her area and worked with her for the day. She's really obedient and knows how to follow the spirit in lessons. I loved working with her and having balanced lessons because we are both more on the same page rather than me and my other comp's I've had who love to talk a lot and are both fluent in the language already. So it was a really nice change. Her and I are going to put in a good word to president about how the exchanges went and hopefully we'll have a chance of being together(;
As hard as this week was with all of that gossip and mess I've learned some things. 1 Obedience is always the right thing to do even though it's hard. 2 Never gossip about people because gossip really hurts. 3 never talk bad about your companions because it will likely get back around as carma.
This week was hard but the baptism was the highlight. I'm happy for the chance to start over and finish the last 2 weeks in the transfer strong.
Thank you guys for supporting me in emails and in prayers. If you guys want to send me letters this week of encouragement I could use it to get through these last 2 weeks- it would be greatly appreciated.

Love each of you so much,
Hermana Angell


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