June 1, 2015


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Hermana Tchan

Buenas Dias Mi Familia!

Buenas Dias Mi Familia! Can you believe it's June 1st already? Natasha told me that I've already been out for 4 months and 24 days. Time fly’s when your having fun and serving the Lord! So last week when we had the temple trip I bought a SUPER SMALL set of scriptures that fits in my bag. I was tired of carrying my English and Spanish scriptures around every day when I mainly need my Spanish ones but the English ones sometimes if we happen to have a lesson in English. I started to read the BOM over again from the beginning again. So this week during my personal study time and BOM reading I had my tiny new English BOM on my desk, my Spanish BOM, and my regular size English ones as well. It's crazy trying to read from one and then transfer the highlighted things into another! Being Spanish we have pretty much double everything. Pamphlets, Books, Scriptures, and a bunch of other things! But I wouldn't trade it for going English speaking. Spanish is where it's at (: I LOVE the people they are just the most humble people and kind hearted people you'll ever meet. They give everything when they have next to nothing.
This week I decided to do something different. Remember how I did the Solo Espanol thing at the CCM? Well I felt like I was at a plato again with my Spanish progression so I decided to only speak Spanish with HMNT. It's SO EXTREMELY HARD to be Spanish speaking in the U.S. because everyone else around you speaks English so after lessons we just start speaking English again. Well Sunday I only spoke Spanish the whole day and it was great because by the end of the night I felt like my Spanish just came easier than usual. It's a lot easier to do solo espanol now because I know a lot more vocabulary where as before in the CCM I barely new how to make full conversations. So wish me luck this week in trying to only speak Spanish!
During my personal study time one day this week I read in PMG page 85 about families and I thought of you guys.. I really enjoyed it and made a note to tell you in this email so it must have been something I wanted to suggest to you guys to read together as a family one of the nights this week. haha
This week we did a Noche De Hogar con la familia Garcia Garcia Garcia. (We did a family home evening). It was on the topic of faithful sincere prayers. It went great and we invited the Morales kids; Anthony and Angel to attend with us. Pepe picked them up and brought them to their house. I love the Garcia's so much they are super sweet people. Their goal is to be sealed as a family in the temple so we are working on small steps to get them there. Like attending all 3hrs of church. They are progressing so much I'm very proud of them. The super awkward thing was that during the middle of the lesson one of the Garcia's little kids blurts out that Pepe likes Hermana Angell. My face turned red and I just tried to move on with the FHE. Super awk considering he comes out with us all the time to lessons and he's Anthony Morales Fellowshipper. It must be my bonita ojos, can't help that I get it from my momma. (;
This Friday night we went on exchanges with the STL's sister Renyolds and sister Wen. I love them so much. I think sister Wen was inspired to do a switch up right before exchanges... I went in her car with her and my HMN went in our car with sister Renyolds. Right off the bat sister Wen asked me how I was doing and if there were any problems in our companionship. I told her about the gossip, and too much phone time. She said that talking on the phone for an hour every night to the Elders wasn't allowed and that she would take care of it for me. Then we went on exchanges and I went to the STL's apartment with sister Renyolds. Saturday was so much different than usual because I taught lessons in English rather than Spanish. I was asked to give a prayer in a lesson and my words came out a bit awkward I thought. I'm so used to saying prayers in Spanish English ones come out super awkward now! lol At the end of the exchange we did a follow up and I told sister Renyolds how I was struggling and she gave me some great advice and also told me that it's my obligation to speak up because that’s what we promised to do when we agreed to be missionaries- be obedient. I thanked her for her advice and lil pep talk before e exchanged back. Saturday night Xitialli had her baptism interview- she passed! Wahoooo! (: So now my HMN and I have to put her program on paper this week. I was asked to give a prayer and HMN aguayo was asked to give a talk on baptism so she could attend since she's not in this area any more.
This week for service our district helped finish painting the Morales basement and starewell. I took this little paint brush on the end of this long pole and painted way up into the top of their stare well. I forgot to mention that the previous week we went to this place called the Ronald Mc Donald house and did service there for 2 hours. We mopped the floors and organized food in the pantry. It is this massive 5 story building that houses people who have little kids in the hospital for an extended period of time and the hospital doesn't have any rooms for them to stay in. I asked if they have them in other states and the lady working there said they do. She said they have one connected to the Riley Childrens Hospital in IN. I was so excited! Thinking about my surgeries and how long I had to stay at the hospital for made my stomach feel sick. I really don't like dwelling on my surgeries and staying at the hospital. I'm so glad that I've moved on into a new phase of life.
Yesterday at church was interesting, in the 3rd hour our whole ward (which wasn't too many people haha) went into the gym and Obispo gave a talk about El Dia De Reposo (keeping the Sabbath day holy) the message from the 1st Presidency. I prayed that I'd be able to understand everything and I ended up understanding what they were talking about. It's so interesting how they are stressing the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy and the importance of taking the sacrament. It was a nice reminder of what it means.
That's pretty much it for this past week! As of today we are finally on Semana 4 (week 4) in this transfer. It's gone by so fast and my comp and I have worked super hard! Only 6 weeks total in a transfer.
This week was great as far as numbers go- we met our goals and had a minimum of 3 lessons each day this week so our total number of lessons was 22. Our finding hours were 8 and 25 min. Service hours were 3. We have 2 new investigators. With 5 referrals and 6 contacted. Overall it was a really successful week so I'm pleased(:
I hope you guys are all doing well and working hard these last couple days of school left. I can't believe it's summer on Wednesday already! The time flys by so fast! What's the weather like there? Yesterday it was 100 degrees’ and today it's 106. Super dry and hot out here in CO. Have a great last couple day's of work and school and enjoy the 1st day of summer for me(:
Lot's of Love,
Hermana Angell


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