May 26, 2015


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Hermana Tchan


Hello my WONDERFUL family (:
What a week it's been! So Wednesday we had a Temple Trip (it was my 3rd one) and it was the best yet! I felt so much peace and the power of the atonement in my life during the last part of the session. The Denver Temple is so beautiful- I want to take a trip back to CO with you guys after the mission and visit the Denver Temple (:
So this week I just about died three times. The 1st when a huge deer jumped out in front of our car at night time and the 2nd when I ate this salsa at a dinner appointment which I thought was guac b/c it was green but actually was half an avocado with 8 jalapenos inside. My face turned bright red and I was sweating bullets & tearing up. Worst food experience of my life- I just about had to excuse myself from the table and take a breather in the bathroom. haha The 3rd after my HMN and I decided to go on a short 5min run on the trail behind our house one morning for exercise and just about passed out b/c CO's high altitude. That day I definitely found out the meaning behind the saying "mile HIGH city". We came home panting and my HMN just laid on the floor for a good 45 min lol But thankfully I'm still alive today.

Wednesday our whole district went over to the Morales house to do service. We painted their whole basement and stare well that was green and blue. It was fun and the Elders bought us all Klondike bars... yumm (happy they don't have gluten in them!) After we left, went home and showered of the paint on our arms and legs, we had to go back to the Morales house b/c HMN forgot her skirt there. Once we get there ruby tells us that Anthony was in a car accident and her mom and step dad just left to get him. My HMN and I were freaking out and it was really hard to stay focused for our last 3 lessons of the night. After our last lesson at 8:30 we drove over to their house to see if Anthony was home. He was laying on the couch crying... his mom told us that he got hit by a car riding his bike home from school. After the car hit him his bike smacked his knee and shattered it. He's most likely getting surgery this week for his knee. (1st Karen now my favorite investigator need knee surgery) Hermana Thcan offered a prayer and peace filled the room. I wanted to say it but since the situation was a medical one I knew that I would cry during the prayer. We are so glad he is alive and it's only a broken knee. The next day we invited the elders in our district to give him a blessing. It was very nice and peaceful- he enjoyed his 1st blessing. After that he told us that the night before he had been crying because he didn't know if he'd ever be able to walk again and so he went into his room and prayed to God. He said that he felt like everything was going to be ok and that God was right there with him. As he was telling us this story tears welled up in my eyes because I've been exactly where he was. In the hardest moment of my life when I was in that hospital bed during my 1st surgery and I was in so much pain I felt like I would never be able to walk again. I've said SO many prayers since then every time I got discouraged with a surgery or pain and the prayers have always brought me peace. So I told Anthony that story and how my dad always gave me a blessing before my surgeries so he could have the Elders give him another one right before his surgery. That was such a wonderful lesson that day- and the blessing was great!

This week I have been trying to talk more and more- it's difficult but I'm making slow progress. I also made a very specific language study plan on our massive white board so that I'm more focused to study and stay on task during that time. It's working out great so far.

This week I had a great experience- an investigator who Aguayo and I just barely dropped called us to go out to dinner with her. I didn't feel that it was right to do because she does that just because she's lonely. So I read about prayer in PMG, read the talk dad gave me on how to receive answers and read D&C as well. I started a prayer journal to help me start recognizing when God answers my prayers and to record my process of figuring out questions I come across and need God's help. I received an answer to my question and tonight we won't be going out to dinner with Grizelda, but going to her house tomorrow night and re-teaching her the restoration lesson instead. I think I'm on to a way of real spiritual growth!
Yesterday morning I woke up with a really strong desire to be obedient. To stop doing some of the little habits that are making me not be EXACTLY OBEDIENT. So I had the idea to read the section on obedience in PMG, the white handbook, and our mission’s specific rules. Today when I woke up I changed some of the little things that were bothering me and as of right now I'm feeling a lot better! There has been a lot of gossip going around by my companion, another sister and two elders. They are all really close and are huge gossipers. Some things went around about me and a few other people that I don't appreciate. My comp and the 2 elders/ Hermana have been on the phone every night until 10 and that's not acceptable because the phone call doesn't relate to missionary business. So in my weekly email to president I informed him after reading in the white hand book's rules about phone calls and texting. It has been very bothersome all week so I decided to inform president- because this isn't the 1st time that this situation has happened. I hope I hear something from him soon... It's been very hard for me all week and I've spent a lot of time on my knees praying for peace and guidance.
This Sunday at church we had an investigator attend church for the 1st time- Flurentino and I was so happy for him! Karen Perez (the less active that gave me her juicer) also attended church after several years! I went to nursery with her and her 2 year old daughter Emily. It was great and I also got snacks! (:
The last of my news about this week is... drum roll.... Xitialli's baptism on June 6! This will be my first baptism and my comp and I are very proud of her for her decision to get baptized. She is the daughter of a less active of 6 years (Hilda Vargas) So this past week we have been seeing her quite a bit to make sure she's ready. Her interview is this Saturday and she's pretty nervous. If you guys could pray so she can feel peace that would be awesome (:
Well that's just about all for this week. Cheers to another week in the mission!
I hope you guys enjoyed camping at the campground for memorial weekend- I thought of you guys yesterday (:

Lots of Love,
Hermana Angell


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