May 18, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Aguayo

Diligently Planning Helps Move the Work

Hola mi bonita familia! Como esta? Mi extrano mucho! (I miss you guys so much) It's been quite the busy week I've never worked this hard in the mission yet and it felt so great! After being with HMN Tchan I've learned so many new things and little techniques that were different from how I was trained. It's great because we are learning how to come together and to be patient with each other's new ideas. I'm thankful for her desire to work hard and to stay focused on the work. It's helped me and I can finally say that I know how it feels to loose yourself in the work. The Guevara's get the LDS Living magazine and I flipped through it before I gave their mail to them this week and came across an add for a "Mormon Mom Planner" it 's a regular schedule but with FHE, Visiting Teaching included and other Mormon things that are included in a regular schedule. I absolutely loved this idea and thought mom would have fun looking at it. It's on In The leafy Tree I toted ma goates want one after the mish and when I'm a mom. Yes I still haven't let go of the inner OCPD in myself. But hey my planning has definitely been a blessing so far (: This morning during my personal study I read a talk that we received at zone mtg this week and I really suggest that you guys read this talk as a family maybe tonight for FHE together. It's called Do Things That Make a Difference and it's by M. Russell Ballard. In the talk he discusses how to set goals and to make progress in your life it's like a motivational talk. I loved how he said to keep your goals written out in front of you on your desk where you can check them every day. He said to write something every day that you want to 1 stop doing, and to 2 start doing. By doing this every day you will get one step closer to the best you that you want to be. I did that this morning and I'm going to work on being my best self every morning when I wake up! So this week I have learned how to nightly plan, weekly plan, companionship plan, and use the area book more effectively. Like I said, HMN Tchan and I were both trained differently and because my trainer was trained by a disobedient missionary she taught me the very best that she knew how. HMN Tchan was trained by a missionary who was super obedient and knew her stuff. Not saying that my old comp and I were doing things completely wrong, just that we didn't do some of the small steps that make working as a missionary more effective and by doing this all week I have seen SO much progression with our people and in our area. I'm thankful for the friendship that I made with the old comp and how she helped me gain confidence in talking my 1st two transfers. I know she was definitely the right trainer for me. It was just different starting this week being trained so differently. All of the little things I'm learning like physically writing out a plan in a journal for our set appointments for the day and being able to follow that plan has made such a difference in our lessons! Along with that I've learned so many other new things. It's been a great week and we really focused on reaching our key indicators when we were planning every night and throughout the day. We have really used the area book in cleaning out old potentials and finding all of the members that I've never seen before. We are making HUGE strides with all of our people so it's great because they are making so much progress.
On Miercoles (Wednesday) we had our interviews with the president and his wife. It went great and I enjoyed talking to the Mendenhall's. I'm thankful for their guidance. Later that same day we had a lessons with the Vargas girls. We talked about The Gospel of Jesus Christ (lesson 3) and at the end I had a distinct impression to ask them what it means for them to follow the example of Jesus Christ. Then after their answers I asked them if they would follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone who holds the proper Priesthood authority of God on June 6. Xitially answered yes (she's 13) and her sister Yesenia (who's 16) wanted to learn more first. Their mom is the one who is a less active and who came to church with her girls and son for the 1st time in 6 years. After the lesson HMN and I were on could 9 we couldn't believe she accepted! Great day overall. On Jueves (Thursday) we had a Zone Meeting and they talked about communication and how it's so key in the mission as well as after. It was definitely an inspired topic because the night before my HMN and I talked about how I can talk more during dinners because I usually a quiet. It's a lot different with her because she is the polar opposite of me. Whereas HMN Aguayo was quiet and softer spoke not as outgoing and loud as HMN Tchan. We are working on that together. That evening we had dinner with Karen Perez who is one of my mission mom's I love her to death and her 3 little kiddos are super adorable! She bought gluten free garlic bread and lasagna for dinner. That'll probably be the only time I'll eat lasagna on the mish haha She is so sweet I love her. That evening we met with the STL's to discuss our personal and comp goals for the transfer.
On Viernes (Friday) we had weekly planning like usual. I learned some new tips on how to plan more effectively and after we finished all 3hrs of planning I felt like I ran a marathon. That evening we had a lesson with Pepe Garcia who is becoming re-activated. We talked about repentance and the spirit was SO strong. He has had a past and isn't proud of some things but he is trying to change his life around by going to church and want's to get the priesthood and go to the temple. One of my favorite things as a missionary is when you 1 teach people how to pray because it's so precious. And 2 when you can feel the love God has for the people you are teaching. It's such a powerful thing and I love telling people that I know that God loves them. It's wonderful. On Sabado (Saturday) We got Pepe to take Anthony Morales to the baptismal service at our church and he was on could 9 because he finally was able to see the baptismal font. After the baptism he went up to Obispo (bishop) and shook his hand and told him that he want's him to baptize him. It was SO cute! After Pepe and Anthony got some food we had a quick lesson about baptism with Anthony out in the hallway. I shared my feelings with him about how his testimony is so strong and his desire to do the right thing is an example to me. I got teary because he is such a wonderful kid and I know that no matter what his family circumstances are he will be baptized and be a missionary one day. He was going to pray so that his step dad would allow him and his brother to attend church for the 1st time Saturday. I prayed to hard that night that Heavenly Father would soften their step-dad's heart. The next morning I decided to fast for Anthony and Angel. Sure enough as we pulled into the church parking lot Pepe and the Morales kids drove up. They were SO cute and ran up to HMN and I and hugged us. I don't think I've felt "that kind of happiness" before. It was so wonderful.
At church I was able to see HMN Aguayo and talk to her because she's in the Denver 4th ward so I saw her at our building. When the Morales kids saw her they ran up to her and gave her a great big hug. I was able to meet the two new missionaries my HMN's greeny and HMN Tchan's comp HMN King's new greeny. I absolutely loved watching the Morales kids take sacrament for the first time- how cool is that. Later that evening we stopped by the Pineda family to visit Karen. She had her knee surgery Thursday and she is doing well now. I taught her how to get out of bed easily and told them to call me if they have any questions on anything. She said how hard it was to shower when she couldn't get her incision wet and I just smiled and said "yo intiendo" I understand (: If you guys have some time I think it would be so cool for you to put a small package together for Karen because she has to be in bed for 6 weeks. She had one of those massive stuffed animals in her room (the kind with the big eyes that little sis got me every time I had a surgery) and I told her that I liked hers. If you guys want to do that you could send a package to me and I could deliver it to her. I love that sweet family with all of my heart.
So one of our less actives Karen Perez asked HMN and I what we really missed from home and I said my green drinks every day. Well today she gave me her juicer that she never uses and she took us to Walmart and bought me cucumbers, green apples, and celery to make my green juice. I completely felt like I was shopping with mom again for green juice things it was so weird! I will write her a thank you note today when I get home. She offered to buy me any other groceries that I needed but I had to tell her that I could get the other things with my mission budget. She agreed and offered to buy me green juice things next week too haha I love Karen (: So that includes the highlights from my week. I hope you guys are doing well. Thank you for staying in touch so well. I don't know where I'd be without my family so close to me. I love you guys and have a fantastic week.

Much love,
Hermana Angell


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