May 13, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Aguayo

Mothers Day Skype to Family

Guess who is officially done training as of today? THIS HERMANA(: Having the opportunity to skype you guys yesterday was so wonderful and I teared up because I felt the spirit so strongly while talking to you. I know that the Lord is in the details of our lives as a family, and even though I'm farther away I don't feel like it because I know that through prayers we can still stay connected(: I just love each one of you so much! Can't wait to skype again in 6 months- it'll be here before we know it.
So this past week was really slow considering that my HMN and I dropped pretty much everyone. We needed to find new people to teach. Now that our teaching pool is small again we will be doing a lot of finding this week! I enjoyed doing service for the Guevara's this past week. On Thursday my HMN and I made them a cake after we cleaned the house and on the cake with frosting we put we you. But since we put the frosting on too soon it kind a melted and said we (messed up heart) yall. After we showed it to HMN Guevara she said, "oh it's michelles bday today so she will love it. We decided to write happy birthday at the top but that got messed up too and instead the cake read, "Nappy Birthday, We Yall". My hermana and I died of laughter and took pictures with the cake. I will send you guys a bunch of pictures from my week on next pday since I don't have my camera with me now. Even though we had a slow rainy week my HMN and I took some pictures to make it more enjoyable especially since it was her last week in this area. The same night we cleaned the Guevaras house they invided us out to Michelles bday dinner with them. We ate my new favorite food called pupusas at Salvadorian restaraunt (because the Guevaras are from El Salvador). We had a blast and I love trying new foods. That's the plus about being spanish speaking in the states because you get to try foods from different countries. I've had some from guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico. I love the food from Honduras because it's really fresh and healthy(;
On another note- we met with the Aldaraca familia for the "do or die" lesson this past week and made them a plan. Hermano wants to get el sacerdocio (the priesthood), they want their two children to get baptized, they need to come back to church, and their ultimate goal is to get sealed as a family in the temple. My hermana and I came up with the idea to make them a timeline, so we cute our pictures of baptism, church, etc. out of the ensign magazines we have and cut out a huge temple then put it at the top. We took pictures of it so I will sent it to you next week. The family loved it!
This week during my personal study I have been reading about Christ's apostles in my Jesus the Christ book. I have absolutely loved it! After this week I gained a stronger testimony of the sacred calling given to Christ's Apostles. They are truly amazing people. I suggest that mom and dad read (I believe it was chapter 17 in Jesus the Christ) to learn more about Jesus's Apostles- I know you will enjoy it as I did.
Friday night my HMN and I visited the Pineda Familia and caught up since we haven't seen them for a while. After we shared our come follow me lessons with them Hermana Pineda told us about how we have been there for here in her hardest times and trials. She mentioned how when my HMN and I sent out a scripture as our daily contact to our people the previous week, she received the txt just as she was at the hospital with Karen and it touched her heart. Hermano asked me if we had come across any unkind people and I told him about how the last time we had dinner with them right before Sermondo told me that I didn't know Spanish (that's when I had the melt down and cried). After I told him he gave me words of encouragement and said that my Spanish has improved so much since I've been here. He struggles with the language at work because his 7 co-workers speak English so he understands the struggle of learning a new language. The treat us as if we are their own daughters. Hermana alwys calls us "mi hija" (that means my daughter). I absolutely love Hermano and Hermana, they are one of my favorite families. Since that was our last lesson with the Pineda's as a companionship Hermano told hermana Aguayo not to forget them. How could we? They are so amazing!
Overall the week was super rainy every day and of course the day I sent my winter coat home and it was like 70 degrees we had a snow blizzard that same night and church was cancelled the next morning. haha I strongly dislike CO weather- it's way too bipolar for my liking. And I never thought I'd say this but I miss IN's humidity. Not a fan of the dry weather. I had really bad small red bumps under and on the corner of my eyes. So I was told to buy some exsyma lotion, and that's helped so much. I didn't wear any makeup for about 4 days straight.
So since I've made a bunch of new friends out here they have wanted me to add them on Face Book. I told them that you guys would accept the friend requests. If you wouldn't mind doing that- it would be great!
That pretty much sums up the week! Now I'm with my new/old comp Hermana Tchan. I'm ready to start fresh and help the Denver 3rd area grow! Here's to a new transfer! Hope you all have a wonderful week. Keep up the hard work
Much love,
Hermana Angell


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