May 4, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Aguayo

Week 12

Hello Family,
Can you believe it's week 12 in the field?! This is my last week of training and being as green as an avocado... wahooo! So glad to finally be done training- I learned a lot but now it's time for me to move on. Today is HMN Aguayo and my last pday together We are both so sad, but we are going to this massive Mexican store to have one last whorawww after emailing. It's been a great two transfers with my mom and we are best friends. She's sad to be leaving me but it's time for me to soar now(: So overall this whole week was kind of slow but the best part by far was my first zone conference on Wednesday. That was the most I've felt the spirit in the field yet. It was SO strong! Pres and Sis Mendenhall spoke and so did our AP's. Before the conference pres gave us each a copy of the talk by President Monson called Courage Counts and we read it before the zone conference to prepare ourselves. Along with that pres wanted us all to fast the day before so that we would be able to get the most out of conference. I did both of his suggestions and it sure worked! The spirit taught me so much and I felt so happy there. The conf was in the Montavista which was an hour away from where we live (in Elder Goodman's area) down by Fort Collins. The topic of the conf was Courage counts. In the trainings we got by our AP's they were about teaching like the Savior taught. It was wonderful and I learned a lot from that. At the end of the training the AP's told us to turn to our comp and to tell them the reason we think they are on a mission here in CO. I told my HMN that I believe she is on her mission to help brighten the lives of others because her bubbly, happy, optimistic attitude is very contagious! She got a little teary eyed and thanked me. Then she told me how proud of me she is and that she doesn't open up to many people, but that she looks up to me for what I've gone though. She said that she couldn't imagine all of the surgeries I've had and the amount of faith I have. She talked about how the day before (Tuesday) after we had done a lot of cleaning and painted the Morales bathroom for service and how I mentioned that I wouldn't be able to tract later that evening because my hips were shot- She said that she gained a lot of respect for me and what I've gone though. She said that I have such a strong foundation and testimony and that she really looks up to me. She said how I'm a breath of fresh air because I'm always trying to improve and be better. I tear-ed up and we both sat there smiling and laughing at each other. I said, "aww you had to mention the hips" haha That exercise we did during the training was great and my HMN's comments to me were so sweet. The AP's both spoke later in the day while we were in the chapel and showed the bible video about when Jesus and his apostles are walking into the Garden and he tells them to wait and watch with him. As you know they all fall asleep while Christ is praying. President Mendenhall made the connection of how he was only there about an hour, and how we can relate while were on missions. He said that "we can put our life back home, families, boyfriend, and school on hold for an hour. And if the boyfriend/girlfriend writes you off, you can respond back,"you couldn’t wait an hour?" He said the same about family. This comparison was really powerful and I loved how pres said, "do we have enough courage to fight like the savior did?" The spirit was so strong at that moment. AP Law gave a talk on "deciding today what we want to become" and AP Farr gave a talk on "how to have a heart of courage like the savior". I got so much out of all of the speaker’s talks and my respect for our mission grew so much. I look up to AP Farr because automatically when he speaks the spirit fills the room. He is a solid Elder and his testimony is truly amazing. By the end of my mission I want to be just like him. Throughout the conference I was able to picture myself as the missionary I want to become. I have a ways to go but I know why I'm here serving in Denver CO and what my purpose is. One of my favorite quotes from Conference was from AP Law. " Burn down the fence of mediocrity your sitting on." To me that always means finding ways to improve your spiritual and physical well-being. At the end of the conf all of the missionaries leaving gave their departing testimonies, they were wonderful. They all said that the mission goes by so fast even though it seem like I'll never be the one up there sharing my departing testimony. Overall zone conference was my favorite experience in the field yet. I can't say enough good things about it. I wish you guys were able to be there and to feel the strong spirit in the room. It was beautiful. So I decided to make a list of some funny things that happened while out in the field. First off, during my 1st week here my HMN and I were driving back from church and as were coming over the highway that's on a pretty big heal we see something big coming our way along the side of the high way. Sure enough it's an African American man riding this horse down the high way like no big deal and it's a normal thing. My comp and I looked at each other and were like, "what the heck?" haha Also the other day while we were tracting in the middle of the neighborhoods in Montbello (where it's pretty Hispanic populated) we came across a random chichen walking on the side walk. We got a good laugh out of that one too! I almost ran over a dozen little chiwawas because they are stray chiwawas everywhere where all of our people are. It's crazy. This past Friday when we were tracting and had just go to a potential's house and had introduced ourselves at the door, the song Thrift Shop by Macklemore comes on blaring from the house across the street. It took everything in me not to just set my BOM and bag down to start dancing and singing right there on the lady's porch haha It happens when you haven't heard anything but church music for the past 4 months. Another thing that my HMN and I still laugh about is about 2 weeks ago this less active we see, her name is Karen she was talking about church and how she needs to go again. (she says she's less active in heart) Before we left we told her that she needs to come to church again, she says, "I know it's like I'm going less active or something." My HMN and I busted out laughing after we got into our car. "Karen we are seeing you because you are less active. Your name is in our Area book under less actives." I love Karen she's a hoot haha Little 9yr Angel Morales told us this after we asked how is prayer went after he prayed about the BOM. "Well it was going weel until I started thinking about hamburgers..." My HMN and I couldn't hold it in we all laughed out loud haha The morales kids are my favorite esp. Angel. One day after we were done painting Hermana Morales's bano we walked outside to leave to our car and Angel was just walking home from school at the time. We hear this loud voice "HERMANA'S STOP RIGHT THERE!!" It was Angel just booking it across the sidewalk and then my HMN and I stop walking and freeze mid-step. When he gets to us he walks past us, was all calm and just says "hi hermanas" then walks inside. I love him. haha He had anger issues so before we started visiting their family he wouldn't want to listen to our lessons because his attention span is so small, but now we figured out how to keep his attention. He never wants us to leave now! Whenever we ask him questions after lessons he literally gives the most heart-felt sincere answers to our questions and it makes my heart smile(: Random fact: last week I ate cactus soup with the Garcia Garcia Garcia Familia (there's 3 generations in that whole house) and it was delish! I now love cactus. Earlier when I got into the mission field and I heard Hispanic music I told my HMN that mexican music just makes me want to do squats. She was like "whattt?" haha I didn't really mean squats I meant dance like how dad does to the "ohh come with me now song" kinda like boping up and down but I can't do it as well so I just look like I'm doing squats whenever were tracting and I hear Hispanic music. It kind of grows on ya.. haha This week for service we did service for the Guevada family that we live with. We cleaned down stairs and pulled weeds in their flower bed outside. Before zone conf my HMN and I went to the self-service car wash and washed our car/vacuumed it. I was SO dirty. That was pretty fun. It's required to get your car washed before zone conf because they do competitions there. The AP's inspect all of the cars and whoever is the cleanest gets a $25 gift card to a dinner place. Whoever gets the dirtiest car gets the award of deducted miles for the month. My HMN and I didn't win any awards but it was fun to clean the car! Last little note- after the mish I want to attend a Spanish ward back home if they have one somewhere and take you guys to it. (: I can't wait to talk to you guys this Sunday! See you all soon!(:
Hermana Angell


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