April 20, 2015


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Hermana Aguayo

The Lord Answers Prayers Even if you Think Not

What a week! I only have 30 min now so I'm going to make this short and too the point! The weather this week was crazy because one day it was 80 degrees and the next it was blizarding snow. The night it snowed we did some service and I enjoyed that a lot. Reminded me about how I used to snow blow at home and do service for other neighbors. So that was a great experience. I have no problem shoveling snow in my leather boots, peacoat and a dress! Never thought I'd say that lol So as I mentioned this past week- I would take the lead on lessons this week and it was a big success! I am now comfortable with teaching and talking in Spanish more than I ever have been. Improvements are definitely being made! This past week was interesting... we have had more members attend our lessons than they ever have, we got a bunch of service hours, and a bunch of referrals but the number of lesson was only 15- lowest # of lessons we've ever taught in a week. I know you aren't supposed to dwell on numbers but that's still not acceptable for my own standards. So Saturday night my comp and I talked about how the week went and we came to a conclusion that because we had to drop some people this week and some people aren't progressing like they should- our reliable teaching pool is getting too small! So guess what we are going to be doing all week? Tracting/Finding! Yippee. We need to find more people to teach to that's the plan. Last night when we ate dinner with the bishop and his wife they gave us some ideas. We are going to tract on their street because there are a bunch of Hispanics on that street! Yesterday when my HMN and I were tracting she said, dang I wish we had a Hispanic Radar. I died laughing, because how we know if the house is Hispanic is if they have a sun/moon on the front of their house, a lot of cars, a plaque where there from like Zacatecas, Chiwawa, or wherever, and a lot of crap outside on their lawn like toys and things. But some houses are plain with no signs so a Mexican radar would be great just like a medial detector that goes off when it finds metal. While we were on our morning walk this week we saw 5 deer in the golf course and I started telling HMN about all of dad, Truman, and my hunting stories about when tj shot the baby deer and how I army crawled/dad broke my gun. I enjoyed telling her but idk how much she enjoyed it as me haha We have a lot of great stories/memories hunting(: Yesterday at church my HMN and I taught gospel principals... I was really nervous and it was pretty tough. Good thing I had the idea to make cookies to bribe people to participate.. that worked great lol Hermano Rodriguz Corona asked me if I'd speak this coming Sunday, so I accepted and the topic is coming closer to God. Wish me luck for my 1st talk in Spanish in my home ward! The highlight of my week was Saturday morning during personal study while I was reading Jesus the Christ I followed a footnote in the bible and read Mateo (Matthew) chapter 26, 27, and 28. I think that was all- it's the last few chapters before it hits Mark. Anyways, those chapters were about Christ's suffering in Gethamny, his crucifixion, and his resurrection. As I was reading I felt the spirit so strongly and I cried when it talked about the things they did to Christ. He was literally innocent and didn't deserve any of the pain he went though. My testimony grew about Christ after I read those chapters and that was my favorite personal study I've had yet. I have been praying to strengthen my testimony and my goal before I end my mission is to be able to stay with assureity that I know my Savior lives. I believe that I didn't read those passages by accident- I was lead to read them(: I have never read that in the biblia (bible) before- so wonderful! I even extended those chapters as a commitment to our less active yesterday. Hope he reads it. So Tuesday evening my comp and I get a surprise txt that says that the temple trip is the next morning! No one had mentioned it so we didn't know when it was going to be. Wednesday morning we woke up at 4 got ready, then carpooled to the temple with the other 2 hermanitas! The temple was great and now I've seen all 4 movies (: The peace that you feel in the temple in indescribable. It's beyond any other happiness felt on this earth. I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to attend the temple once a month while I've on my mission. This week while I was at the library for family search time, I went on and came across 3 video segments that changed my outlook on prayer. It's called Daily Bread and about how the people used to receive mana as their food every day but it was also a way to help them remember who they got it from. Well God of course- and the last segment of the 3 part series was an answer to my prayers. Ever since I left home I've been trying every day to figure out how Padre Celestial communicates and how I receive answers from him. Because all of my life I would pray but be unsure of when he was communicating back to me. As the video says- he communicates day by day, and you aren't going to receive blunt answers all at once. Your answers come through reading passages in the BOM, through other people and through service. The apostle talking in the video also said that Padre Celestial has patience with us every day in our learning and with our faith, so why shouldn't we have patience with him? Well to make it simple- this video blew my mind and made me think about prayer differently and not get so frustrated when I don't think he's listening to my prayers. I really suggest that you guys check these 3 short videos out. They are wonderful! Earlier this week after a frustrating lesson with one of our eternigators (a investigator that has had 11 sets of missionaries) my comp and I weren’t in the best of moods so I gave her a suggestion to listen to Feliz Navidad on her xmas CD with the windows rolled down. So we did just that and you can't be in a bad mood listening to feliez navidad- it's just not possible haha I had to laugh when I remembered how dad said "feliz your dog" while singing to that song during Christmas. I started saying that and my companion just laughed when I told her that my dad always says that haha Well that pretty much sums up my week! My comp and I are off for zone pday- we are having a paint war at the park with everyone so that should be fun. Tonight we also have exchanges with the STL's sister training leaders so I will be staying in our area this time and sister Renolds (she's british) is coming with me for tonight and tmro. My HMN is going with sis Wen in their area for the day. I'll let you know how that goes- those are always fun! Have an awesome week family I love each of you so much, and I can't wait to see your beautiful faces in 3 weeks for Mothers day!(:
Hermana Angell


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