April 13, 2015


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Hermana Aguayo

The Lord is in the Details of Our Lives

Hello family,
I hope you had an enjoyable week! It's so wonderful that the weather is starting to warm up and the flowers are popping up everywhere! I'll just get right into it. Can you believe I only have 3 more weeks in this transfer left before my HMN and I are going to be moved?! Time fly’s when you’re having fun! So this past Friday when my comp and I were doing weekly planning upstairs in the Guevada's kitchen counter the doorbell rang so we tip toed over to the blinds and it was 2 women- they were Jehovah Witnesses so we answered the door with our name tags on of course hahah As soon as the lady looked at me she goes, " tiene bonita ojos" hahaha Well family- idk what's going on but my eyes have changed colors since I've left, now they are light blue/light green. They are really blue it's so weird! So that was pretty funny.
But anyways, weekly planning this Friday was the best my comp and I have ever had yet! We followed PMG exactly on how to do weekly planning as well as dad's letter of advice and we were able to get a full week in with members present!! We also had the idea to have a church tour Wednesday and Friday for all of our new investigators and less actives. We are SO excited about this b/c it's out first church tour. I decided to make invitations with colored paper in our room. So we've been handing them out all week. During our time in the Library this past week during family search time I was on and found my new fav thing- you know how I love quotes? Well they have little videos from the April 2015 conference about 20sec each with the most imp. Quotes from the general authorities on them. Such a great thing to share as a dinner message and thoughts to build off of. I encourage you guys as a family to watch one every night before family prayer. They are only 20/30 sec each and they are super powerful!
DAD- so while I was driving to a lesson this past week I looked in my rearview mirror and saw about 15 deer along the fence line! HOLY SMOKES I stopped the car in the middle of the street (there were no cars) and got out to look at them. My comp thought I saw like a dead body or something. Nope just 15 deer all in a huge group ha ha. She probably thinks I'm so weird. You just don't see that every day, especially when you’re a hunter who never gets any deer lol I thought I have to tell dad and TJ about that in my email Monday.
So this past week we went over to Jessica's house and watched the Restoration video with her. The spirit was the strongest I've ever felt it watching that video. It was beautiful! Afterwards I pretty much took over the lessons because I had so much to say (she speaks English btw) I shared my testimony about JS and the BOM. It was great. Then coolest thing ever- right before we left she said, "you know before you guys came over the first time I had been praying that I could turn my life around and feel more happiness. I told myself that the next person to walk in my door I would let in and hear what they have to say. Then you girls knocked at my door. IDK id this is my answer from God but I'm open to hearing what your girls have to say because I love talking to you." My comp and I just looked at each other with the biggest smiles. How amazing is that? The Lord's hand is really in the details of our lives. Jessica is DEFINITLY one of the elect, she's so ready to get baptized. Unfortunately this week she's going to Mexico but when she gets back we are going to be back in her house teaching her. She even said she would read and pray about the BOM. Love her!
So last pday I found a gift card to target that had $29 on it from another sister who left it on our bookshelf in a box. So I took it to target and bought a long thin light purplish sweater for spring. It's gorgeous and goes great with my new white pencil skirt! I'll send a picture home soon! (: This past Saturday we had my last trainers meeting with the pres and his wife and the AP's. It was great and the pres touched on not wasting our time on useless cares now that all of us new missionaries are almost done with training. I really look up to our AP's they are wonderful missionaries and hope to be like them by the end of my mission.
So this week after pondering how I can improve my Spanish I took my Spanish scriptures off the bookshelf and started reading them/highlighting in them along with my English ones when I read for personal studies. I can definitely understand more than I did while in the CCM! So I must be making progress.
The last thing I want to talk about is what happened yesterday. So to back up, earlier this week while my HMN and I were walking on our trail at 6 am for workouts I had the thought come to me to take the lead in ALL of our lessons for the last 3 weeks while I'm training. I have been praying for a desire to want to talk more in Spanish during lessons but I haven't really changed much so I decided to do something about it! After I told my HMN she said she's proud of me for wanting to because she didn't want to push me to hard by making me talk. So that is our new thing for the last 3 weeks! This week went great and I've talked more in door approaches, on the phone for dinner appointments, and during lessons.
So back to yesterday, when we went to our inv. house- Virginia y Semondo for an appointment, Virginia was sleeping so she didn't come to the door. We heard Semondo come out of the garage and he was working on welding some tools like he always does every Sunday and we talked for a bit. We have had 2 lessons with them and the two we had, the spirit was there VERY strong. The sad this is every time the spirit is there Semondo makes a joke or changes the subject because we believe the spirit scares him. For this whole transfer they haven't been there for our appointments and haven't been reading the BOM. Yesterday when we were talking to him he said that they were moving back to Mexico in 5 years and were leaving to Mexico this week for a whole week. Then he said no so nice things. After I parked the car in front of Padilla's house I sat there for a min and then let it out. I it really hurt my feelings and I got pretty worked up/overwhelmed. My comp. and I talked though it and she made me feel better. She said how proud she is of me and Semondo was rude.
After a half hour passed it was time for dinner and we had dinner with our faves- the Pineda familila! Hermana Padilla said that she was so proud of me randomly during our dinner because my Spanish has improved so much since my first day. So that made me fill better (: Then after dinner we had an appointment with the familia vargas and we brought a member- mondica hernandez. Which was perfect becas Hilda has 2 girls that are YW ages. Hilda is the only member and her family isn't so she want's her girls to get baptized. I took lead in the lessons last night and it went really well! At the end I felt prompted to ask her husband to get baptized and then surprisingly he accepted! Woot Woot! After the lesson hmn and I had massive headaches because it was a long day for me and the lesson went for an hour and half just because our member talked with Hilda (which was actually a good thing). When we got home and after nightly planning I said, "I deserve a candy because it was a hard day for me" my hmn said didn't you say yesterday that you wanted a trial or something hard to make you improve your Spanish and have a desire to talk"? I said oh man, I did didn't I? hahaha So ask for a trial and ye shall receive! I received that wonderful experience with Sermondo that made me want to improve my Spanish so much in the next 3 weeks so when he gets back from Mexico I'll be talking crazy Spanish more than him haha So moral of the story is- the Lord answers prayers and knows the desires of your heart.
Here’s to a great next 3 weeks with more Spanish speaking! Wish me luck! Have a great week family I love you guys so much.

Hermana Angell


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