April 6, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Aguayo


What a wonderful week it was! And wasn't general conference so beautiful? The Prophet and Apostles words were so comforting and brought the spirit in abundance! I hope you guys found a talk to relate to or an answer to your prayers. I will be writing a letter and sending it home today after emailing that talks about all of the things I learned from conf. That way my letter will be more in detail. One of my favorite talks was by Jeffrey R. Holland WOW was the spirit so strong or what during his talk?! He speaks with so much enthusiasm and power with assurance in his voice. I thought his whole talk was in essence his testimony about Christ and the Atonement. So beautiful and I got a little teary while listening to it.
Fun fact: during the two Spanish speakers all of the missionaries ran from the Relief Society room to the chapel to watch their talks in Spanish. I got the main point out of it(: The Spanish language is so beautiful I really enjoy talking about gospel principals in Spanish. It almost sounds better and makes more sense than in boring old English! So be expecting a letter sometime this week with my thoughts included in it. Earlier this week my comp and I got the two Morales kids on a bap date! Anthony and Ruby. Angel wasn't home so we'll be talking to him tonight about it. After our lesson and after we extended the commitment to them they were just beaming with excitement. I truly love those kids(: I will take a picture with them tonight after our lesson with them. Earlier this week on Tuesday we had a zone breakfast, where the stake presidency put on a bug breakfast for all of the missionaries in our zone at the Larado building. It was a blast to talk with all the sisters. And we got one new Hermana to the mission as well. Next transfer we get 2 so I have a possibility of training! After the breakfast we had a sistrict meeting (like a district meeting but only for the sisters in our zone) Clever huh? The spirit was SO strong during the meeting it was wonderful! We discussed our individual worth and loving yourself because it's hard when were in the mission and only focusing on serving others 24/7. I will include a few thoughts from that in my letter home. Wednesday we had a zone meeting a discussed planning, finding, and teaching the doctrine of Christ more simply and powerfully. I loved how our zone leader said that the Lord will open the hearts of the people who are ready. That was a great reminder because sometimes we forget that it's not our fault if we think we didn't say the right thing if someone doesn't want to talk to us. They just aren't ready at this time. I also loved this, " we need to find like Christ did while he was on the earth, and that means talking to everyone you see/meet in order to find the elect." Great quote huh? In the Pineda family their daughter Karen dislocated her knee so know she needs extensive knee surgery... she's only in 5th grade. The worst part is that the family doesn't have insurance to get her the help she needs for the surgery:'( My heart hurts for them because I know from my experience that I would’ve never gotten the help I needed from all of my surgeries without insurance. The difficult thing is that 99.9% of the people in our ward don't have papers... the Pineda family doesn't have papers either. Tough situation for them right now. We talked about Patriarchal blessings and suggested that Hermana and Hermano get one. Fun fact: toughest word in Spanish is patriarchal. Just can't say it quite right no matter how hard I try haha. This week I want to make Karen some brownies. About the only thing I can do to help her is make her food and say prayers for her. That family has been though heck and back to get to the states and they just keep getting trials thrown at them left and right. The Lord will provide a way for them if they keep the faith.
I forgot to mention that inbetween conf sessions Sabado the church showed the progress of the indy temple. When it came up on the screen I was like HEY THAT'S MY HOME! haha It's looking great! They also showed the Mormon message- the refiners fire by Kim Matrin. I love sharing that video with the English speakers (they don't have that one in Spanish yet) and I love telling everyone about how strong Kim's testimony is when she would share it during fast and testimony meeting. Such an inspirational woman. This past week during personal study time I read Mormon 9 and was amazed- It's so powerful and written so beautify. I love it. Now I'm in Ethier 9 making my way to the end of the BOM! During dinner with a member this week I ate my new favorite desert- fried platanos (different kind of bananas with leche crema) So delish! So Tuesday evening we had a snow storm and I drove home in a blizzard. Then the next morning when we left the house at noon it was 70 degreeese and hot. CO weather is more bipolar than Indiana. Who woulda thunk?!
So to end my letter I'm going to conclude with this: I've figured out why I'm so much happier on my mission. It's because Jesus is finally back in my heart! Remember when I was little and told someone not to hug me because they would squish Jesus. Well family, it's true. Ya better not hug me too tight when I get home in a year and a half because you might just squish Jesus out of my heart, then I'd have to start this mish over again... haha What a happy thought(: Bet you never thought I'd be saying that 19 years later back when I was just a little girl. Well overall this week was a success and I felt the spirit a bunch this week. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time as a family for spring break, you guys deserve it. Glad you made it home safely! I hope you have a fantastic week! Much love,
Hermana Angell


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