April 4, 2015


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Hermana Aguayo

Concluding my First Transfer

Family! Wow what a week my companion and I had. It was the slowest week and all of our appointments fell through, literally all of them. During our last blitz as a zone the HMN I did splits with came across the most rude people I've talked to yet while tracking. The 1st told us to read her no soliciting sign and told us to keep walking and the second guy told me that I was evil for preaching about a God who was evil for killing babies. I still can't tell... do you guys think he is atheist? haha That night we got a good laugh out of that. 1st time I've ever been called evil. Oh the funny things you come across on your mission! We taught 13 lessons compared to last week of 25 lessons. I don't want to dwell on the fact that this past week was muy malo so I'm going to tell you about some mas buenas cosas that happened. This past week my comp and I taught our first BALANCED lesson in both Spanish and English. Which means I'm finally figuring out how to teach lessons and that my comp let me speak more instead of her talking the whole time.
Another monumental thing that happened was that I made my first PHONE CALL IN SPANISH all by myself confirming dinner for the next day. After I hung up the phone my comp and I shouted in the car WAHOOO and gave each other a high five. It was a big accomplishment for me lol
I completed my first transfer! Saturday evening we drove to the women's broadcast from the church and it focused on families and the importance of them now days when the family is being attacked. That was great and I couldn't help but think of our own little family and how much I love the guts outa you guys! After that we had my first transfer doctrine which is when our whole zone gets together and everyone get's an award and then you find out if your leaving/staying/who your comp is. Of course I'm still with HMN Aguayo because she's my trainer. No surprise. That's great because now I feel like we finally have ahold of each other’s teaching style, personalities, and everything in between. Our zone leaders gave out awards according to my little pony characters- so I got baby apple green pony (of course because I'm the only greenee in our zone) We all got a kick out of that one lol My district leader Elder Craggs (from England) and his comp Elder Vauifi (from the islands) had the idea to give our district all lava lava's. What a fun surprise! I loved my district and we were all definitely united this past transfer. My comp and I were sad when we found out that we weren't going to have elder Craggs as our D leader this transfer. He's also known as Papa Craggs because he's my mission dad. My mission mom is my hermana as well. So long story short transfer doc was a blast and my comp and I are ecstatic that it's a new fresh transfer especially after the unbearably slow week we had.
This week a new video from the church came out. I'm SO impressed with the churches videos lately. They are so powerful and a great teaching tool! All week we've been sharing the brand new one- Gracias a que el vive. Because He Lives in English. I want you guys to watch it as a family this week- tonight if you can and discuss is after it's over. I can't wait to hear how you like it. It's super short only about 2 min long. After that review the beautiful layout for the week of Easter- it gives a story about Jesus's life for each day of the week including the resurrection. I know you guys will love it! After you guys do those two things I want to challenge you to each share the video. Whether is's on Facebook or with a friend, share it and share your testimony on what pasqual (easter) means for you. (:As of this transfer I am the official driver! Woop Woop! It sounds so great to drive after about 3 months of not. Besides I prayed that I would be able to drive. My comp almost got us into about 3 really bad accidents this past month. Not the best driver you could say. It's all good now though.
After I received dad's talk in the mail I read it that night. I loved it so much that I re-read it during personal study the next morning and shared the story with my comp. I felt a greater sense of belonging for my ancestors and the story about Joseph Smith and Truman was wonderful. I felt the spirit SO strong after I read the story about when Truman and Brigham saw the two guardians in the attic of the Kirtland Temple- what a great story. Dad's talk was actually an answer to my prayer because I wanted to know more about our ancestors and that was perfect!
The high light of the week was when I extended my first baptismal invitation and two times this week too! We found two new investigators; Churis and Jessica. I extended the English invite to jessica and the spanish one to Churis. My first one was to Jessica and it's a bit different in English so I kind of messed it up a little bit but she accepted and I can tell she has a strong desire to learn more. I extended the bap invite to Churis later in the week and it was in Spanish- I didn't mess up, I said it perfectly and she accepted as well! Literally NOTHING can describe the happiness felt after someone accepts that invite and you know that they were prepared by the Lord to hear our message. The joy you feel after one of those lessons is what makes a mission the best! We are so excited to see both of them again (:
One funny thing.. during the general women's broadcast one of the songs they sang was Let us all Speak Kind Words to Each other. Immediately after they said they were going to sing that I thought of mom and how she says/sings that if Natasha, Truman, or I would be in a disagreement about something. haha (: DAD on the way to our church building every Sunday we pass a car wash that's called: Shiny Happy Car wash and I smile and think of you every time I see that. Hopefully the good ol' happy put put golf in Elwood doesn't close while I'm away for the next year and a half. We will have to go as a family when I get back. The day's when the work is slow or we have a lot of people cancel is when I find my mind wandering thinking about you guys. I have thought about how much I really enjoyed that hockey game with you guys and how much I'm going to miss watching conf. in our living room with all of you. I get to watch it in a church building. In a dress... with no vegetables.... I will have to just pack some in my bag! (:
I really haven't gotten "home sick" since the first two days in the CCM. I've really been doing pretty good so far. Like I said last week was hard because the work was slow so I was thinking about you guys a lot and what you were doing. This week will be better though because it's a new transfer and new month so I'm optimistic. Plus we have the privilege of listening to our prophet and his apostles! I'm SO STOKED for this weekend it will be great. I want to invite you guys to each write down 3 questions you have about anything: work, school, friends, family, or personal life and I promise you that you will receive an answer to your questions. I will be doing the same thing. (: In mom's letter she sent me last week I loved the quotes and they all applied to me so I made sure to write them down in my quote book and high light them in my scriptures.
This morning we had a new zone meeting and discussed Planning, Finding, and Teaching Christ's Doctrine. It was wonderful and after my comp and I sat outside and ate our lunch on the picnic tables. I wanted to discuss our thoughts about the meeting with her and what I could improve on as a missionary. Little did I know that would make her open up to me. She said that she was struggling with trust, and that she always has. She was scared to change and because I was talking about how we could improve as a companionship she brought that up. She said that she was scared to trust me in a sense of not taking over the lessons like usual and letting me speak, because she is my trainer and supposed to be the one in charge and know how to do everything. I told her that I'm blessed to have her as a companion because she helped me have a gradual intro into mission life, and didn't force me into anything if I felt I wasn't ready. Because my first transfer I was really timid, didn't have enough confidence in talking to people and speaking in Spanish. But now I'm A LOT more confident in walking up to some random person and start talking, same with tracking it's not so awk. I'm more comfortable in teaching as well. I told her that we will be more powerful in teaching lessons, and they will be more interesting if she lets me speak more now. I'm ready to. I told her that she can trust me with anything and she told me that I'm really relatable and she's opened up to me more than her other 2 comps. Now she knows that she needs to be more conscious of not talking so much and letting me speak more. So we had a good heart to heart before emailing this morning.
I'm working on being slower to anger and getting annoyed when people cancel appointments or when others aren't nice when tracking. I want to put my thoughts and words more in line with the Savior's. After all I am a representative of Jesus Christ so I need to have nicer words. Missions are great, they really help you figure out what things you fall short of or need to work on(; Cheers to a better, busy, more effective, positive week ahead. I hope you guys are all doing well and having a blast on SB!(: Enjoy yourselves, you all deserve a break! Y estoy muy agradecido por mi opportinidad servier my mission en Colorado. Estoy muy emocionado por la opportunidad mirar Conferencia General esta Sabado y Domingo. Yo se que Thomas S. Monson esta unprofeta de Dios. Tengo un bueno semana mi familia! Le amo muchisomo!

Abrasos y besos (hugs and kisses)
Hermana Angell


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