March 16, 2015


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Hermana Aguayo

Week 4 Complete

Wonderful family! Gosh I just love you guys all so much! My heart has been so full of joy this week because I know that we have an eternal family and all of our relationships with each other mean the world to me. I know Heavenly Father blessed me with the right family that would support me and love me(: I hope you all are doing well, and it looks that way from each of your emails. This week was so great! My comp and I had prayed so hard to find new investigators to teach after being sick and having a small teaching pool. Well our prayers were answered and now we have 6 new investigators! Woop Woop! So excited to share the restoration lesson with all of them. So this week I will be extending the baptismal invitation to several people in the first lesson! So excited to bring others into the waters of baptism, what an exciting thing. I finally have the invitation down in Spanish: siguria elejemplo do Jesucristo al ser bautisado por alguin que posea la autoridad de Dios? Prepara para bautisado en esa fecha? and then I give them a date. So anyways that's what’s about to go down this exciting week. Also tomorrow we have a sister’s conference where all the sisters in the mission get together and we get to hear from president Mendenhall's wife, sister Mendenhall- so stoked to hear her advice and counsel. And Wednesday our zone is going to the Denver Temple! Can't wait for Wednesday it's going to be a wonderful day! Lastly, Thursday our zone has a meeting for about 5hrs so that'll be fun. In all this week will be so different from the rest so far and we have a bunch of exciting things to look forward too! (:

This past Tuesday I had my first exchange! Woop Woop! I exchanged with an English sister who is a sister training leader (STL) sister Wen and she is wonderful and upbeat! I spent the night at her apartment Tues night and spent the day with her Wednesday. It was so different not having all of the lessons in Spanish, I was actually able to contribute more and follow along on what the people were saying- so overall it was a nice break. The best part of the exchange was wed night when we met with a lady named Mary and she was from Africa- she had a sweet accent. As soon as we got to her house she was on the phone with the hospital b/c her 9 yr old son ran away again, he won't stay home and it breaks his mom's heart. She was a mess and in tears. As she talked to us and cried it broke my heart hearing how she was hurting. My eyes swelled up with tears as well. That lesson sis Wen planned to bring a member and talk about the priesthood. So we had a priesthood holder with us and sister Wen and I both had the impression to ask if she needed a priesthood blessing. The member explained what a priesthood blessing is and then proceeded to give her one. After she sat down and right before he stated her name a calm and peace filled the room. During the blessing he told Mary that guardian angells would surround her house that night and protect them. After he finished Mary's whole countenance changed and the sorrow and sadness was gone. The atmosphere in the small house was filled with peace and joy. That was one of the coolest experiences I've had in the field yet. The spirit was SO strong and after that I was on a spiritual high the rest of the night. The best part is that when sis Wen explained to Mary that she was having these challenges b/c her baptism was Saturday and that Satan was trying to discourage her, she already knew. Her faith as she bore her testimony to us was outstanding. Her faith is unshakable and I told her that she was an example to me. What a great experience the exchange was. Friday night on the other hand was difficult for me... we shared in English the Mormon message video is called mountains to climb by Henry B Eyring. I had watched it before my mission and just balled my eyes out. It's about trials and how the Lord helps you get though them. Well during a lesson with our favorite family, the familia Pineda we shared this video and I broke down and just cried.. it was just like opening up the wound again and all of the trials I've had come to the forefront of my memory. My comp and I both cried during that lesson b/c she talked about how her parents were divorced. That night was really hard for me because I didn't want to think about the hard times and it just made me sad. Before I went to bed I read a chapter in the scriptures and then my father’s blessing for some comfort. In my prayers that night I asked for the next day to be more positive and happy. Clearly as I found out that it's too soon to talk about the trials I have had to anyone. I don't want to have that experience again... because after all I came on my mission to find joy and to bring others joy from the gospel. Not sure about what really happened Friday night still but right now I'm straying way from talking about trials.... So Saturday was wonderful! We finished up our list of potentials in the Albrook (creepy) apartments. We now have 6 new investigators because of our searches, and I know some of them are golden and ready to hear the message of the gospel already! Every time my comp and I go into Albrook some creeper hits on us (me) and this is the 3rd time! After we were done and walking back to the car I made the mistake and said hola to a man about 30ish and he started talking to us. As soon as he started talking I smelled alchol on his breath and he kept staring me in the eyes and told me I have bonita ojos (just like the last creeper)! I didn't know how much English he knew so I didn't want to tell my comp out loud that he was drunk so we gave him an foleto (pamphlet) and as he shook our hands he didn't let go on mine so I yanked it back and walked away fast. I told my comp that we were going to make up a signal to let each other know if a person were talking to is drunk and the other comp doesn't realize it... so now we have a secret hand signal for each other. Well the little boxer/fighter came out of me and my first thought was how offensive I get when that stuff happens. I'd like to give those men a piece of my mind, but then I remembered that 1) I'm in a dress and 2) I'm a missionary and supposed to represent Christ, so better not. Earlier in the week when we were in Albrook a guy stopped his car and whistled at me. My comp and I turned and walked away really fast. I promise the areas I'm serving in are safe, just not Albrook, so we don't go there often or at night. I guess if my eyes weren’t so darn bonita I wouldn’t have this problem ha-ha Also all the Hispanics get a kick out of my last name. The don't pronounce it like we white people do in Spanish I get: Hermana Anhell, is what it comes out to sound like. So everyone I meet automatically smiles at my name which is fun (:

This week I started reading Jesus The Christ during my personal study time and I'm really enjoying that. I also finished the two talks you guys printed out for me so the ponder thy path of thy feet and the intro to the BOM. They were great and I shared some spiritual thoughts about pondering where your life is going in an eternal aspect during some of our lessons this week. One thing that made me so upset was that when we meet with a former investigator she guessed that I was 14 years old. My biggest pet peeve. So many people think I'm a lot younger out here. I get 17 a lot... guess that won't be so bad when I'm older I guess lol Sunday was wonderful because it was conferencia estaka (stake conference) and the best part... in was in ENGLISH! That was the first church meeting I've had in English since I left home! The spirit was so strong and I gained some new insight. My fave quote: You cannot be spiritually changed against your will. It's contrary to the law of agency, free choice. We must be willing to choose the Lord. It must be your choice. That's why it says "come follow me". After stake conf I really pondered that statement, like it says in the song, "come follow me, a simple phrayse". It's so simple but complex in one. In order to do that we have to be willing to give of ourselves and let the Lord guide us. This week I looked down at my nametag and remembered that my name is right next to Jesus Christ and how I really am a representative. (:

Love ya

Herman Angell


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