March 9, 2015


1st Area


Hermana Aguayo

Week 3 Completed

Hello family!
What a weird week- no other way to describe it. It was difficult because I have been really sick so last Tuesday I went to the doctor's and got some sinus infection antibiotic. I now have a literal drug store in my backpack (no joke) so next time I get sick I won't have to buy anything! When we were at the doctor's my comp and I laughed because the doctor that saw me was Hispanic with a count Dracula accent (what in the world no even kidding). He asked me: Are your parents alive? yes Do you smoke? no Do you drink? no Even on new years? no. haha my comp and I were trying so hard not to laugh. Then when the guy nurse came in to give me a strep test I coughed really hard on him b/c it gaged me and he wasn't wearing a mask. Poor fella he's probably sick now. Then the same guy stuck this really long stick through my nose about back to my brains and some really long green mucus came out. My comp and I laughed so hard after we left the office. We are both ready for this new week and for our sicknesses to go away b/c missionary work is really hard when your sick. Anyways on to the good stuff! So for service last week we only went once because last Tuesday we had to stay home from being so sick. But when we went we seriously made about 100 peanut butter and jelly's for the homeless! I've never made that many sandwiches in my life! If I had my camera I would’ve taken a pic of it all stacked on the table. Crazy! So this week my comp and I have been showing the Gracias A El video to literally every appointment (in English its called because of him). That video immediately brings the spirit and it my favorite one along with the light of Christ videos 3 parts to that one. Tonight please watch the because of him video together as a family it's only about 3min but is very powerful and one of my favorites. During district meeting last wed we discussed patience and it was such a wonderful meeting! I got a lot out of it. I learned that patience is not sitting and waiting it's going and doing. Loved that. Our zone is nick named the Mighty Aurora Zone and we are all really close. Every week we do a zone blitz where we meet up at Luredo church building and carpool to an area and tract streets. What we do as a zone is every day at 10:01 we stop studies and pray for everyone in our zone by their names. It's been a great experience and I've enjoyed it a lot. We pray at 10:01 because the CO Denver North mission's goal is to get 1001 baptisms. So cool! This past Saturday we attended the zone blitz and boy was that a strange one.. so I went on splits with an English sister (sis holiday) and we stopped in front of this house with a man and a woman outside on the porch. They guy was younger probably about 30 and told us that he used to be a church pastor until one day he drank some clear acid and now everything is so much clearer and there's no guidelines. But he really respects what were doing... He told us that he heard that joseph smith got visions from inside his magic hat... the teenage girl we talked to said she was possessed and wanted to get rid of the demons so we talked to her about how the gospel can help and gave her a book of Mormon and slipped a WOW pamphlet inside (they were both smoking and so stoned) That has to be the most funny tracking experience yet.. sure won't forget that one. Right now for training I'm learning how family history can help less actives and investigators. I never knew that family history was this big, so wonderful! During a lessons last week I suggested to a less active that she come out with us sometime and do some family history, so hopefully she comes with us. Right now I'm working on understanding what faith really is and how to put my trust in God every day. I'm also working on being more bold and courageous. So last night I had the COOLEST experience. It was my 1st restoration lesson with investigators, and after we sat down and started talking/teaching it really hit me what I was doing and I got pretty nervous. The people were so intrigued and intently listening to us. Sermando asked a ton of questions but I couldn't completely understand the Spanish so my comp answered and talked a lot. When we got to the Joseph Smith part I told them that he was only a 14 yr old boy but wanted to know which church was true so he read Santiago uno cinco (English I think it's james 1:5). after I had Sermando read that verse he sat there and seriously pondered it. Then my comp recited the 1st vision. As she was talking the spirit was there SO incredibly strong and then when she got to the end and said, "Jose, este es me hijo amado, eschulo" The spirit literally hit both of us like a wall and there in the silence I know with all my heart that Virginia and Semando felt something. They had to, the spirit was amazing. After we walked out we both looked at eachother and said wow, what just happened? We both had a massive heachahe from being so mentally into that lesson! After we got home, and did planning we read in their past investigator record that 3 other sets of missionaries had taught them!! What?! A set of elder and a set of sisters. In the notes it said that the guy was rude and wouldn't listen and they didn't keep the commitments. Definitely not the same people we had just taught. They husband was cracking jokes and they were both so into the lesson. The record was from 2011 so something must have happened and they had a change of heart. We both felt that they were so ready to hear that lesson- no coincidence there. The Lord works in great ways(: That pretty much sums up my week 4 here in CO. The mountains are a beautiful backdrop and I hope that I'll get to serve in the area that Elder Goodman is now because he's right by the mountains! Well have a great week family I love a miss you all bunches.

Hermana Angell


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