February 17, 2015


1st Area


First day as an Official Missionary!

Hello family! What a crazy start to my missionary journey! Denver welcomed me with a freezing snow blizzard last night! So yesterday after we got off the phone I had to insist on going to find our luggage.. good thing we did because we only came across my small bag and no one else's luggage. We went up to the desk and the lady said that our luggage came in on another flight and would get to the carousel at 5:30 at the time it was only about 4. So after that we tried calling our mission president and mission home with the numbers that the CCM gave us. No luck and we tried so many times! By this time the three of us were getting really worried and then Elder Goodman's diabetes pump went off because he was low on sugar. As we walked around the airport to get him some food, out of the intercom speakers we hear "Jaden Goodman please come to the nearest paging phone." We all froze and looked up like we had just been spoken to by a voice from the heavens, it was really funny actually lol We went back to the phones and called the paging line, we got a man on the other line that said to meet us by carousel 16. We were right next to it. As we walked further a man stood up with a dress coat and scarf, and welcomed us with great big open arms! Aleluahhh! Our mission president was so pleased to have finally found us and was excited that we had actually made it to CO. He made a few phone calls to the AP's and then said on the phone, "yes we found our precious cargo." So this is what happened. After our plane took off from Mexico the mission pres. and church travel had lost us 3 missionaries. We were nowhere2/17/15 on the map. Our mission home had been on the phone all day with Slat Lake trying to figure out if we had even made it to TX, let along CO. After we got our luggage at 5:30 Hermana Tchan and I went with Pres. Mendenhall and Sis. Mendenhall to the mission home, at the church. We walked in the doors and our two new comp. welcomed us with huge hugs! My comp is very sweet and is fluent in spanish and english (her parents speak spanish). After we ate some dinner in the church gym, we took a picture with the pres. and with our new comp. (I look dreadfull because I was running on 2 hrs of sleep, so when you get those pictures please don't show people) lol My eyes were bloodshot and I had no energy last night. None. After that we got all of our luggage into the two sisters cars. I had 4 big packages/boxes waiting for me there! One of the members said, "most missionaries don't even get that much during their entire mission." It kind if made me feel guilty... I'm so greatfull for you guys and how much you support/love me. We drove 40min to get my Hermana's car and that's where we parted and I said goodbye to Hermana Tchan. It was really weird and there was quite a lot of silence in the car and in the house with my new comp. only because I was SO exhausted. I don't think I've ever been that tired in my whole life. On the ride home I got to know my comp. and her reason for serving a mission. Her parents are divorced and she has one brother. She's serving because she reached a difficult point in her life and wanted to change and knew that the gospel could help her. Great story and great spirit. She went to a year on college at BYU Idaho and majored in chemistry. She told me straight up that she is really smart. Must be... So I'm living with Hispanic members of the church in their basement. They have a really nice house and we have a bathroom, bunk bed, two desks, and share a closet. I got the top bunk because she's been here for 4 transfers already. I'm the first person she's trained and then after me she will leave the area. So were companions for 6 weeks. After we got to the house last night I unpacked all of my things and hung everything up the the closet, and arranged my desk. I had to open the big box because I knew my heavy coat was in it, but what I didn't know was that it was filled with a bunch of other wonderful goodies!! Thank you so so much for shipping me my coat, treats, and other little surprises. It made my night especially after the hard day I had with flying. I went to bed at 11 last night by the time I was done with everything. My mind was so overwhelmed last night that I dreamt that it was already the next day and I kept waking up thinking that the alarm never went off. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well because my mind was preoccupied. That's okay though, better luck tonight. This morning it finally hit me that I'm an actual missionary and that I have a LOT of work to do. That this isn't going to be easy and that I really need to loose myself in this work. So far this morning I ate a bowl of my comp. cereal (I don't have food yet), did personal study, did comp. study, training, language study, ate a sandwich and valentines day cookie for lunch and now I'm at the Denver library emailing! After emailing at 2 we are going grocery shopping, teaching 3 lessons. I'm going to invite Wilbur to take the step to get prepared for baptism (super nervous because I can't screw up the certain commitment in Spanish). We are picking up dinner from a members house, then going to YW with a girl who is getting baptized here soon. Then drive a half hour back to our house in Greenvalley for journal writing and getting ready for bed! It's quite a difference going from the CCM to the mission field. Nothing like it. Probably like going from HS to College. My time is running out to email, before the computer shuts off so I have to go. I will email and send pictures next Monday (my pday). I love you all and sincerely appreciate the packages. It made me think twice about how blessed I am to have you guys as my family. Not going to lie.. the little pink light up frog made me tear up when it said it was from dad.. haha Thank you mom for putting all of the time and effort into making sure I'm taken care of. Love the skirts and scarfs they are beautiful! Love you all, have a wonderful week!
Hermana Angell


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